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Sunday, 3 January 2021

December 2020 - Covid photo a day project

 So the end of 2020 has come and gone and we are now in 2021. I am not going to bring you any words of wisdom, and I'm not even going to look back over the year, because we all know the year we have had. And I am sure everyone's experience has been similar in some ways, or vastly different in others.  

But I am going to ask you to be safe and cherish precious moments with those we love. If this past year has taught us anything I think it has taught us that. I am going to look forward with hope for a better year and an end to the Covid 19 virus, for all people around the world. 

My Covid photo a day project continues, far longer than I expected when I first started it in mid March. Below are my daily photos from December 2020.

1 December 2020 - Tuesday - posting our Christmas cards

2 December 2020 - Wednesday - I love the cross-hatch pattern that the sun is making with my palms in my garden

3 December 2020 - Thursday - not much inspiration happening here. The view from the arm "heat" box therapy room at the Hand Therapy clinic.

4 December 2020 - Friday - we were surprised to see that the little birds that lost their babies to currawongs a couple of months ago (and 2019!) are nesting again in the same tree. I hope they have more luck this time.

5 December 2020 - Saturday - We had a stall at the Bunbury Market today and came home exhausted. So after we had unpacked the car we collapsed in a heap with some snacks and drinks.

6 December 2020 - Sunday - peekaboo! Look who we saw right by the path in Manea Park today - a mother kangaroo and joey - both totally unfazed by us.

More @ Summer colour in south west Western Australia

7 December 2020 - Monday - it's starting to look a bit like Christmas - giant Christmas tree at Eaton Fair shopping centre.

8 December 2020 - Tuesday - crafting some little note books for my writer's group Christmas gift.

9 December 2020 - Wednesday - Rusticana in Bunbury is a great place to buy fresh produce and the makings for your Christmas goodies.

10 December 2020 - Thursday - making my wrist bend on the hand therapy machine. It's about 2/3 the way better.

11 December 2020 - Friday - my writer's group held their Christmas lunch at beautiful Evedon Park in the Ferguson Valley.

12 December 2020 - Saturday - finally putting up some Christmas decorations. This is my rustic wreath.

More about an Australian Christmas here: Christmas in Australia

13 December 2020 - Sunday - our son's dragon boat club had their Christmas do at the Bunbury Dolphin Centre.

14 December 2020 - Monday - started to do some WA based trip planning for 2021

15 December 2020 - Tuesday - The Western Australian Christmas trees are blooming. These were along the Collie River walk in Eaton. More @ Western Australian Christmas Tree

16 December 2020 - Wednesday - the paddocks are taking on their summer colours

17 December 2020 - Thursday - playing Stock-Market with the grandies. I lost.

18 December 2020 - Friday - went for an evening drive to see some Christmas lights

19 December 2020 - Saturday - we were taken up to the Wild Bull Brewery in the Ferguson Valley by our son and daughter-in-law for lunch for our combined birthdays. I had a spicy squid salad. Delish

Bonus shot: After lunch we went up to the Wellington Dam to see the progress on the dam wall mural. More @ Painting the Wellington Dam mural

20 December 2020 - Sunday - a smokey firey sunset tonight along the Leschenault Inlet looking over towards the port facilities.

21 December 2020 - Monday - convergence of Saturn and Jupiter - yes I needed a longer lens and a tripod 

22 December 2020 - Tuesday - making little Christmas puddings, More @ A little bit of Christmas baking

23 December 2020 - Wednesday - summer fun on the water

24 December 2020 - Thursday - all shut up for Christmas break

25 December 2020 - Friday - beautiful sunset on Christmas Day evening along the Leschenault Estuary

26 December 2020 - Saturday - our apricots are nearly ready!

27 December 2020 - Sunday - the beach beckons - discard the thongs

Monday - 28 December 2020 - another brilliant sunset - from the porch

Tuesday - 29 December 2020 - a walk along the Leschenault Estuary at sunset

Wednesday - 30 December 2020 - the post Christmas sales are on!

Thursday - 31 December 2020 - a New Year's eve sunset cricket match at our son's block block by the lights of a 4WD. I am amazed they played so long. 

The end of the year has come and gone, and there still seems to be leftovers, though they are not the leftovers from Christmas, just new leftovers.

 Thank you so much for stopping by. For those who are sick, or have sick or dyeing loved ones, for those separated from loved ones, for those in isolation or quarantine or waiting for the result from a Covid test, those struggling with loss of income, our frontline workers, and those who are fearful of the future, I send you my heartfelt prayers and thoughts. I can only but imagine what you are going through. 

Unfortunately the turning over of the clock doesn't produce a miracle clean slate, we still have a long way to go, but if we look after each other we can come out the other side.

Numbers in the eastern states of Australia: New South Wales and Victoria, have been increasing over the last two weeks, and the other states have closed their borders to visitors, and returning residents must quarantine for 14 days. I hope we remain safe here in Western Australia and everyone does the right thing. 

Some words of wisdom from Pooh. 

Take care everyone, follow your government guidelines and stay safe. 

I value your comments and look forward to hearing from you. I will try to visit your blogs in return. Have a wonderful week.  

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  1. Love your random photos. Is that Christmas tree a real one or an artistic creation? So perfectly shaped.

    1. ah no, not real! They put it up every year. It lights up at night.

  2. Happy and Healthy New year, Jill! So very true that the turning of the new year does not end all the illness and sadness, but at least we have hope this year for a vaccine to help begin to bring protection. You have kangaroos running around and I have deer...both entertaining!

  3. Jill - another fabulous compilation of photos. Like you, I love the palms picture. Your sentiments are spot on - we can't fall back into complacency about our health or about the things/people that mean the most to us! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday, and Happy New Year to you!

  4. You stayed busy and got a lot done. And I so appreciate your words of wisdom and hope for all those that are suffering. Our cases are up in this area so we continue to stay home or get out on hiking trails. Take care of yourself and thanks for sharing your photo project! Happy new year!

  5. Nice photos Jill. Wow luv that tall Christmas tree


    I am at #16 on the linky today


  6. Remember the sun pattern on the leaves, and your kangaroo image - maybe that's why I like 'em the most.
    Ah to be at the beach, bare footed right now:) It seems the Austin has a big recreational are where people can do several sports, so when summer comes I'll know more") Many thanks for sharing the December month with All Seasons! Hope this year you will have more time for your art! Jesh

  7. This is amazing. You have a great variety of photos here.

  8. Great photos. I love the intersecting leaves.

  9. Lots of photos, it seems December was full of events. Cheers to a happy healthy new year.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  10. You make the mundane look majestic. Happy New Year,

  11. Dear Jill,
    Thank you very much for the link to "Nature Thursday" also in the new year!
    And many thanks for your warm words in your comment.You show impressive pictures again.
    I am particularly impressed by the painting on Wellington Dam,
    that's a great masterpiece!
    We have another strict lockdown until the end of January.
    Times are really tough.
    Let's hope we can get that virus under control.
    All love

  12. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2021/01/classic.html

  13. Ein wunderschöner ,vielseitiger Post. Danke dafĂŒr und ein gutes Jahr 2021 mit schönen positiven Momenten.
    Herzlichst KlÀrchen

  14. Great photos for each day. Love Pooh. Thanks for sharing. :)

  15. I always enjoy your photos, they are so varied and gorgeous!

    I'm glad you are a part of 'My Corner of the World' this week!

  16. That joey is actually extending his neck to reach around and look at you. I love it!


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