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Tuesday, 4 December 2018


December is here! In all the flurry of end of year events and Christmas preparations, I think I need to have a little lie down, with a book preferably. Doesn't this relaxing spot at Peppermint Lane Lodge in the Ferguson Valley look delightful? I want one!

Seriously though, during this time of year do you feel like you are being pulled every which way? We knew it was coming, but now December is here, and only three and a bit weeks to go! what!!!!

At least we have put up the outside Christmas lights at the front of our house, and today hubbie and I sat down to write Christmas cards and letters, and my sister (teacher-farmer's wife - always organised) has been on the phone to sort out Christmas with me.  

But no sorry, I don't have any magical tips to get you through the mad rush of December, but I am sure there our lots out there in blog-land.

I know it is December because the Candlestick Banksias - Banksia attenuata - are flowering in bushland near where we live.  I always think they rather fit into the coming Christmas season.

 I love my December summer garden - I've shown it to you before - and this year is no exception - these are the gorgeous purple agapanthus with a backdrop of red coral bush - they look so gorgeous in summer.

What else has been happening.....

During November I displayed my wares at three markets - at Peppermint Lane Lodge for the Ferguson Open Gardens trail, at the Stirling Street Art Centre Christmas market, and the Bunbury Market.  

At these markets I have been able to showcase some of my work - photography prints, greeting cards and on products such as cushions and tote bags, and my leaf eco-prints - framed prints, greeting cards, and silk scarves.  And also hand folded paper flowers.

 Peppermint Lane Lodge in the Ferguson Valley is a Bed and Breakfast property set in forrest, with wonderful walks which incorporate land art.  Kim is very supportive of the arts and promoting the Ferguson Valley and I have worked with her before.  And I sincerely thank Kim for the opportunities she has sent my way.

 But you also need to take time out in the bustle of life, and we drove up to the Ferguson Valley one Friday to have lunch at Green Door Winery. The food is mainly shared grazing plates, and they bring you little sample bottles of wine to your table. The views over the rolling hills and vineyards to the ocean are beautiful.

 Also this month I borrowed a beautiful book from our local library - Sea Prayer by Khaled Hosseini, author of The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns. Beautifully illustrated by Dan Williams, Sea Prayer was inspired by a 3-year-old Syrian refugee who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea in September 2015, and is a vivid portrait of life in Homs, Syria, before the war, and of that city's swift transformation from a home into a deadly war zone.

In the rush of our relatively safe suburban life, this little book in a few pages puts our life into perspective, and how grateful we should be.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you have enjoyed this little look into life in my part of the world. I value your comments and look forward to hearing from you. I will try to visit your blogs in return. Have a wonderful week. 

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  1. Hello Jill, lovely post with the wildflowers. The B&B sounds wonderful and the food and wine look awesome. I will see if I can find the book in my library. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  2. You do sound busy with all the beautiful things you make and your photography. My winter garden is pretty much just mud now with all the snow and rain we've had. I'm ahead of the Christmas thing, but as I've aged and without work hustle bustle this time of year, it is so nice with no worries. The kids and family have decided we can just do Pizza for Christmas celebrations and give this old mom a break from all the cooking. Actually, I think my daughter may be hosting in their new home this year. Score!! lol

  3. You have created some beautiful wares!

  4. I am akways amazed at how different many of the plants are where you live. Love the photographs.

  5. Peppermint Lane Lodge is my kind of place. I think about putting comfy couches under the fruit trees in the backyard. The Husband assures me it's not big deal to bring them in before it rains. Not that it rains that much here anymore. :-) Your artwork is beautiful! Good cheer to you.

  6. Jesh - All Seasons5 December 2018 at 08:54

    Hello Jill,
    Have never seen a tie down like this - it looks very relaxing (I forgot for a moment that it's summer where you are!)The candlestick Banksia is gorgeous! Love the Agapanthus - when we lived in a condo it was blooming in May, right in front of my kitchen window. You must be busy, going to these markets! Great that you have a place where your art is supported! We artists all need that, eh?
    Many thanks for this varied and fun post and sharing it with All Seasons, Jill! Have a great summer week!

  7. Jill - since we are retired, we don't have the demands on our time that can add to the 'stress' of the holidays. I find it is my own expectations that cause the most difficulty - many times I get to Christmas and have regrets about the things that I did not get to do. So this year, I made a list of those activities, and I am making time for them. I feel much happier, but it is only December 4. I remember the candlestick banksias from a previous post - they are suited to the season. And I love all of your products, but the scarves are to die for! (Finally, don't worry about missing Mosaic Monday this week … come back soon!)

  8. Well, I hate to admit it but December has been stress free since moving to Greece. Simple and few decorations fill our tiny home, we can't receive or send packages without huge Greek tariffs (so no gifts to send or open) nor greeting cards. We've to a certain degree stepped back in time. I have to tell you this post was spectacularly beautiful in message and illustrations. Happy December festivities to you!!

  9. Your enthusiasm and busyness for the fast approaching festivities pour out from your interesting narration. Your images are lovely and imaginative!

    Wishing you the best for the Christmas!

  10. Stunning Jill. And isn't Peppermint Lodge just the most gorgeous spot for an adult getaway :)


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