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Monday, 26 October 2020

Courage Compassion Creativity

Hi everyone, I hope you and yours are all dong well in these troubling times.

On Saturday evening we went to the "Confirmation"  of our youngest grandson. We are not Catholic, but our grandsons are being brought up by my daughter-in-law in her Catholic faith, which is absolutely fine with us. Even though I don't attend church I like to think that I live in a Christian way and accept that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, whatever they are. 

I enjoyed the priest's sermon relating to Covid and how we can approach it in other ways other than fear, but to practise courage, compassion and creativity in our daily lives.  Showing compassion to others in our actions, the courage of our beliefs and creativity to find ways to fill our days and to step forward and help others. 

I have been feeling a little low, but I know there is much to be grateful for - good friends, family, health (even while my wrist is broken), time, in fact life and all its glorious seasons and pathways. One of my writer's group members is going through cancer treatment at the moment, so I know I have nothing really to complain about. 

Covid numbers in Western Australia, and Australia in general are very low due to our Government's stance on hard borders with the rest of the world and within Australia itself. However in the back of my mind constantly is my fear that we are just avoiding the inevitable, especially when I hear what is happening overseas and the thousands of new cases every day. . 

I must admit that I have been hibernating and avoiding interactions. It is not good for the mind, body and soul. I must make more opportunities to catch up with family and friends. 

A Chinese saying, which I've always thought rings so true, is:

"It is not what life does to you that is important, but what you do with what life does to you."

In the book I am currently re-reading "Salvation Creek" by Australian writer Susan Duncan (about finding a new life when life has hit you a few hard blows), I read this last night - it seem particularly apt in these times:

"There are huge swags of time. Empty. Waiting for you to fill them. No distractions. That's a gift". 

I've also just finished reading "The Phone Box at the Edge of the World". by Laura Imai Messina - A beautifully crafted story about loss and finding love again and the magic of the wind phone in the phone box in the Bell Gardia Kujira-yama garden which came into existence after the tsunami in Japan in 2011. People come to talk to those who they have lost and it is where Yui and Takeshi meet. Bell Gardia, Japan

This book was indeed a gift. 

I think sometimes little messages are sent to us when we need them, if we open our eyes, ears, hearts and minds to receive them. 

If you are struggling like me, this old post of mine might help: Ease your stress by following your passions - I really needed to re-read this post today 

My garden is a joy at the moment. The roses and other garden flowers are blooming. The grape vines are graping, the apricot tree has tiny green apricots all over it, our small quince tree is a mass of flowers, the blueberries are ripening, the tomato plants are flowering and the lemon tree is a mass of yellow. 


My quince tree is flowering

I do hope you and yours are doing well. Thank you for stopping by. Take whatever you will from my small offering today. Please take care an stay safe. 

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Thank you so much for stopping by. I value your comments and look forward to hearing from you. I will try to visit your blogs in return. Have a wonderful week.  

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  1. I will look for the phone on the edge of the world book, thank you

  2. Hi Jill :) I'm sorry you're feeling down. I love to hibernate actually...human interaction causes me stress and anxiety so I get down in the dumps if I can to be a part of society...totally opposite. Your flowers are so pretty! I went to your blog post about following your passions, it's very true! And I love your list, a lot of what's on your list is also on mine!

    1. When we had our initial lockdown in March and April I was glad of the lockdown as I was feeling very venerable, But I don't want this to be a way of life as I know it is not good for me. I just happened to find that post about following passions yesterday - it still rings very true!

  3. I find this time of COVID difficult as cannot be with friends. We all must keep apart for our health and the health of others. I do not get to do the things I enjoy. I am blessed to have my Randy as he takes care of me and loves me. We help each other manage this madness. I pray trump will be voted out as he does not represent USA at all. We are entering fall season and winter around the corner. Oregon is lovely but winter can be rough.

