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Monday, 1 November 2021

Nannup wildflower walks - & The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart

 I have just finished reading - The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart by Holly Ringland. I have been a bit slow coming to this book, as it was published in 2019. The cover attracted me when I saw it on the shelf in my local library. Can you see why?

This beautifully written book is the story of Alice Hart, who lost both her parents in a fire when she was nine. She goes to live with her grandmother on a flower farm where she is taught the language of Australian native flowers. Spanning 20 years, the story takes you from the coast to inland Australia.  It delves into the stories we inherit, those we select to define us, and those we choose to hide. It is about loss, family secrets, betrayal and what we do to survive. 

I love this quote - Life is lived forward, but only understood backward - Holly Ringland, inspired by the writing of Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard. 

You can also find Holly on Instagram @ hollygoeslightly

What I particularly loved was the way that Holly has dipped into the Victorian tradition of giving meaning to flowers. Holly has written meanings to Australian flowers and woven them into her story. For example: Sturt's Desert Pea - Have courage take heart. 

These are Sturt Desert Peas which we saw on our trip through Western Australia's north west a few months ago. They are amazing. 

Each chapter of the book is headed by a flower, it's meaning, and a short description. Accompanying each chapter is a beautiful wildflower line illustrations by Edith Rewa. Also see on Instagram.  Her work is truly stunning. 

I had visions of being a botanical artist when I was in high school and have dabbled with it over the last year or so. I need to work on it more. 

In September I brought you a blog about the exploring the Bridgetown Jarrah Park between Nannup and Bridgetown, a couple of weeks ago we had a few days free so we went back down to Nannup with our caravan to stay for a few days and do some more wildflower walks. 

We arrived in Nannup around lunchtime in the afternoon went out to the Kondil Wildflower walks which are only a short distance from town. There are three loop walks - 700 metre, 2.5 km, and 3.3km. We decided to do the longer walk. Below are some of the wildflowers we saw. 

This bright blue one is the Blue Leschenaultia. Stunning isn't it. 

This mauve one is one of the fringe lilies. And the one below it is a hooded lily - Johnsonia lupulina I had never looked closely at them before. The layers open into little flowers which you can see if you turn them up. So beautiful. 

Of course there were also orchids. Clockwise from top left - cowslip, one of the hammer orchids, forest mantis, Crab lipped spider orchid (a new one for us), white spider orchid, and enamel orchid.  The hammer orchid was an exciting find because they are so hard to see, we have only seen one a couple of times. 

And these are rattlebeak orchids - Lyperanthus serratus -  - I hadn't seen them in such a group before. 

And this is Western Australia's floral emblem - the kangaroo paw - Anigozanthos manglesii

That's it from me today. I will be back another time with more from our few days in Nannup. It really was a lovely short break and I wished we had more time. 

Have you read the Lost Flowers of Alice Hart? What did you think of it? 

Do you have a favourite wildflower walk? Perhaps you would like to tell us about it in your comments. 

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An excellent orchid identification site is: Western Australian Native orchid study

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  1. Stunning, this colourful rich nature you show us here. ...thank you for sharing the book especially the Instagram adress, I will looking for. To draw the blooms in such perfect harmony is artwork.

    Happy MosaicMonday

  2. I will definitely look for this book, I know I would love it too. We spend a lot of time on our hikes looking at the wildflowers here in Florida. They are present all all the trails. And just like your photos show, there is so much detail in every one. And they are all different. I am learning some of the names but still have some that I can't figure out the ID! Love this post! Enjoy your week!

    1. I have a number of books and websites I delve into looking for IDs and a really great site for Western Australian wildflowers on facebook which is very helpful.

  3. Jill - this book is now on my Christmas list. I may not be able to relate to all the flower varieties, but I think the overall story line will deeply resonate. I can think of several hikes that have been terrific for flowers, for different reasons. The Broken Leg Trail had the best variety in the spring, and the Ten Lakes area was spectacular for meadows full of the same plants, which has a special beauty. As always, thanks for sharing the orchids with Mosaic Monday - you know they are my favorites!

    1. our wildflowers have been spectacular this year due to rain at the right time.

  4. That kangaroo paw plant is so unique. I love seeing your photos.

    1. yes it is. There are other colours too - all green, yellow, all red, and even black!

  5. What a productive walk - so many beautiful photos.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  6. Hello Jill - the Kangaroo Paw is so pretty, and the Sturt desert peas are stunning! Am giving you my permalink so it's easy for you to visit Emille (jesh)

  7. That book looks a must for the bookshelf. One to keep returning to. I love the meanings behind flowers and it crops up every now and again in books I have read. I don't think I have ever seen a flower as blue as that first one you showed us. Incredible and beautiful wildflowers.

  8. So pretty, these flowers. It looks like a great reference, and great for simply seeing beauty.
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2021/11/the-return-of-butterfly.html

  9. The book sounds lovely; I'll have to look for it. And, what beautiful flowers you share on this cold, cold Fall day here. Have a happy rest of the week.

  10. Amazing photos of different types of wild flowers you could take, Jill during your walk. :-)
    The kangaroo paw is really a beauty. :-)

    Have a wonderful rest of the week


    1. yes we have thousands of varieties of wildflowers in Western Australia - a biodiversity hotspot!

  11. Hi Jill, "Life is lived forward, but only understood backward" - I knew this quote but I didn't know who it came from. Your photos are amazing! Thanks for showing and for linking to Nature Thursday.
    Best regards - Elke

  12. Will definitely look for the book The Lost Flowers of Holly Hart - thanks for the recommendation! I love books with a quirky premise and something different about them. Isn't Nannup just so gorgeous, and your images of the wild flowers are lovely. You have to be observant to find them and photograph them in the forests, which you definitely are!

    1. you can borrow the book through the Library Jo.


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