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Monday 28 January 2019

Australia Day - Cooee!!

26 January is Australia Day and Australians gather together all across the country and overseas to celebrate our amazing country. 

I've blogged before about Australia Day, what it represents, and what Australians do on Australia Day, so today I am going to do something a little different - "Cooee!" If you are not Australian you may well ask what is "cooee"? 
It is a loud and shrill call - a long "cooooo" followed by a whippy "ee". Play the video below to hear it.

 If you are Australian you will know that it is a call that carries over long distances to attract attention, find missing people, and which means "where are you" or "I am over here". 

I've heard that sometimes Australians will call it when they are in a big crowd overseas, just to see if they will get a response from another Aussie. I wish I had thought to do this when we were among the thousands of people at the Trevi fountain in Rome last year! It would have been amusing to hear the result. 
If you have been to a cricket match in Australia, you may have heard a 'cooee' called and then picked up and called by others around the stadium.

Cooee, the iconic call of the Australian bush, has its origins from the Australian Aboriginal - Originally a call used by an Aboriginal person to communicate with someone at a distance, the word comes from the Dharug Aboriginal language of the original inhabitants of the Sydney area, from the word gawi or guwi meaning 'come here'. Cooee is recorded from the early years of European settlement in Sydney.

Later adopted by settlers and now widely used as a signal, especially in the bush; it is often found in the phrase "within cooee" meaning 'within earshot' within reach, near'.

from: Meanings and origins of Australian words and idioms

The expression "within cooee" has developed within Australian English as slang for "within a manageable distance". It is also used in the negative sense i.e. "you're not even within cooee", meaning not close to or, a long way off. Another example would be: "They realised they were lost and there was no-one within cooee". 

The word cooee has become a name of many organisations, places and even events.

·         Many recruiting posters in Australia during World War 1 used "Coo-ee". A number of songs and poems were written at the time and a competition to select the best of these was held.  The poster below depicts an Australian solider in the Dardanelles using the "Coo-ee" to summon reinforcements from Australia in 1915.

Australian World War 1 recruitment poster
Perhaps the most historic event was the Cooee March during the First World War. 

In 1915 recruiting committees were formed in nearly every town throughout Australia. In the central west of New South Wales a movement began which became known as the 'Gilgandra March'. Under the leadership of W.T. ('Captain Bill') Hitchen, 20 or so men who had determined to enlist started off to march to Sydney. Gathering other recruits along the way, they numbered about 300 by the time they reached Sydney. This was known as the Coo-ee March.

 The monument you see above, designed by Brett Garling, was unveiled in Gilgrandra on Anzac Day 25 April 2015

Their example was soon followed by other marches from around New South Wales and Queensland.

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