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Monday, 24 December 2018

May Peace & Joy be yours this Christmas

This Christmas I pray for peace in our world for all and a life without hunger or fear. A world of tolerance and harmony between all, regardless of faith.

Whether you celebrate or not, I wish you the joy and peace of Christmas and happy, worry free times spent in the company of your loved ones, family and friends. If you are estranged from your family, please contact them and let them know you are ok.  It will be a gift beyond measure for both of you.
Montserrat, Spain
  I would like to share a special poem with you today. I wrote it in 2014 just a few months after my father passed away. It is for all of you missing someone from your table this year.

The Ghosts of Christmas Past

Christmas only comes but once a year
It brings with it joys and tears

As I go through the motions of gift buying, decorations 
And planning menus
I am thinking of those who will be missing from my table 
for the first time this year
They are the ghosts of Christmas past.

My father hanging Christmas lights in the pine trees at our front gate
The carol singers under our corner street light

I lay in bed wondering how Father Christmas could possibly come down
our kitchen chimney
and through the little doors at the front of our Metters wood Stove.
But he did – because the carrots and cake were gone in the morning.

The excitement of seeing my new big doll Lucy under the Christmas tree.
My mother dishing up the Christmas pudding with the threepences hidden inside
Her Christmas carols that filled the house.

The long Christmas table at my Aunts
With aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents
And silly hats.

Summer heat and laughter,
Playing under the sprinkler on the back lawn,
And laying on the long cool passage lino with a new book.

The simple pleasure of humid summer evenings on the back lawn
     looking up at the stars. 

As I hang the special Christmas baubles on my tree
And light the candle of remembrance
I look into the eyes of my grandchildren
And I see the ghosts of Christmas past.

Jill Harrison
2 December 2014

Australian Rose Mallee

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  1. Jill - thank you so much for sharing your poem and your thoughts about this special season. It can be painful for many, but through pain can also come renewal. I appreciate getting to know you better this year, and I am so grateful for your links to Mosaic Monday. Here's to the joys of 2019!

  2. beautiful poem, thank you Jill, Rae.

  3. Beautiful words so thoughtful and heartfelt, they surely resonated with me and brought back bittersweet memories.
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year from Normandy.

  4. Merry Christmas, Sweet Jill, every day of the year. Big hugs to you. :-)

  5. Your poem is beautiful! The holidays bring back good memories from my childhood and I hold on to those! Merry Christmas and holiday hugs, Diane

  6. Hope you had a lovely holiday!

  7. Hope you had a good Christmas there too - thanks for your comment at my blog.

  8. Lovely poem from the heart. Here's to a great new year.

  9. Lovely poem. Christmas is a time of memories, old and new.

  10. I love your poem. Christmas does bring out so many emotions and memories. I love that you have good memories from your childhood included in the poem and the sixpence...what an awesome idea. We had none of those traditions growing up so I always enjoy learning about what others experienced. Christmas was really nothing in my childhood, then I met my hubby who loved Christmas and made them oh so special for me from then on. Thanks for sharing at Pictorial Tuesday.

    1. I am so glad that the joy of Christmas finally came to you when you met your hubby. I think the message of Christmas has something for everyone.

  11. Beautiful memories in your poem. Have a fabulous weekend and wishing you Happy New Year!

  12. A bit late in getting blogs read this week, but hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wishes for the loveliest of New Years!! Keep the posts coming - love them!

  13. Wishing all my readers a happy, safe, adventurous, and wonderful 2019 wherever you are. And thank you so much for your support of my blog.


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