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Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Random days of June

 Hi everyone, I hope you and yours are well and safe. We are in mid-winter here in Western Australia and it goes from rain to freezing cold with clear blue sky days. Because I seem to be totally devoid of inspiration for my blog this week, I bring you Random Days of June. Enjoy! 

Clockwise from top left.... a bunch of sunflowers I bought for myself shown here against that blue sky day, the pin-cushion Hakeas are flowering - so beautiful, seeing beauty in bushfire burnt leaves in the bush, the Geraldton Wax flowering in my garden, laying out some leaves for eco-printing, and our orange tree is producing delicious oranges. 

A delicious pumpkin quiche I enjoyed at Hummingbird Cafe in Busselton, a walk along the river in Donnybrook, the chairs on the Bunbury waterfront, new apartment highrise in Bunbury, a book I have ordered from our local library, and pelicans meeting on the sandbar between the Collie River and the Leschenault inlet. I blogged about the pelicans before here: Where the pelicans meet

And playing around with this image for a Photography Group compeition.

Did I show you the eclipse...it was in May...but here it is anyway.

So there it is....random days of June.....

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  1. An eclectic mix of days in June. Interesting architecture. Also think that book sounds a good read.

  2. Great shots, Jill!
    Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2021/06/mmmm-magnolia.html

  3. Jill - it's hard to conceive of all that blooming (and oranges) if it's freezing there ... That pumpkin quiche looks terrific, and the presentation is so inviting. Love the eclipse photo! Thanks for making the extra effort to link to Mosaic Monday this week!

    1. well not freezing as in snow....we don't have snow where I live.... but cold enough for me!

  4. Lots of blooming flowers... your winter looks so much different from ours!

  5. I think you have captured June so well. It's a month that I find difficult as it is too cold for my liking but the flowers are lovely and I really must get outside in my garden between the showers and see what is flowering.

    1. I certainly seem to hibernate in winter and look forward to warmer days.

  6. Pumpkin quiche sounds interesting. Yum. Pretty flowers too.

  7. I love seeing all the photos. Hard to believe you have seasons at opposite times as us. We have a heat wave right now getting temps way higher than usual! Global warming!

    1. Yes I have heard about the high temps in the US. Worrying!

  8. It's always great to see your flowers, they are always so interesting.

    It's nice to see your link this week at 'My Corner of the World'!

  9. Hi Jill, I have arrived ;) Those flowers bottom right corner and then enlarged below your mosaic...those are gorgeous! Love the colours. Hugs

    1. Hi Mary, lovely to see you here! Yes the Geraldton Wax wildflowers are gorgeous. A beautiful bush and beautiful and long lasting in a vase also. There are various colours from dark pink, to lighter pink.


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