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Welcome to Life Images by Jill.........Stepping into the light and bringing together the images and stories of our world. I am a photographer, writer and multi-media artist.
Focussing mainly on Western Australia and Australia, I am seeking to preserve images and memories of the beautiful world in which we live and the people in it.



Sunday 27 March 2011

Love and marriage

My nephew and his beautiful new bride have consented that I can share a few photos of them from their wedding last Saturday. I have put together a few of my favourite photos in this collage to share with you.
The wedding was held on the lawns of Kings Park in Perth overlooking the Swan River. What a magnificent backdrop it was. It was a wonderful day, the bride looked stunningly beautiful and they are both very happy. I wish them every happiness, and thank them for allowing me to share some of their special day with you.

 Sharing a quiet personal moment........

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Sunday 20 March 2011

When two people meet and fall in love

On Friday we spent a wonderful day with family and friends for the occasion of the wedding of my eldest nephew and his beautiful new bride.  They had an official photographer, but I was asked to take photos of the groom and grooms-men leading up to the wedding ceremony. I also took my own set of photos at the the wedding (of course!). I put on my big lens and captured some lovely shots of the happy couple, some closer shots showing detail and some more intimate shots conveying the love between them. They are a wonderful couple and I wish them love and happiness and all they dream for in their future lives together.

The wedding ceremony was held in Kings Park in Perth with the wonderful backdrop of the city. Here is a collage of some of the photos I took.

and with sepia added

 The flowers included frangipani from the bride's grandmother's house.

The reception was held at the Indiana Teahouse on the Cottesloe beachfront. It is a glorious old building with views over the Indian Ocean. Here is the cupcake wedding cake with a view looking out to the beach.

I hope you have enjoyed this selection of photos. I hope to be able to bring some photos of the couple once I have their permission to share with you.

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Tuesday 15 March 2011

You are never fully dressed without a smile...........

Tonight I am sending these yellow daisies to a dear friend who is going through a difficult time at the moment. I send her my love, thoughts and prayers. And remind her to take time for herself, and to remember her motto - you are never fully dressed without a smile.....

Sunday 13 March 2011

Balingup and Grimwade afternoon

Last Monday was a public holiday in Western Australia, so our family took the opportunity to spend the day together. We went down to Balingup which is beautifully located amongst rolling hills and valleys about an hour south of where we live, and we had lunch at the Tavern. We had a delicious meal in a relaxed, friendly and welcoming atmosphere. I recommend it for a lovely lunchtime meal. Here is a link -  http://www.balinguptavern.com.au/

In this collage you can see clockwise, my grandson's lunch (they have a children's menu which is always a plus when dining out with children), a view of the hills, an acorn tree at the tavern, my lunch (grilled fish and salad - delicious), and my eldest grandson with one of the cow's from the cow parade. Last summer lots of artists painted and decorated cow statues, and they are now scattered around the South West of our state. The photo in the middle is the Tavern.

After lunch we drove to the Grimwade pine forest in search of blackberries. We had an enjoyable time tramping around the pine forest. We have had a long dry summer, and as it is early autumn here there were very few wildflowers, but plenty of other beautiful images to capture. I put together this collage with some of photos I took.

We found lots of blackberries, but they weren't ripe yet. Actually they are a pest in our forests, not a native plant, and they choke our bush undergrowth and waterways. They are covered in prickly thorns so you need to wear protective clothing. However, they make delicious jam.

It was lovely to be out walking in the bush and we had a wonderful day in the company of our family. It regenerates the soul and helps us appreciate the beauty around us and realise what is important to us.  Jobs around the house and yard can always wait - these precious days are far more important.

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Saturday 12 March 2011

Sending my prayers across the oceans.......

The images of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan I know have sent shock waves around the world. Images of homes and villages being swept away, little children not knowing where their parents are, the look of absolute despair on the faces of the people of Japan, people searching in vain, loss of hope. My prayers and tears of grief go out to them, and also to the victims of the earthquake in New Zealand, the cyclone and floods in Queensland, the floods in the mid west of Western Australia, fires near Perth (West Australia) and to all those other people around the world that are suffering from natural disasters, famine or war.

I am wishing that the wings of a seagull can rise them above the sorrow and return them safely to shore and  into the arms of their loved ones.