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Wednesday 15 March 2017

International Women's Day - 8 March 2017

 Hi girlfriends! Did you do anything for International Women's Day last week?

Last Wednesday I went to a fabulous International Women's Day morning tea and presentation held by the South West Women's Health and Information Centre 

What a wonderful vibe there was in the room with all these women connecting, reconnecting, meeting, chatting, exchanging. At one point the lady who was sitting next to me, who I had just met said, "is this what you call a gaggle of women?" - it certainly sounded like it - in a good way!

 So today, in recognition of International Women's Day I thought I would share with you some of the positive thoughts the five speakers gifted us with during the morning. The  focal themes for me which I received from the morning were - It is never too late to start.... and.... life is too short not to follow your passions - and a message which follows my own mantra - be true to yourself.... and..... only you can make your dreams come true.

 Please click here to keep reading more - 

Charmaine Bennell - born in Pingelly with Noongar Aboriginal heritage,

 Charmaine is the Education Officer of the Noongar Boodjar Language Cultural Aboriginal Corporation in Bunbury. Among other roles, Charmaine was a Noongar language teacher at Djidi Djidi Aboriginal School Bunbury, teaches Noongar language to adults, records Noongar language, records and documents elders' stories, helped develop a written Noongar dictionary, and writes books in Noongar language.

Charmaine's message was that we all have something to share and give to others in our community. She also spoke about the importance of our own communities of mothers, grandmothers, daughters, aunties, sisters and women friends.

To find out more about the Noongar Boodjar Language Cultural Aboriginal Corporation, please click here - Noongarboodjar

Anita Revel, artist, from Cowaramup in our south west.

Anita describes herself as a renaissance woman - educated, creative, with many interests. She is a passionate artist who prefers to work with acrylics, has written 19 books (on various themes relating to the Inner Goddess, Personal Development, Inspiration and Marketing), conducts art workshops, is a self publishing coach. 

Anita says, "There are a lot of things that make my heart sing, but beauty is the common thread. I create beauty in order to be surrounded by beauty".  

She says you can't (or shouldn't) squash your passions. You should tap into your heart and listen to it. It is never too late. Magic happens when women gather. Gathering with women is uplifting and worthwhile. 

You can find out more about Anita here - Anita Revel 

Marina Shilling - is a craftswoman who combines eastern and western techniques.

Marina has a cottage craft business in Bunbury, selling her handcrafts at market stalls. 

Her mother was from the Lotha/Kyong tribe of Nagaland in north-east India and through her weaving heritage Marina had the opportunity to learn the ancient craft of back-strap loom weaving. Her artwork now encompasses many other crafts (skin care, candles, journals, Eco-dyeing), combining eastern and western techniques and using local products in her work.  

Marina embraces the philosophy of the “slow craft movement". She enjoys the journey, the pleasure of the process, networking, and meeting with suppliers of the raw products. 

 Marina advocates finding a balance in all facets of our life.  Find out more about Marina's work here - Marina Shilling

 Marie Wilkinson - Marie lives in Busselton and has found her niche with the process of sea sponge painting,
fondly called HeARTfull Creations within her business Feminine Factor.

Marie enjoys the creative process, connecting with her intuition. As she creates, more ideas come, connecting heart and intuition, leading to being creative. She expresses who she is through colour and textiles. The enjoyment, satisfaction, being worthwhile, and sharing who she is fulfills her soul. 

Marie says that we are all creative. If we connect with our inner child we can reinvigorate what we enjoyed as a child. Marie conducts art workshops at the SW Women's Health to help women unleash their creativity and have fun. 

You can find out more about Marie and her work at -  Marie Wilkinson

Janet Wells - is a silk artist, author and poet from Capel. I was privileged to meet Janet and hear her story many years ago when she had a silk gallery just out of Bunbury.

 Janet was born in Devon in 1951 and travelled to Australia for a two year working holiday where she met her husband, third generation Kimberley cattleman, John Wells, in the north west Western Australian outback. They lived and worked on cattle stations for 20 years, and now live in Capel in the southwest. 

While in the Kimberley Janet was inspired to write poetry, and  also learnt the gentle art of painting on silk. Janet has also published her mother-in-laws story about nursing in the early days of the Australian Inland Mission Hospital in the Kimberley - "Ready for Anything", and also compiled her husband, John Wells', memoirs - "They Even Paid Me". 

