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 Since I started playing around with food photography in 2011, it has become a passion. The images you see on this page are from 2011. I have come a long way with food photography since then.

I am based in Bunbury, Western Australia.

If you are looking for a food photographer for your restaurant, web page, brochure, recipe book or magazine article - please contact me - I would love to hear from you and work with you to create the most delectable delicious looking food photos that will make your customers want to buy and eat!

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Back in 2011 I decided this year to work on my plated food photography. I hope you will join me during this exploration.

I have been going out to lunch one a week with a group of girls for years - we are the ladies that lunch. We have been through lots of joys and sorrows over that time. It is cheaper than therapy!

So I thought our lunches might be a good place to start, although there will be other food along the way too. I hope you enjoy it. I will be adding photos in as we go through the year. The newest will be at the top.

I've recently joined a Food Styling Photography page on Flickr, which I know will help me learn more as well as being a source of inspiration. Food styling and photography is an art form and is a lot about presentation and arrangement of the elements. To do food photography properly you need really good lighting, use a tripod and take you time.

Thankyou for stopping by. If you would like to leave a comment I would love to hear from you, just scroll down to the bottom of this post. You can also check out other food pics on my Flickr page. Enjoy! Bon Apatite! 

 24 December 2011

 Finally did some Christmas baking today - these are lemon stars. Simple and yummy

 Some more of my Christmas baking from today - these are little Christmas puddings - actually not baked - easy, but time consuming.  But delicious!

  5 December 2011

I love this time of year when the stone fruit start to appear. Yummy! They say summer is here! We have a bowl of peaches and nectarines, so what could I do but photograph them!
The small green plate with the cut peach, I have just received from my mother-in-law's china cabinet. 
Natural lighting, east and north facing windows.

This one was taken in natural light on my patio

23 November 2011
And here is beetroot - cooked.
Just sliced and boiled, and then with sugar and vinegar poured over. Simply delicious.
Early afternoon natural light.
Spoon courtesy of the mother-in-law.

17 November 2011

I loved the look of these small beetroot, so just had to buy and photograph them.
These are taken in afternoon light on my south-west facing front veranda.

 These are taken in early morning light on my north-east facing patio. 

 15 November 2011

It's my birthday! Chocolate straws and strawberry - simple!
Photographed in afternoon diffused light. 

Breakfast - chocolate & banana milkshake. The marshmallows could be added as a treat, but not for breakfast!
Natural morning light - always arranging and re-arranging and chasing around looking for the best light !....so breakfast wasn't drunk till nearly 10am!

 13 November 2011

Fig, Hazelnut and chocolate cake - delicious!
This was an unexpected shot I took this afternoon when we were out having afternoon coffee and cake in a waterfront restaurant called Vat 2 in Bunbury.
I only had my big lens with me as I had been out photographing a sailing ship in the harbour, and wasn't expecting to photograph food - so I had to get out of my chair and walk a couple of
metres away to take the shot - I felt a bit conspicuous - so only took a quick shot.
(natural afternoon light)
The cake was delicious (and I don't actually like figs!) I might have to go back another day and bring a more suitable lens!

31 October 2011

 We went away for the weekend, and I am sure that in the warm spring weather we experienced over the weekend, that the our grape vine set it's little bunches of grapes while we were away.

What can be more homely than produce fresh made from your own garden. 

 26 October 2011

Ingredients for French Marmalade.
This is a really easy marmalade - and not too bitter like some marmalades are.
Yes, it has grated carrots in it!  There is that westerly facing kitchen window light again!  Do you like the touch with the orange flowers?

French Marmalade sitting on my kitchen window-sill.
 It has a gorgeous colour in the light. 

French Marmalade on toast for breakfast.
Taken in natural light on my patio - which is becoming harsher by the day as we draw towards summer.

 21 October 2011


17 October 2011

Today I made lemon butter. Here are the ingredients. The lemons are fresh off my tree.
Taken in morning light in my westerly facing kitchen window. I love the light in this image.

and served with scones for afternoon tea - delicious!
Taken in afternoon shaded light under my patio.

16 October 2011

Poppy seed cake - the mixing, stirring and baking

And photographed in natural afternoon light in my south facing window

 29 September 2011

Pasta salad - simple & delicious! Photographed in natural morning light under my patio.  I found out that the section that is under "perspex" acts as a really good sun diffuser!

