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Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Nature walks

I am slow in writing my blog this week. The days are a little cooler, and I am starting to feel a little better after coming down with a summer flue a few weeks ago, so I have ventured out for a walk a few times in the last week. There is something rejuvenating don't you think about getting out in nature, whether it is in a park, along a river or the beach, or in bushland or forest.

I am lucky that I have four places close to home where I can walk along a bush path or by the water. Walking along suburban streets is too boring for me and I like to walk where there is shade.

The first is very close to home, only a couple of hundred metres away, a bush block tucked between suburbia and the main road into the city.  Here you will find a mixture of peppermint trees, jarrah and marri eucalypts, a couple of varieties of banksia, creeping hovea and wild wisteria, and a host of wildflowers, including orchids pushing up through the imported weeds during spring.

Peppermint trees

 The second is a favourite walk along the Leschenault Estuary first thing in the morning or late afternoon or at sunset when it is cooler after a hot summer's day.  In the sunset pic you can see our port facilities on the horizon, beyond that is the Indian Ocean.

The third is along the Collie River which flows into the estuary. It follows along the river. If you cross the bridge you can walk along the other side. Sorry about this rather dodgy phone photo from a lookout point. Silly me decided not to take my camera! It was a cloudy morning though.  I am sure I have better photos....somewhere on my hard drive....

 The fourth is behind the houses along Miller's Creek, a shady artery which runs through the middle of a housing development. This shady walk is particularly lovely on a hot morning. 

Do you have a favourite nature walk? What does it look like? Perhaps you would like to share in your comments. 

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  1. Nature is so wonderful for the soul! It always helps me. Sometimes just finding a spot to sit and listen and breathe is wonderful! I do not always have to be on the move.

  2. I am always rejuvenated after a walk outside - it doesn't have to be a long one or even one with beautiful sights along the way. Sometimes fresh air and sunshine will do the trick! Glad you are feeling better!

  3. Coming from another land of wild orchids I always enjoy seeing them... my favourite Bangkok walks are climate & pollution controlled. It's sad to say but the days I do most steps (other than on a treadmill) are inside a shopping mall. Unlike back home in Australia with the crazy poodle!
    Enjoy your fresh air.
    Wren x

  4. Great to see you back at All Seasons Jill:) Nature walks are all around me, because I live in the forest, but the peppermint trees caught my eye. What also caught me eye was the "Photographer of the year 2018!" Congrats for that award - my personal favorites are the middle photo and the snowy view - beautiful! Have a great week and take it easy (haha) till you have your energy back:):)

  5. I especially love the reflection on the water

  6. Hello, lovely images from your walk. Nature walks are nurturing for the soul. Enjoy your day, have a happy week ahead.

  7. Looks like a lovely place to walk. I'll have to find some places once the snow is gone. Lovely mosaics/collages!

  8. Jill - from our house we can strike out in any number of directions for a walk through nature. The combination of public lands and large tracts owned by our neighbors (we all buy in to letting each other roam freely) means we can walk unfettered for miles, rarely seeing a house or another person! I am intrigued by the peppermint trees - do they smell like mint? Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday, and have a super week!

  9. Those are beautiful places to walk. We live surrounded by nature but we have to take our boat if we want to go for a forest walk. - Margy


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