    1. We have been so lucky in Australia with closed borders all around, and our Gov being very strict with what we can and cannot do, and people are complying. We have relatively very few cases, and these are mostly just Australians still returning from overseas, apart from a few outbreaks on the east coast. I really hope your country and all the world comes out of this darkness soon. And that the people vote wisely. I feel that summer is nearly upon us here. Take care Rose,

  4. Jill - sorry you have been feeling low, but it sounds like writing this post raised your spirits. I have a list of things/people for which I am grateful, and when I am down, I read through it and that usually does the trick. Time in nature, reading the Bible, volunteering (a little bit on hold with the pandemic), listening to Christian music - these also help me out of a funk! Your garden photos are spectacular - thanks for that gift and the one embedded in your message as well! Always thrilled to have you at Mosaic Monday!

  5. A lovely cheerful variety of colour in your garden Jill - thank you for sharing. Praying you soon come out of "the fog" :-). I am not usually given to feeling dispirited, but acknowledge that this prolonged season of enforced estrangement from our usual lifestyles and connections has been testing! Hang in there and enjoy your passions. Blessings

  6. Lovely photos and inspiration too. I hope your wrist is healing nicely. When mine was broken I had a special cast that I could take off when showering, it was such a big help.

  7. Hi Jill - I didn't realize you'd broken your wrist - I hope it's not interfering with your art and photography too much. I love the sermon theme and it ties in very much with my approach to life these days - look for the positives and be grateful that I live in a country that's almost untouched by covid - when I see how others are having to deal with huge numbers of community infections, I can't believe how fortunate I am to live where I do!

  8. I am not feeling as 'down' as others describe but I am beginning to feel confined in a world that doesn't allow me to travel or see distant friends. And somehow I missed the news that you had broken your wrist. Good wishes for quick healing! xx Jackie

  9. tough times indeed. you have lovely garden.

  10. I can identify with your sentiments in your post. Times are dark indeed and trying to find the motivation to keep spirits up is becoming more and more difficult. The natural world helps me enormously but as winter approaches with its short dark days I fear I will find too many excuses not to venture out. Take care Jill.

  11. Wow this is the first time since the lockdown that you mention feeling low - but if I understand from NickJV (Australia) it's almost over? Yes, reach out for your passions and get lost in them:):)
    The flowers you displayed are so beautiful. Wish I could come to your porch to chat a little about your silk printing - that would help us both (smile). Hold on dear friend, freedom is not far away, Jesh
    PS thanks for your email!

  12. It is really hard to find a balance in life right now .... it’s easier to just abandon all thoughts of social life and ignore friends than to try to figure out how to safely keep up. But I know that’s not healthy. It’s great that you found inspiration from your own old post and I’m off to look at it myself. Take care, stay safe and well.

  13. I have been hibernating and avoiding interactions also, but family is just a call away, and I have my gardens, photography, writings, and pets to keep active. I like living, so one adapts the best they can. I love everything in your gardens as spring is doing well there. My gardens are shutting down for the season, and I have to admit it takes a bit more work to see more than just dreary in winter.

  14. Thanks so much for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2020/10/beauty-and-beach.html

  15. Your garden photos are lovely, they really lift my spirits.

  16. Dear Jill,
    I am again very happy that you linked your beautiful contribution to Nature Thursday.
    It's always nice and interesting to read from the other end of the world. Your wonderful flower photos inspire me!
    It is a shame that the corona virus has the whole world under control.
    We can only pray and hope that there will not be too many sacrifices.
    Stay safe and healthy.
    Warm greetings from Germany

  17. I wouldn't mind living in a place that has wonderful flowers all year round. Yours are gorgeous.

    I pray often for those who are feeling alone as I know this is a crucial time all over for mental health. Counting your blessings is a good way to start feeling better.

    It's great to see your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week !!

  18. Thank you so much everyone for your visits and words of encouragement this week. I am so sorry if I haven't visited your blogs in return. I will try to do better next week!


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