This is a simple recipe I found in a little Women's Weekly cook book called "Cafe Food" - I changed the ingredients a little - just using spiral pasta, red capsicum, fetta cheese, walnuts (or use pine nuts), baby spinach leaves, shaved salami, thin slices of grilled pumpkin, sundried tomatoes. The dressing is red wine vinegar, olive oil, crushed garlic, wholegrain mustard.  Tossed together - and there you have it!

28 September 2011

Just of pot of parsley in natural light.


23rd September 2011
 Swiss Brown Mushrooms on the paper bag they were brought in - photographed in natural light - west facing window in the afternoon.
I had never seen this variety before. They were labelled as Mer Bein Swiss Brown. I liked the brown tops and white underneath.
I just found this info on the net - www.recipesfor2.com.au/tips/142/mushroom-swiss-brown -
The swiss brown is in fact the original mushroom. A mutant strain of the swiss brown was discovered in the 1920s and the more favoured white cap became the dominant variety. Swiss browns are now available in most fruit and vegie shops and are diostinguished by their chestnut-brown caps and more robust flavour. When fully opened they can be referred to as Portobello mushrooms.

 I don't do much black and white - so for something a little different for me - 

21st September 2011
For something a little different - slices!




A slice of kiwi fruit...

Wednesday 14th September, 2011

This week my day off from work was Wednesday, and I spent a lot of the day playing around with food photography. It has been my project this year to learn as much as I can about food photography and it has taken over my days off work. I don't know where it is taking me but I am certainly enjoying the journey, meeting up on the net with other foodies and learning a lot as I go, especially about lighting and styling.

There are lots of resources and inspiring photographers on the web and you can hook up with a lot of them through Flickr and Digital Photography School. Go to my links and check them out.

Here are my efforts from Wednesday.

First is Chai Latte - taken back lit by morning light, this is my first attempt at capturing the steam coming off a hot drink. You need to have a darkish background to capture the steam. You need to have everything ready and pour in the boiling water at the last minute. In the foreground are some chocolate stick biscuits and a piece of cinnamon stick.  Originally I was going to have the cinnamon stick in the glass, but the drink is not thick enough to support it.

 Next is coffee beans - just poured onto a white plate. Again back lit by morning light.  Some friends on Flickr say they can almost smell the coffee beans in this shot.

 Coffee beans again - this time tumbling out of a cloth bag with an old metal scoop that I found at my mother-in-laws house.  This was taken in shade on the patio, so I used a gold reflector to try and throw in some warm light.

Chillis - I would have liked the background to be whiter in this image. I have played with it in pp but this was as white as I could get.

Playing with food photography doesn't always require really expensive dishes - this is two minute noodles.

and a different angle -

And then I read on Dario's food blog about using light from a south facing window - I have always been using a north facing window - but of course it depends on which hemisphere you live in..........so out with the coffee cups for a simple experiment.....the lighting looked pretty good, but I didn't have any time to play around with something more elaborate. That will have to wait until another day.

 Time to cook tea - I had been so involved in my foodie photography that the whole day had gone.  But just one last photo - this is lemon meringue pie - it is my speciality - but you wouldn't be able to see that from this photo - it was probably because I was in so much of a hurry that the meringue wasn't as good as it was supposed to be. It still tasted delicious! And shot again here in my south facing window!

So there you have it. A day of food photography. Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to hearing from you!

15 August - 
A couple of shots of little quiches. I wonder if you tell me which view you like the best.
Photographed in my garden in natural light. There is a little sprig of new spring wildflowers from my garden on the table.

Choc chip biscuits - aiming for an "after school biscuit time" look. Hand held, natural afternoon light.

A simple party food for dips and things - Lavish bread spread with melted butter and dusted with "Bush Dust" or "Dukka" and baked quickly in the oven. Delicious!

14 August -
It is my son's birthday in a couple of weeks, and I have started baking. This is the beginning of the scrolls - laid out on puff pastry. One has a tomato paste base, and one has a pesto base.

Here are the scrolls after they were baked, and served in a bowl I recently acquired from my mother-in-law's china cabinet. Photographed in natural light on my patio with the garden in the background. Light is hopeless around my place at the moment, and if I want to photograph food I need to do it in the morning.
I had to wash the mat after this, as you can see the tomato from the scroll ended up on the mat!
However, they are delicious!

 8 August -
It's a wintery dull rainy day today, but I was determined to do some food photography. So I used a gold reflector to bounce in some light, and added a little warming filter in pp.

Potatoes with a sprig of rosemary - 

 Onions - in an old enamel pudding basin I found when I was packing up my mother-in-laws house.


