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Monday, 27 March 2017

Love what you do - Tree Stree Art Safari 2017

Some inspiration for you today and a look at the Tree Street Art Safari.

It's so important to love what you do, embrace your passions, and spend time doing what it is that moves you, what makes you uniquely you, and in doing so spread the joy. Your passion will show in your work. If we are happy in what we are doing, some of that will rub off on the people around us.
We only get one shot at each day, so make it a good one.

My photography is evolving into a different place. I'm following to see where it leads me. 
I hope you follow where your path beckons too.  

 Last Saturday I visited the Tree Street Art Safari which is centered around the beautiful heritage houses in what is known as the Tree Street area of Bunbury.  Artists and residents open their homes to display their own art work or host the art work of others. 
These artists are obviously following their own individual artistic paths and loving what they do.

 Unfortunately I wasn't able to get around to see all of the artists, but these are a few of those who I did visit.

 First off I visited Jeana Castelli who is an Australian landscape and seascape artist. Originally painting in oils, Jeana told me she has recently been painting with acrylics. She has been exploring and experimenting with various techniques and a variety of mediums and processes to create texture and outcomes in her work. 
You can see some of Jeana's work on her Facebook page - Jeana Castelli on Facebook

 Next on my list was Denise Gillies, from Lyndendale Gallery, and Lynne Mitchell who are printmakers and mixed media artists both from the Ferguson Valley and members of the South West Printmakers. Their work is influenced by the natural environment and landscapes and vary in styles from representational to abstract. 

Denise is a generous supporter of other artists through her Gallery on Crooked Brook Road in Dardanup. You can see more of Denise and Lynne's work at the Dardanup Art Trail later in April. 

 You can visit Denise and Lynne on their Facebook pages - Denise Gillies and Lyndendale Gallery and Lynne Mitchell  

Next I visited Neil Turner's art space. Neil was away at an exhibition in Brisbane but I had the opportunity to chat to his photographer wife, Sue-Ellen. 

Originally a farmer in the wheatbelt, Neil has been turning and sculpting timber for over 34 years.
Neil is well known internationally for his beautiful wood artistry, but also produces functional pieces from locally sourced woods that we all can enjoy. 

You can visit Neil, Sue-Ellen, and their daughter Kallie on Facebook at Turner + Turner
 and on the web at Neil Turner Artisan

 I was very pleased to be able to catch up with Deanna Mosca before she took her exhibition to Melbourne. 

I met Deanna recently at the Stirling Street Arts Centre where she works and tutors. Her work under the label D_Ranged, is in the style of pop and urban art, reflecting ideas on popular culture. 

This series of portraits which Deanna is taking to Melbourne are painted with acrylic ink on raw canvas and linen, with strategically drawn threads adding another dimension to her work. The eyes in these portraits draw you in, and they reflect a vulnerability and fragility. 

Here is an article in the Bunbury Mail newspaper about Deanna's Melbourne Exhibition - Local Artist on National Stage (Bunbury Mail)

You can visited Deanna on Facebook at - Deanna Mosca

Next up I visited Helena Sahm who I met at a Summer School workshop in January. Helena explores the built environment in her work, using a combination of recycled and new materials, particularly paper and cardboard, in three and two dimensional works. 

As part of her art practise Helena makes amazing sculptures from recycled cardboard boxes. 

You can see some of Helena's work on Art Finder - Helena_Sahm

I also visited my friend Jane Flower from Folios and Fibre. Jane is well known for her eco-dyeing and conducts workshops throughout the south west. I have attended several of her workshops in eco-dyeing, book making and Japanese Boro-bag making over the last couple of years. 
Jane practises the gentle art of eco-dyeing using Australian plants. There are no chemicals used in her dyeing process which is entirely natural and can be considered “slow” art.  Jane uses ecologically sustainable dyeing practices using the leaves and flowers of native plants to dye and print onto silk and other textiles.  The results are alchemic and individual – no two pieces are the same. I am really fascinated by the serendipitous nature of eco-dying and am looking forward to learning more from Jane.

You can see some of Jane’s work on Facebook - Folios and Fibre and on the web at Folios and Fibre 

Also part of the Art Safari was an Architectural Tour with architect Kent Lyon around the Tree Street area, exploring the history of the area, and discussing the changes and highlights of a century of design. 

At St Boniface Cathedral you could take time out by listening to the Canto Belles and Silver Tones, and at "Nana's House" you could sit and chat and enjoy a cup of tea in the Interactive Tea Tent, constructed from salvaged knitted and crocheted blankets.  

I only managed to scratch the surface of the Art Safari which was on from 11am till 5pm. I heard from one of the artists yesterday that 600 people came through her art space, which shows how popular the initiative is. The Tree Street Art Safari is a wonderful opportunity for artisans in Bunbury to display their work. You can read more on Facebook here - Tree Street Art Safari on Facebook

The next local art event in our area is the Ferguson Valley Art Spectacular and Art Trail from Saturday April 29 till  Sunday May 7, 2017. For more information Dardanup Art Spectacular 

I will be exhibiting at Lyndendale Gallery where I will have a range of my images for sale, as well as greeting cards and my images printed on cushions and tote bags.  

This is a new part of my photography art practise. I invite you to stop over at Red Bubble to see what is currently on offerLife Images by Jill on Red Bubble

 Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week!
 And like the message on one of my new range of greeting cards says - be true to yourself. 

 Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed my little look at the Tree Street Art Safari. I value your comments and look forward to hearing from you. I will try to visit your blogs in return. Have a wonderful week.

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  7. That's a whole lot of talent in your area Jill. It is interesting to see how people use their talent in the form of artistic expression. I love that simple photo at the beginning of your post. It is also wonderful to see some of your beautiful photos on cushions and stationery. I will keep this in mind. :) #LovinLifeTeam

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  12. Wonderful shares of gifted artists like yourself. Isn't amazing all of the different artistic talents and new ideas one can find just down the lane, around the corner. We will begin to have art fairs around our city after the weather warms and they take us into the late Autumn as far outside. I am sure that whatever you take upon yourself shall be exceedingly well received. Hugs~

  13. What beautiful and talented souls you discovered on your ramble. :-)


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