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Sunday, 18 March 2012


Australia is a multicultural society. Everyone either personally or their ancestors has come from another country originally - even the original inhabitants, the aboriginals, came from another country to Australia. Multiculturalism can bring so much to a community - and if you are open to new ideas and other lifestyles and traditions, you can learn so much from other cultures.

In the last couple of weeks I have been fortunate enough to attend with my daughter-in-law a couple of multicultural events in Bunbury, showcasing the music, dance and songs of various cultures which are a part of our community.

Here are some scenes from the Bunbury Multicultural night - left to right - belly dancing, hula dancing, Spanish flamenco, Indian, Chilli, Brazil (I think), Maori, and the Chinese Lion Dance.  This is the second year i have gone to this wonderful free event. Also on sale was food from many nationalities. The light was a bit of a problem, and some of the movement was very fast, but I was reasonably happy with these pics.

The group below is the Burundi Band and Peace Choir. The group was formed by Jean-Phillippe Irambona to help overcome the pain and trauma of war and the many years spent in refugee camps in Tanzania, through singing, dancing and music. A wonderful cause and so inspirational - and they were wonderful to listen to and hear their story.

 Last week we went to the Viva Bunbury Latin street fiesta.  As well as dance and singing performances, two groups ensured that we danced the night away to Latin music. In the top LH corner you can see the lead singer of group "Bump" - this group really got the crowd into the party mood.
ps - the guy in the bottom LH corner is from last year - I just had to include this shot with the drums.

A couple of weeks ago I started attending a six week introduction to Spanish Flamenco dancing. My daughter-in-law has been Spanish dancing for a few years, and it is something I have wanted to do for a while. The music and dance is so powerful and passionate.

This is my teacher - Nicole -

and some of the colour and movement of Flamenco -

Have a wonderful week - and if you get a chance to see a multicultural performance - go!

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  1. What a wonderful event and a great photographic opportunity.

  2. Wow. Lots of color and movement. Very nice. Thanks, too, for the last, which certainly must be as it seems when the dancers are moving.

  3. Love the movement and the colour! What a great event it was! Thanks, Jill

  4. FUN! I want to learn now!!
    Gypsea Nurse

  5. Wonderful, wonderful event! We have several festivals each year featuring one or more of the diverse cultures in our area. So much fun!

  6. Good for you. Taking dance lessons so much fun, I take Scottish Country Dance. Great movement shots. Have a fantastic week Jill.

  7. What a fun thing to do. I am sure you will love taking the flamenco dancing. Several years in a row my husband and I went to hear a flamenco guitar player when he came to Toronto. In the entourage where flamenco dancers. They were fabulous. V

  8. Flamenco dancing must really burn the calories. Love how you captured all the colour and the movement of the dress.

  9. so glad to meet you, i love your blog, you have that creative eye with the camera that woes me :)

  10. Wonderful mosaics - so colourful! I think my favourite shot is the last one - I love motion blur!

  11. Oh that looks like such fun!!! Beautiful colourful images!


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