 31 July - oranges - in a basket standing on an old wooden step stool.....

It has been a mixed winter day today - white clouds scudding across beautiful blue sky one minute then driving rain the next, but with a constant howling wind blowing all day. However I got out in the garden this morning, and picked this beautiful basket of oranges from my tree. Can't get much fresher than that!

26 July -

fresh gourmet produce - recently we went for a weekend break down to our south west corner wine region. As well as wonderful wines you can buy gourmet produce life olive oil, preserves, jams, sauces, cheeses, chocolate, and dukka.  From which you can make a simple and delicious gourmet lunch table.

26 July - Apricot pie -

This is a tart from my favourite food photographer - Tartelette - see her much better version and the recipe here -  tarteletteblog-apricot-almond-tart

And on a fancy tea-set....

26 July - It's winter and the lemon tree is loaded with lemons. What better way to celebrate lemons that with a lemon drink - trying to pretend it's summer

These are my new planks background that I found in a salvage yard - do you think they make a good table top background?

4 July - Pea and Ham soup - a family winter favourite. Served in my mother-in-laws beautiful autumn leave plates, along with a good book to read.

27 June - Queen Pudding cooked and served in glasses.

I saw it in a cooking magazine. Mine don't look quite as good as theirs did, and I can see late afternoon kitchen lighting problems - but the desert was yummy!

27 June - Turkish bread with cherry tomatoes, baby spinach lease and marinated fetta. 

A taste of summer here in our winter. Such an easy lunch to toss together.
Photo taken handheld, outside, in soft morning light.

Just a plate of vegetables lightly fried in olive oil. This image didn't quite turn out how I wanted - will re-shoot this another day. Sometimes the image in my head doesn't convert to the picture on the page!

27 June - you can be in the middle of winter and still photograph radishes! 

 19 June - Mulligatawny Soup and pappadums.

Have you ever had it? - it is delicious. It dates from the days of the British Raj and was introduced to Britain by people returning from India in the 18th & 19th centuries. The name comes from the Tarmil word - milagutannir - which means "pepper water".
It is seasoned with garlic, curry powder, ginger, cinnamon, turmeric and bay leaf.

14 June - Mexican lunch - Chilli tortilla - delicious!

 13 June -Pumpkin Soup. -

Now that winter is here we are in need of comfort food to warm the winter nights. However it is hopeless taking photos in the evening under my kitchen lights - so this was taken in the morning in natural light outside.

12 June - Mushrooms on the bag they were bought in.......

12 June - pears - I confess I don't know their name, but this brown in their proper colour....backlit on bricks with autumn leaves

11 June - Scones - Just baked this morning - sorry only got the fresh baked pic. They were devowed with home made grape jam and cream soon after!

 25 May - Persimmon

17 May - Cappuccino

 14-15 May - pears

 13-14 May - spring onions

11 May - food in my garden

I have had a day off work today, and so have been playing around with some food photography. Here are some of the results all taken in natural light.

Cardamon pods in an old food scoop given to me by my mother-in-law

Eggs in an old serviette embroidered by me when I was a young girl....note the cross-stitch!
I like the early morning glow on the eggs. 

Snow peas in two old enamel mugs - the green one at the front is an old mug that my mother always used to put gravy in and keep hot on the wood stove while the roast was being sliced. Or to keep a left-over in the fridge.

Star anise - these sure did smell devine when I was photographing them!

28 April - Salt & Pepper Squid - Cervantes Tavern - lighting not the best - a fill card on the right would have done wonders!

 27 April - Garlic Prawns for lunch -  Port Denison, Dongara

 17 April - Quinces - afternoon light

11 April - Apples -

Apple tart -

 These lovely plates belonged to my mother-in-law. She gave them to me recently. They are exactly the same as a set my mother has (which was always her good dinner set) which I have always adored. They were both married in 1951 - so it must have been a favoured pattern at that time.  My mother still has a full set, whilst my mother-in-law only had a few pieces left, which she has now given to me - obvious who used their set the most!

5 April - Chicken Caesar salad for lunch

Monday 4 April -
I spent a lovely day cooking and taking photos of the results.Most of these are in natural light in my garden, as they say the best food photographers use natural light, although I do still favour my light box for some subjects.

Digital Photography magazine's Macro edition , Volume 12, says that "Food ultimately looks its best right after it has just been served. Often food will start losing its full appeal no more than a couple of minutes after leaving the kitchen. At its best, you should still be able to capture the steam rising from its surface and savour the fresh succulent juices still oozing from the dish that has just been served"

So with this in mind, here is what I learnt.

