Welcome to Life Images by Jill

Welcome to Life Images by Jill.........Stepping into the light and bringing together the images and stories of our world. I am a photographer, writer and multi-media artist.
Focussing mainly on Western Australia and Australia, I am seeking to preserve images and memories of the beautiful world in which we live and the people in it.




March 2022

Hi Jill

I just wanted to thank you very much for your help with the day to day running of the website for the last 4 or so years.  It was a great help and really appreciated.


Chris De Blank, Photography Group of Bunbury

February 2020

In 2019 and 2020 we had the pleasure of working with Jill to help capture the images of our two Bunbury Fringe shows for our band the Roofgoats. 

In 2019 Jill took some amazing shots of our 12 Bunbury Regional Art Gallery Faves show and these were so amazing so we invited her back again for our Bunbury Fringe show "Face the Music" in 2020. 

Jill is such a talent as she is able to compose and capture shots when we have shows like this that are complex, involving music, dance ,and other art forms. Her images show an understanding of how to capture performance, photographing artists while being so unobtrusive to the point where they did not even know the pictures were being taken! 

We have worked with Jill several times before, and it is always a pleasure as she is a generous and patient person, whose work really reflects what happens live on stage.

Michael McIntyre 
The Roof Goats @ The Roof Goats on Facebook

January 2019

I saw a fab photo that Jill Harrison took one day - #lifeimagesbyjill - and just loved it. Saw the opportunity to put it on fabric items through Red Bubble, so here it is. In our country setting they bring the outside in. Printed both sides - I love them and get compliments about them every time. Thanks Jill for wandering about our countryside and getting great pics like this

Peppermint Lane Lodge, Ferguson Valley, Dardanup, Western Australia

 March 2018

On the 10th of February we celebrated an Spanish Sundowner at Green Door Wines in the Ferguson Valley and we would like to thank Jill for her amazing and beautiful photos!!!!
Some years ago I met her in an Spanish cooking course, so now she is an authentic Paella chef!!!! thank you so much for your support

Food With Passion South West 

December 2017

In 2017 I compiled a tourism related book called: Loving Where We Live: Glimpses of Bunbury Through the Eyes of the Locals. As the book is doubling as a fundraiser many photographers donated photos for use in the book. I was absolutely THRILLED when Jill came on board, donating many professional quality photos and fabulous stories. 

My husband and I also enjoy reading the many interesting and informative articles Jill writes for various Australian travel magazines. The articles are usually accompanied by her exquisite photos. We love your work Jill!

Catherine Curnow 
Photo Book of Bunbury - Loving Where we Live - on Facebook

November 2017

Jill is one of the most talented and engaging people I know. She continuously inspires me by her beautiful photography, wonderful writing, and numerous other talents (flamenco dancing, cooking, and paper folding too!). I love how open-minded and curious she is about so many things and shares them all with us! Jill and I "met" online through our passion for photography, and I can always count on her for words of support and encouragement. She truly makes the blogosphere a brighter space...

Catherine Goron Photography, Paris 

 November 2017

 I have known Jill in the blogosphere for many years and we support one another with our mutual love of photography and writing about fabulous places in Australia. As we share a passion for getting off the beaten track often, I always find Jill's articles and photos to be very interesting. Her photography skills are amazing and I particularly like her wildflower studies. I have also found Jill to be a talented writer and enjoy reading the pieces she writes for her blog. I would highly recommend Jill if you're looking for a experienced and talented travel writer/photographer.

Kathy Marris 
50 Shades of Age blog

November 2017

 I'm always blown away by Jill's photography, which she showcases on her blog each week with evocative travel writing. Her nature based photography, particularly wild flowers is stunning, but she's also an accomplished food photographer too, and in 2015 Jill was one of the food photographers for a fabulous book about restaurants and wineries in the Ferguson Valley near Bunbury, called Ferguson Valley Plated. She's written for many magazines, and had her photographs featured as cover images. Jill also takes fashion photos for me, and somehow manages to makes me look much better than I really look, and always shows off the clothes I'm promoting to their best advantage. If you're looking for a photographer or travel writer, you'll find Jill is talented, competent and professional.

Jo Castro - at Lifestyle Fifty

September 2016

On 8 September I ran a two-hour introductory photography course - Part 1 - at the Eaton Library. Here are some of the comments I received on the feedback form. All the participants are looking forward to Part 2. 

