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Monday, 5 March 2012

Blueberries for breakfast

I really struggled with the bright morning light and the moving shade of my patio this morning. It would have been much better with cloud - but it is summer - so deal with it I guess. But in a way the moving shadows of the palm leaves, and the shadows caused by the pergola battens added another dimension and certainly a challenge!

Anyway, I made pancakes with blueberries. I wanted to put the blueberries "into" the pancakes, but they are sooooo expensive! as they are imported from New Zealand - and I wanted to use them for styling - so have put them on the side and in the bowl.
Pancakes for breakfast anyone? with honey drizzled over?

Thank you Tartelette for the inspiration. I can only dream of being a photography like Helene and her book "From Plate to Pixels" about food photography is wonderful.  You can see her amazing work here - Tartelette

 Here you can see cutting into the pancakes

 And just the blueberries...............

And for my submission for Kim's Texture Tuesday - I have added Kim's texture "happy heart" to my blueberry pic - per the brief.  It has put just a bit of additional texture onto the wood. I love these old boards which I bought really cheaply from a salvage yard. They make a great table top for my photography. I put them onto a table with wheels that I have which I can move around chasing the light.

Texture was applied multiplied, and then I wiped off a bit on the edge of the bowl and the handle of the spoon and the blueberries in the middle of the bowl. I "picked" the colour of the writing by pointing to the blueberries.
To join in the fun at Texture Tuesday - click here - www.kimklassencafe.com/thecafe

 Thank you so much for looking. I really look forward to hearing your thoughts as they really help me to improve. Thank you in advance!

Wednesday am -  I'm back! Kim's latest edition of her "Beyond Layers" e-course was about conversion to black and white and then bringing back some colour, and about making "brushes" in Photoshop. 

So I have decided to convert this blueberry pic to black and white and then rubbed off the B&W over the berries to reveal the blue of the berries. 

I have also learnt how to create a "brush" tool with my watermark signature, and also a brush tool with a little Eucalypt logo I use on the back of greeting cards. You can see it up next to my name, and I have also stamped it onto the white of the bowl so you can see it. So many new things to learn!


  1. So tasty looking, but we had Pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, and will not be eating any more during Lent.

  2. Hi Jill, have you tried to put the Blueberries in a dark Bowl and on a black velvet cloth to bring out just the Blueberries. It would make the Blueberries more prominent.

  3. The reason I say this is that the first thing I see is the white boards of the table and then the white bowl, the last thing I see is the Blueberries. The blueberries should be the first thing one sees, as the is what you are trying to show.

  4. Thank you for your comment Horst. But I am not sure I agree. I believe putting the blueberries in a dark bowl with the black background the image would end up all dark and the blueberries would not stand out, and not what I was setting out to achieve. What I wanted was the idea of "breakfast morning" hence morning light, light colours, rustic table. The colour of the blueberries in contrast to the rest of the image. Also to me dark is an evening colour. But thank you for your feedback - I do welcome comments and feedback - it is always very helpful and makes me think about my image. Thank you.

  5. I was only suggesting that you give it a try. Is that not how one learns. Your photos are very good, what I suggested is a little different than what most people would try. You never know you may even like my suggestion. What you have is a high key setup with a low key subject. With a low key setup you will even see the Blueberries better than in this photo.

  6. Weather you try it or not, is not important. Just thinking about it is. Photos take up a different look, when treated differently. Keep on experimenting, and have fun.

  7. Hi again Horst - I really do appreciate you taking the time to comment and make suggestions and offer another way of looking at the image. So you have really got me thinking now. And looks like I will need to buy a dark coloured bowl and some more blueberries! And start to think outside the box and try different ideas. Thanks for your input!

  8. Just Beautiful Jill. I loved each image and the texture work , the brush with your watermark is a delight and Im sure I would love t learn this also. I did sign up for this class and one thing lead to another and I never did take it. Boy am I sorry.
    again I loved your blog.

  9. thanks for stopping by my blog, i love your photography, so many gorgeous pictures on your blog to enjoy... great way to start my day, surrounded by your beauty!


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