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Monday, 18 March 2019

To do list overload

Ok, first off, I am not complaining, as I know the alternative is not good, but I seem to have a "to do" list overload. And this is retirement! Where is the time sitting in the garden reading a book or strolling along the beach! ha! But seriously my "to-do" list is wearing me down at the moment and causing me to stress and feel rather over-whelmed by it all as I see time zooming by and end dates getting closer. 

So what is on my to-do list this week, other than the usual around home things?

Today, Monday, I had some Photography club web-site work, and Centrelink computer stuff to do. Plus washing and a bit of gardening. And doing some work towards my art market on the weekend. Tick

Tomorrow, Tuesday, I am going to an eco-dying workshop an hours drive from home. I am looking forward to this as I have been playing around with eco-dying (leaves on fabric and paper) for a couple of years and I am ready to learn more. Yes I will share in a later post.

Wednesday I have lunch with a couple of friends. We've been meeting up for lunch for over 15 years, and have been through a lot together, and we really don't like it when we have to miss a lunch. We say it is cheaper than therapy! Plus I have some jobs to do in town while I am there.  Honestly we don't care where we go for lunch - even a muffin will do - as long as we meet up. 

Oh, and my Spanish dance class Wednesday evening. 

Thursday I have to get all my bits and pieces together for the Tree Street Art Safari on Saturday.  I had a stall last year at the home of Maggie in Banksia Street and had a lovely sheltered spot to display my wares. The idea is that home owners host artists in the "tree street" area of town and visitors walk from venue to venue. The tree street area is lovely with it's old weatherboard houses and lovely gardens and the art safari is always well attended. I had a fabulous day last year and Maggie agreed to host me again. It is a lot of work it get all my stuff organised - photo prints, greeting cards, cushion covers and tote bags featuring my photography, paper flowers, and my eco-printing on scarves, prints, greeting cards and this year also cushion covers. Thank you Maggie!
 Friday I am going to an all day writing workshop organised by my writer's group. Bad timing for me really the day before the Art Safari. Got to get my pre-workshop reading done! 

Saturday I will be at the Art Safari all day. Saturday night we have our grandies staying over and all day Sunday.  I am sure they will like to put a movie on while Grandma and Pop collapse in a chair with a glass of wine on Saturday evening.

So that's it from me today.  Do you get overwhelmed with your to-do list? Anyways, I have to get back to it, so have a fabulous week! 

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  1. Thanks for taking time out of your extremely busy schedule to drop by my blog, Jill. I am exhausted just reading your "to do" list! However, I recognise that we are all different as to what energises us. Hope you find/take some time for yourself to just r-e-l-a-x :-)

  2. Jill - given your busy schedule, I am honored that you would link TWICE to Mosaic Monday! Yes, I can relate to the overwhelmed feeling. Of course, as I have to remind myself, I created this situation by continuing to add more to the list. Generally, the activities appeal to me, and so they are not really burdens. But I do (more than) occasionally yearn for a day (or two) where there is absolutely nothing that HAS to be done … Anyway, good luck with your week, especially the Art Safari. By the time you get to that glass of wine, you'll be ready!

  3. The Art Safari sounds like lots of fun. Our town has an Art Crawl that goes from one artist's home to another. - Margy

  4. Jill, your photos, scarves, and other art pieces are gorgeous. I like the softness you get with your dyes. Another thing for me to try one day. Retirement is definitely fun and filled with lots to do when I choose to do them. Have fun out there.

  5. My 2 do list is our of control at the moment too.

  6. Hello Jill,
    A great post Jill! The Eco-dye-ing is truly beautiful! If you have friends who are wise and compassionate, it is truly cheaper than therapy
    (and less agonizing).
    Many thanks for linking to All Seasons!

  7. Well this week began at the Immigration Office where we spent Monday morning; half of it waiting and half of it having our application packets reviewed and Monday evening was spent on Skype calls to the US trying to get some Social Security (our federal retirement program) details straightened out. Tuesday was to the office shop to get copies to fax to Social Security and Tuesday evening (afternoon as they call 7 p.m. here) was a meeting to start our Cadestre process (a new country-wide landownership registration system. . .but of course one must find original documents to be able to prove the trail of ownership). This morning was spent having copies made for that process and tonight will be another meeting with the original builder to continue finding documents. So I hate to say it, but your 'to do' list looks magical compared to the rather tedious stuff we've had on our list this week. . .and then I wonder why I don't do more than ponder 'that book'. . . enjoy! xxx Jackie (I LOVE those pillows! Why don't you add creating an Etsy shop to your list?)

    1. my goodness, and I thought I had a hectic week. I hope life is getting easier for you after the paper trail and appointments!

  8. Yes you're right, the opposite which is boredom is really dreary! Love your Art Safari wares and I would adore to do a writers workshop!
    Hope next week is calmer!
    Wren x

  9. Love the fabric at the top with the leaves. The pie looks good too!


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