Thoroughly enjoyed. I got more out of it than I expected. - Jeannie
Very enjoyable. Easy to follow. Not overwhelming. More than I expected. - Brenda
So wonderfully presented and explained. Fantastic. More than I expected. - Carolyn
Good motivation to get out and take more photos. - Janine
Thoroughly enjoyed and I learned some useful information. Beautiful photos. Feeling inspired. Thanks a lot! - Lauren

June 2016
Myself and my husband are setting up a new food business in the South West and were google searching for photographers in our area and thankfully happened upon Jill's website. Jill came to our place one wet and cloudy morning with such enthusiasm and positive energy that we were both at ease with her immediately! We had a fantastic morning and the results will speak for themselves on our website once it is up and running. The photos are just what we wanted, natural, fresh and full of colour. Jill was professional and helpful with really good staging ideas...we are new to this so her input, experience and knowledge was just what we needed to create the photos we wanted. I would not hesitate to recommend Jill and we will definitely be using her again in the future. 

Bree Wiley, 
Escape the Kitchen, Dunsborough

 April 2016

Thank you so much to my dear friend Jill, a great Photographer, who made me feel completely comfortable having photos taken of me whilst treating her husband. 
I really appreciate her taking the time to help me market my new business Whole Body Wellness Therapy.
Jill captured some really great shots, which told the story of my business beautifully. The lighting was soft and reflective, bringing a sense of calm and healing, which is what my business is all about.

Thank you again Jill.

Melissa Cahill
Occupational Therapist
MOT(OT),BSc.(Sport Sc.),Dip(Dance),
PostGrad Cert Soft Tissue Injury

Whole Body Wellness Therapy

0417 953 224

February 2016

"Having been asked many times for a photograph of me to grace my web page, and not really enjoying the photography process or the results, I have been very resistant to the idea. When I met Jill, through our creative interests, I was instantly drawn to her gentle, open and warm person...I knew I could trust her, though it still took a while to commit to a 'photo shoot'. Commit I did, we had fun, relaxed and chatting, Jill put me completely at ease...so much so that I was not aware of the camera, more aware of the joy of 'playing' with Jill. The results were fabulous, natural and just me...as I am. A wonderful experience. I can recommend Jill for all your photography needs".

"There are many photographs of Australian wildlife, the bush and seascapes, and the beauty of flowers of all types...there are also many photographers offering their views. Over the past few years I have followed the work of Jill Harrison...to my absolute delight many of her pictures leave me with a singing heart and a joy in the beauty of all aspects of the land. The light and shade in Jill's work is something I aspire to in my watercolours. So many exquisitely stunning photos. Thank you Jill"

Marguerite Aberle 
Artist, Bridgetown, Western Australia

November 2015

The book "The Ferguson Valley Plated", which I produced, was launched on 8 October 2105. Jill was one of the two photographers who I invited to take on this project. The task was to take food and scenery photos for each allocated participant and provide stock food and scenery shots to be used throughout the book.  It was a tough task as time was of the essence and much of the food photography was new to all of us who were putting the book together.  

Jill did an amazing job making use of good light and doing much of the styling for the photographs herself.  Jill had some fabulous creative ideas and I thank her so much for this.  Many of Jill's "stock" images were also clear and demonstrated the beauty of the Ferguson Valley so well.  She was generous to give permission for images be used in the book wherever possible.  

The book has sold well - the first print run of 500 books being sold out and the following reprint is selling well.  The good sales are due to the magnificent imagery throughout the book.  Thank you Jill

Kim Wesley
Peppermint Lane Lodge 

November 2015


November 2015

Thank you Jill for your time and patience in making my family photo dream a reality. 
The photos are amazing. Our Mums will love them.  They are exactly what I wanted.  

Busselton, WA 

November 2015
Thank you Jill for this brilliant dragon boat racing image – and for sharing your creative genius with a camera!
The picture has so many metaphors for “team” (pulling together, with a united structure, in the same direction, and a team goal ) and “leadership” (encouraging, guiding, and monitoring progress and direction). We'll be using this image to replace the current "team" slide in one of our training workshops. Thank you 

Craig Smith
Teacher Consultant 
Positive Schools & Classroom Engagement (PS&CE), Western Australia

April 2015

 My grandchildren are living in Bunbury, so I am trying to learn everything I can about Western Australia and came across Jill Harrison’s gorgeous fauna and flora pictures of Western Australia. I thought that I when I come from America I would like to meet her and then I wondered if she would take some family pictures of us on the beach at the Indian Ocean. I knew that she would capture the essence of Western Australia, but didn’t know if she did family photos or if she wanted to take on a family of 4 with Nana and a dog! But I bravely sent her an email. 

Little did I realize that Jill already knew my daughter from her writer’s group, and although my daughter knew about her photography expertise, she didn’t know if she did any family portraits. Needless to say, Jill was excited to take on this challenge. With all these connections, it was meant to be and the pictures are gorgeous.  This will now be a family tradition for us, because they truly are Life Images. 

Lucy MacDonald from Sarasota, Florida

"Don't Get Bitten" - Go Camping magazine
-   December 2014
Article written by me following an interview with Bob Cooper. 