Here are the eggs ready for the souffle. Take time with the arrangement. This photo was taken in window light, and then sharpened and brightened in Photoshop Elements. 

Cheese and chive soufflé. The soufflé may look fantastic in the oven, but it starts to fall as soon as you take it out, so have everything set up to take the photo as soon as the soufflé comes out of the oven. I had everything set ready to go, but just taking it from the oven to my garden was enough time for the soufflé to start to flop.

I think this one (on the left) is my favourite from the soufflé series.

If you are going to take an overhead picture, then make sure you are totally overhead so everything is in focus. However, I still like this arrangement and photo.

Pizza for lunch?

This is a tomato, salami, mozzarella and pumpkin pizza decorated with a few basil leaves, and made on homemade pizza base. Photographed in natural light under the shade of my pergola in my garden.

What I learnt - use more Mouzarella so the cheese is dripping when you lift the piece of pizza. It is difficult to focus, use a shutter remote and pick up the piece of pizza all at the same time!  It would have added a nice touch to have had some wine in the wine glasses in the background.

Would you like some Olive Bread with that Pizza?
I bought the Olive Bread from a local bakery. I think the basket and the outdoor setting adds to a rustic natural homely effect.

Biscotti - almond bread - for desert?
This one was taken in my light box, as I wanted clean sharp lines with no distracting background.
What I learnt - when you buy a packed of biscotti, half of them will be broken when you open the packet!
I think this shot would make a good magazine shot as there is room for writing at the top. Placing the biscotti to one side of the shot, would also have left room for writing if it were to go into a magazine.

One of my favourites from last year -  herbs in my lightbox - lavender, sage and rosemary

1 April 2011 - Chicken and cashew stir-fry - that Mark cooked for us today. 
What I learned - if you are going to photograph the family dinner - it is a bit too rushed, you need to have proper lighting and use a tripod.  Better to do food photography when not under pressure to get the dinner on the table.  I also think tungsten lighting does nothing for the food! I can do better than this!

30 March 2001 - lunch on the run again.....Spinach and Sundried Tomato Muffin with cream chees from Muffin Break, Bunbury.

 29 March 2011 -  Out to lunch with the girls - today we went to a new restuarant "The Happy Wife" located on the Leschenault Inlet in Bunbury. It was the first time we had been there, and we will definitely be back. There is a crisp white airy boatshed feel. And the food was delicious - seen here my pumpkin & roasted capsicum & tomato quiche and salad.

And Cappuccino of course!

Reduced to eating lunch at my desk at work again - 23 March - tuna & avocado sushi

On Saturday 19 March we took my husbands mother up to Araluen, in the Perth foothills, for lunch. There is a beautiful garden, and we must go back in spring during tulip time.

Here is my garlic prawns I had for lunch. Delicious.

On Friday 18 March we went to the wedding of my nephew - their cake was cup cakes - seen here displayed at the Indiana Tea House at Cottesloe Beach in Perth - with the view of the beach in the background.

and a close up

Eating at my desk - rice paper rolls - 16 March 2011

Pear and blue cheese tart........15 March 2011....Benesse Cafe, Bunbury

Cappuccino.....15 March 2011....Benesse Cafe, Bunbury

Rollup and milkshake....on front seat of car, with magazine article "Time is of the essence when photographing food".....9 March 2011.....Bunbury Forum shopping centre. In my lunch break from work.....

 Grilled fish and salad....7 March 2011....Balingup Tavern, Balingup
Our family went down on the public holiday Monday and found the tavern to be a wonderful, relaxed and friendly place to eat. The food was delicious too!

My grandson's lunch - Nuggets and chips......kids menu (always handy when dining out with children)......7 March 2011.....Balingup Tavern, Balingup

Crayfish American for dinner ......28 February 2011..... - crayfish caught by my husband and son....

Grape Jam.....27 February 2011.....jam I made with grapes from our own vine ....recipe compliments of my mother..... Jam making has a long tradition in our family

Salad roll ups......26 February 201.....my house.....ingredients from Bunbury Farmers Market, Bunbury

These two I have to confess is from last year - when I first starting thinking about playing around with set up shots of food -  dreaming of Provence....lavender, tea and melting moments biscuits in my back yard.....and of course a Peter Mayle book about Provence.


  1. Hi Jill,
    I've a lot to learn from you! Love the light on those beets and the poppy cake quatro of shots. I am still grappling with exposure and natural light, so will scrutinise your work to pick up some tips!

  2. I have made those little Christmas pudding truffles - they are delicious

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