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Monday, 12 March 2012

summer tomatoes

oh my goodness, the heat has been sapping here the last couple of weeks. Autumn is supposed to be here and we are still experiencing temperatures in the high 30s centigrade!
During January we had more rain than normal for summer, but February and the beginning of March - heat!

Our summer crop of tomatoes is all but finished. The plants are shrivelling in the hot sun. My husband would like to pull out the bushes, but the tomatoes are still producing a few which keep us going for salads.

These are tiny heirloom tomatoes - a variety is called "red fig" - it is an elongated tear drop type shape - not round. We have never planted heirloom tomatoes before - and it certainly has been a prolific bush.  My grandsons love the little cherry type tomatoes, which is why we grew a small variety.

Here are a few of the last tomatoes clinging to the bush -

 An here is a collage of tomatoes -  photographed in a nifty little bucket I bought from a garden shop last week, on one of my old boards under the shade of my patio - photographed with my new macro lens.

A couple of years ago on DPS when I was moaning about my "kit" lenses, a very wise person said to learn, practice, work out my style, use my lenses - and then, and only then, upgrade to a better quality lens.
How right he was! and that day has come! All last year I while I have been working on my food photography I wished for a better quality lens. And last Saturday my husband said "well buy one". And so I did. I bought a macro F2.8 100mm pro lens. It arrived on Thursday -  woo hoo! so excited about my new lens!

 And to finish a plate of plums - I love the stone fruit that is around this time of year - and especially these plums which are dark red inside - delicious. They are a variety called "rosa" very much like "satsumas" which we hardly ever see these days. Soon all the stone fruit will be finished, so I enjoy them while I can. Photographed here in morning light - I have to catch the morning light at just the right time on my north east  facing patio. I have sprayed the plums with water to give them that fresh just picked look.

Thank you for looking everyone. I look forward to hearing from you.

I am joining Mary and other amazing contributors at Mosaic Monday at Little Red House - to see their work please click here - Mosaic Monday

Have a wonderful week.


  1. Congratulations on your new lens! Your photos are beautiful and the tomatoes and plums are really making me hungry...they look soooo good!

  2. Beautiful photos.
    We were just talking about tomatoes and where we should plant them this year. Our summers aren't hot, so it's always a challenge. We're thinking of trying big pots this year, in the drive, as that seems to be the sunniest spot. We have so many giant cedars that there isn't a lot of sunshine on the place. Your tomatoes and plums look gorgeous.

  3. Love your summer tomatoes, wish it was summer here, beautiful photos, Laura

  4. Great images!
    Have a wonderful week,

  5. I adore Heirloom tomatoes and those look so yummy, as do the plums. I enjoy fresh fruit very much! Your autumn is arriving just as our spring comes...got to love that~ Take care~

  6. So Very Beautiful Jill. I havent done many still lifes . I think I need to challenge myself to do some.
    Loved your blog and grateful for you stopping and your friendship.

  7. Gorgeous photos Jill. Love the little bucket you have the tomatoes in too.

  8. Love the mosaic of the tomatoes Jill. It seems that Mother Nature is very unsettled all over the world.

  9. Love that little bucket filled with tomatoes! Stopping by from Mosaic Monday.


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