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Monday 18 March 2024

Doodling on botanical-contact-eco-prints

 Hi everyone, looks like I have been missing in action. My last post on 25th February said where did February go? and I am thinking March is going much the same way. 

But I do have an excuse, I am getting ready for the annual Treet Street Art Safari on this coming Saturday 23 March. This is something I have been involved with for a few years now, at the home of my wonderful host Maggie, in Banksia Street. It is a great opportunity to get my art out in public and hopefully make a few sales. 

One of the things I have been doing this year is doodling on my eco-prints. I call it tizzying up! I decided some of my greeting card prints needed something to lift them. Below you can see originals on the left - papers printed with cosmos flowers - and the tizzied up on the right - overdrawn with Posca ink pens - a fast drying water-based pigment ink. Comes in many colours and thicknesses. I have been using the 0.7mm white mainly or the black or gold. I don't plan too much, just pick up the pen and doodle! 

Some more over cosmos flowers

And over coreopsis flowers on the left and some eucalypt leaves on the right. 

and some eucalypt leaf prints

I have been overdrawing on and off for a few years, and I have heard of other ecoprinters doing this also. Originally I was using caligraphy type ink pens, but I love these Posca pens. And no I am not an agent....

I also eco-print on scarves, upcycled tops and tote bags ..... 

eucalypt loves wool - this is karri leaves from our great southern region

If I was younger and slimmer I would be wearing the little (previously white) denim skirt printed with eucalypt leaves! 

Still a few things I need to do so I must get back to it - only 4 days till the market day! 

The art of botanical ecoprinting is an experimental process. Also learning, trying new approaches. You might also like:

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  1. You make fantastic arts. Love the leaves.

  2. Hello Jill,
    I just love all your eco prints, the card, the bag and scarf and the cute outfit. Good luck with the Art Safari.
    Take care, have a great week ahead.

  3. ...the eucalypt leaf prints are my favorite. Many of your items remind me of things that I saw at shows in Hawaii.

  4. They look wonderful! I specially like the coreopsis and cosmos ones. Have a great time!


  5. Jill - thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments! Like you, I have not been posting much - so many fun distractions in my life at the moment! As I have told you before, your ecoprinting is so down-to-earth and stylish at the same time. If only I lived closer and I could visit you at the Safari! I love how you have "updated" some of your products with the doodling - always growing and learning! Be well!

  6. You have given the cards a new dimension with your 'tizzying'. I would have loved to wear one of those denim skirts in my younger days. Very 'me'. Good look with the Safari sale.

  7. Oh my - what glorious prints! I would love to watch and learn from you.
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2024/03/looking-forward-to-seeing-sights-like.html

  8. Your doodles are so lovely!
    All the artwork here is so beautiful (and inspiring)!
    All the best for the event! :)

  9. What a nice extra touch to your already amazing art. So lovely.

  10. Your artistic work always inspires me, ddear Jill. I love your description and being able to see the work in detail. I know what you call tizzying from my professional work under the term scribbling. It means quickly putting thoughts on paper.

    And I am happy about your contribution to

    Greetings from Heidrun

  11. You are very talented! I love the "tizzying". That skirt/top is so cute. Thank you for linking up!


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