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Sunday 27 February 2022

Already 2 months into the year???

 Hi everyone, I haven't been around much this year, I have been a little bit of a blogging break, but I am still here. Everything is ok, other than a couple of family issues. All of which will be resolved in time. 

In regional Western Australia, my family on the south coast, and in the wheatbelt were both impacted by massive bushfires. Thankfully neither of them lost any of their property or stock, although the fires werre very close, and thousands of hectares of agriculture and bushland were burnt and stock lost. 

How are you all doing? I hope you have been staying safe from Covid. Western Australia has been kept relatively safe for the last two years, but with our internal and international borders opening at the end of this week, case numbers are already rising. Even though I am fully vaxed I am fearful and hesitant to be out and about much. 

Did you watch the Winter Olympics? We don't have much snow in Australia so we really enjoyed watching the fast sports of the Winter Olympics. What they do is amazing. Australia won 4 medals, their highest number in a winter Olympics. I am looking forward to watching some of the Para Winter Olympics. 

Anyway a little run down of my year so far.  

In January we went down to Albany on our south coast so that I could attend a three day summer school - advanced botanical eco-printing with Penny Jewell. There was a lovely group of ladies, and I learnt lots and came home with a few upcycled cotton tops I printed during the class. 

We enjoyed our few days in Albany (though my dear husband had to amuse himself for 3 days - he took his bike and fishing gear), we went walking along a coastal path every morning or evening, saw some beautiful sunsets, had dinner down at the Albany waterfront, bought some art materials in a super art warehouse, and also went over to Denmark to visit my dear elderly aunt and had lunch at the Tea House Books cafe in Denmark, saw a couple of art exhibitions, and the opportunity to walk brielfy in the tall karri forest. 

On the way back from Albany we stopped in to see the giant 8.5 metre tall aluminium cricket bat and the cricket bat fence at the cricket ground of the small town of Narrikup (just off the Albany Highway), which we had heard about on the radio on our trip down. The new giant cricket bat has just been unvieled, replacing the old one, and they are looking for donations of old cricket bats to complete their fence. Please click on the link to find out how! Narrikup Cricket Club

26 January was Australia Day. We traditionally go into town to see the fireworks but this year, wanting to avoid the crowds, we decided to view them from across the other side of Koombana Bay. We were a little bit far away, but still enjoyed them and I managed to get some pics. 

Early in February we were on-water boat control at the Forza Dragon Boat regatta in Bunbury, and also witnessed the naming of two new boats. Our family has been involved in dragon boating in Bunbury since 1990.

Over the summer we have witnessed some amazing sunsets as we walk along the Leschencult Inlet in the evening. We have also enjoyed catching up with family and friends over the summer. And my husband took me out to breakfast on Valentine's Day. 

This sunset taken on 17 February was evidently the result of voltanic ash from Tonga circling the globe. It was certainly a strange erie glow. 

I also made grape tomato chutney and grape jam in February from the grapes on our one backyard vine. What! no photos!!

And took photos of our principals Nicole and Susanna from Sol y Sombra Spanish Dance Company at the South West Multicultural Festival.  They truly are beautiful dancers.

I had a mini indigo workshop with my friend Amy. It really is a complicated method to get the vat ready - though perhaps could be because I have never done it before. I tied these hemp/cotton squares with string to create these patterns. 

I am now getting botanical contact-print pieces ready for the Tree Street Art Safari in the park in March which has been moved to Forrest Park in Bunbury for this year. Though I think I will decide closer to the date, depending on Covid numbers. 

How has your year started? I hope you and your families are safe and healthy. Our friend is currently having chemotherapy and my brother-in-law's wife passed away in January. I thoughts are constantly with them. 

On our Eastern seaboard, floods are rushing through Queensland and New South Wales. Homes and lives have been lost as the rain continues to fall. 

I cry for what is happening to Ukraine families at the moment with the advance of Russian troupes into their towns and villages. I saw a young girl, maybe in her 20s, on the TV tonight learning to use a gun, and families fleeing on foot across the border, mothers carrying babies, children crying because their fathers are staying behind to fight. Surely there should be a diplomatic solution. Even though we are far away I worry about what it means for the rest of us. 

I realise I have much to be thankful for in my little corner of Western Australia. 

Thank you so much for stopping by. I value your comments and look forward to hearing from you. I will try to visit your blogs in return. Please stay safe and whatever you are doing, enjoy your week. 
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Monday 7 February 2022

Forza Dragon Boat Regatta, Bunbury, Western Australia

 Happy Chinese New Year and welcome to the Year of the Tiger.

I have blogged about Chinese New Year and dragon boat racing before: Chinese New Year 2021 and Chinese New Year 2018

In fact dragon boat racing has been my family's sport since 1990. And our club, the Forza Dragon Boat Club celebrated their 30th anniversary in September 2021

Whereas I don't dragon boat race anymore, my two sons still do. My eldest son is our current club coach. That's him in the first seat in this pic below. 

Last weekend our club hosted their annual regatta on the Leschenault Inlet in Bunbury in Western Australia. But first a little history about dragon boat racing. 

Traditionally celebrated on the 5
th day of the 5th Chinese lunar month, the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival began over 2000 years ago to drive off evil spirits, ask the dragons to watch over their crops and worship the Dragon God.

The festival was later enriched by the legend of Qu (pronounced Chu) Yuan, a legendary scholar, poet and statesman, who was banished from the court when lies were told about him to the Emperor.  Despair caused Qu Yuan to throw himself from a cliff into the Mi Lo River in 278 BC.

Local fisherman raced out in their boats to recover his body, banging their drums and hitting their paddles on the water to scare the evil spirits away. They threw lumps of rice into the water as an offering to Qu Yuan’s spirit, and to prevent the fish from eating his body.

Before racing the eyes are painted onto the dragons to bring them life and give them sight.

Dragon boating is now an international competitive sport for men, women and families. It encourages good sportsmanship, maintains the cultural traditions, and encourages acceptance and respect of all involved.

It is also a great way to get fit, make new friends, improve physical and mental health, enjoy our waterways, and the opportunity to travel and compete at elite levels.

On Saturday two new dragon boats were named after two life members - The Kusin and the Barbera in recognition of their work for the club over many years. Grant and Pina Barbera were the founders of our club. And Mark Kusin has worked tirelessly for our club and association over many years. 

Dotting the eyes of the dragon

On Saturday my husband and I were on-water controllers at the regatta in our power boat, so it was a good opportunity for me to take some pics.

The races on Saturday were all two boat match races. There was some fast and furious competition. The boats sit 20 paddlers, with a drummer on the front, and the sweep (the steerer) at the back. It is a true team sport as timing is paramount for successful racing. 

It is a great sport for families, and men and women of all ages. I have always enjoyed that men and women and families can compete equally in the same boat. There are also many teams around the world for breast cancer survivors, including one in Bunbury, the Crewsaders. 

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you have enjoyed this little look at dragon boat racing. Do you have a family sport? Perhaps you would like to tell us about it in your comments. 

I value your comments and look forward to hearing from you. I will try to visit your blogs in return. Have a wonderful week. 
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