Hi Jill 
thank you very much for an excellent article. 
It is truly well written and one of the best factual 
and easy to read and understand.
Bob Cooper 

Bob Cooper Outback Survival Pty Ltd
Snake R & R Training
08 9572 3604

October 2014

Photography workshop at Lyndendale Gallery

The best testimonial I could have given on this photography workshop taken by Jill Harrison would have been to show you 'before' and 'after' photographs. I couldn't believe that I had actually taken the photos - the 'after' ones, that is.

This introductory workshop is great for anyone. It's not about teaching you how to use your camera in a technical sense (though there is a little of this if it is needed), but teaching you how to take well-balanced and ' interesting' photos with 'good' composition.

Jill is certainly well-qualified to take this workshop. We were amazed at how many of her photos feature in magazines - many on covers. Mind you, you can know your stuff but not be able to impart it. This was not the case here. We had great notes and Jill presented the material in an interesting way.

The morning was devoted to finding out about 'good composition' and seeing examples from Jill's extensive collection. There was plenty of time for questions and the morning just flew by.
In the afternoon, under Jill's watchful eye, we had a go at taking our own photos. Wow!!! We were delighted when we saw them. Together, we went through every shot and examined each one for what was good and what could have been better. How useful that was!

You don't need a fancy camera to do Jill's workshops. All I had was a 'point and shoot' and I still managed to take the best photos I have ever taken.

Not happy with your photos? I can highly recommend this workshop and look forward to future workshops.

Denise Gillies, Artist/Owner,  Lyndendale Gallery
828 Crooked Brook Road, Dardanup


 25 May 2014

Our Photography Group was planning to host an event in the South West with a theme combining photography with food.  The idea of a Food Photography Workshop was suggested and we immediately thought of Jill to be our food stylist on the day.  We had long admired Jill's food photography and styling and were pleased when she accepted our invitation to assist in the Workshop.   

Jill worked very professionally on the day, providing an array of food and props, assisting the participants with their styling of the plated food and giving them confidence to get the best possible photographs.  The day was very overcast so using available light indoors was challenging at times.  Often having to move tables, Jill sought out the best light and angles to showcase the food 

The Workshop was very successful and we are grateful to Jill for her time and effort and attention to the smallest detail.

Lyn Banks
Photography Group of Bunbury

7 May 2014

What happens when you’re starting a new online business and you need professional photographs to sell your products?   Well luckily, I happened to Google ” food photographers in Bunbury  WA” and found Jill Harrison’s  blog ‘Life Images’.  
I was very impressed. I have recently had two photo sessions with Jill and the photos she has produced for me exceeded my expectations by far.
Thanks Jill for the beautiful photographs.   Truly professional and I will have no problem in recommending you to anyone looking for a great photographer. 

Barbara Ferguson ‘CUPCAKE CAPERS’ 

 March 2014

Recently requiring the services of a professional photographer for a book cover, we found Jill Harrison through her blog Life Images by Jill

Well I now see that the name of her blog is very apt because she captures life in the moment. We were more than happy with our experience working with Jill. She was very punctual, patient and professional throughout the photo shoot and afterwards showed us a great selection of photos to choose from, ensuring we were happy with the final result. 
Jill not only did the photography but designed the layout of the book cover front and back, matching colours and placing text any publisher would be proud of.    I have no hesitation in recommending Jill for any of your photographic needs. 
Ingrid Rickersey

Freelance Writer

 January 2014

We engaged Jill Harrison’s services as a professional Photographer to complete a family photo shoot, in January 14 as all our family were together at this time. 
From the first time we spoke to Jill on the phone I knew we had chosen the right business to complete the task.  Jill was very prompt and on time.  We had a large group and Jill just worked her ways very professionally to get the shots she wanted. Even the grandchildren were very receptive to her manner which enabled Jill to capture the shots she knew were going to be great. 
Jill emailed samples to us the next day and we received the cd of completed images within a week. We were absolutely thrilled with the images.  I have no hesitation in recommending Jill for your next photo shoot.
Steve Rye
Bunbury, Western Australia


  1. That highly commended photo of the red wine is amazing - congratulations and well done!

  2. Myself and my husband are setting up a new food business in the South West and were google searching for photographers in our area and thankfully happened upon Jill's website. Jill came to our place one wet and cloudy morning with such enthusiasm and positive energy that we were both at ease with her immediately! We had a fantastic morning and the results will speak for themselves on our website once it is up and running. The photos are just what we wanted, natural, fresh and full of colour. Jill was professional and helpful with really good staging ideas...we are new to this so her input, experience and knowledge was just what we needed to create the photo's we wanted. I would not hesitate to recommend Jill and we will definitely be using her again in the future. Bree


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