 Janet praised the huge contribution of the aboriginal stockmen on the Kimberley cattle stations. 

Janet's website describes Janet as being - inspired by the contrasting landscapes she has inhabited and the different lifestyles she has experienced between England and Australia. This is evident in her poetry, writing and her artwork.  Her work features natural landscapes, wildlife and flowers as well as a number of abstract pieces incorporating varying colours and themes.

To learn more about Janet's work please click here -  Janet Wells 

Woman Made - the last part of the morning we heard about Woman Made - an initiative of the South West Women's Health and Information Centre, where creative women gather to share skills and promote their work. I am a part of this initiative, and on Monday I ran a workshop for women to learn about how to photograph their product for the Woman Made site, and for their own web pages, social media etc, to promote their work. 

 It is wonderful to be a part of this initiative and to share skills, listen to, connect and learn new skills, from an amazing, creative and eclectic group of women. Taping into my creative side these last couple of years has really brought me a lot of enjoyment and fulfillment. Thank you SWWHIC for the opportunity.

 To find out more about Woman Made and to make contact with the artisans - please click here - Woman Made - South West Womens Health Centre

How did you celebrate International Women's Day? Are you part of a women's collective? I know that I get so much enjoyment and inspiration from being in the company of other women of like minds.  Perhaps you would like to tell us about it in your comments. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing what was obviously an inspirational day

  2. Well what talented people/women you surround yourself with Jill...I am greatly impressed.
    I did not do anything to celebrate the day as we had a deep freeze here and so it was kind of lost in the weather.
    There are many wonderful ladies that I call friends that surround me in a very broad circle, but also we stay close to one another and love and support each other, along with great encouragement.
    I have always agreed that it takes a village of women to raise our families and that is what my friends and I have always been to one another.
    Hugs to you Jill~

  3. Lovely! Am going to share!!!

  4. This sounded terrific Jill. I never celebrated International Women's Day but I did recognise it on social media. I recently went out for a High Tea fundraiser with "a gaggle of women", so I know the sound of 200 women all talking at once very well! There are some very talented women in your part of the world. :) #TeamLovinLife

  5. I went to two IWD events last week - a luncheon with my women in business network on the day itself; and a high tea on Saturday hosted by the local women's centre. Both had great guest speakers!

  6. These are truly inspiring women! As far as I'm concerned, every day should be a day to celebrate women.

  7. An inspirational day! How lovely to meet such interesting and inspiring women. You've made me want to explore some new ideas and click through to some new websites too. #teamlovinlife

  8. Thank you Jill for this terrific post. Strong women with an equally strong message, and one which we can all be both inspired and influenced by.

  9. I love the peacock artwork. Yes, and so true! only you can make your dreams come true. It is up to us to stand tall!

  10. I actually have a small group of women I have brought together through their home businesses and it's lovely to catch up with them. Such an inspiration and motivation for each other.

  11. Such interesting women you've introduced us to in this post! Seems a far more civilized way of celebrating the day than the protest marches in the United States (which went somewhat unnoticed after the Big March earlier in the year). Aside from posting a mosaic of women I've met on our travels, I did nothing to mark the day this year so I appreciate your fabulous post!

  12. A truly wonderful post, Jill, what a terrific day to be a part of. Thank you for bringing these talented and inspirational women into my orbit. No such group exists here in rural Normandy and so I must go out into the world wide web in search of like minded people such as yourself.

  13. Jill, Thanks for sharing your time at this Women's event. Many great messages we should embrace. The ladies presenting are all very talented. As always your photos are great. Sylvia D.

  14. Hi Jill, an inspiring post, for women all across the world! I enjoyed reading about the various women you featured, and find myself identifying a little with Janet Wells, as the beautiful landscape of Crete inspired me to start writing poetry, too, as well as take pictures. I've bought myself a water colour set, and hope to start painting the pretty, pastoral countryside around me, too!;))

    As a member of The Ladies Philanthropic Society, here in the village, I celebrated International Women's Day by organizing a Women's Day Tea, and shared the event on my blog. It was really rewarding seeing all the women of the village come together, as well as ladies who made the trip from the city.

    Happy Autumn!

  15. thank you all dear wonderful readers - women all - from all over the world. We may be far apart, but in many ways not so very different. Happy International Womens Day to you all.

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