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Saturday, 3 April 2021

Covid photo a day project - March 2021 - final edition

 Hi everyone, I hope you and yours are doing well.

Back on 16 March 2020 I started my Covid photo-a-day project when it looked like we were going to go down into lockdown where I live and the pandemic threat started to become real. At that time I thought that it would be all over in 6 months. Sadly that wasn't to be, and over 12 months later we are still in that pandemic world. It seems that the virus keeps mutating, thousands of people around the world are becoming infected every day, and sadly thousands a day die. Sometimes I despair. The world is such an uncertain place at the moment. All I can do is hope and pray it will end soon as people are vaccinated. 

16 March 2020

Here in Australia our Government took a tough line from the very beginning, and although there has been some restrictions, mainly around numbers at venues and events, life has gone on fairly much as it usually does. Most new infected cases in Australia are people returning from overseas, and every overseas arrival has to go into mandatory 14 day isolation in a hotel. This has kept us safe. 

Now that the vaccine is being rolled out, I hope that the world will finally get on top of this terrible virus, though I fear that it will never leave us entirely. 

So, I made the decision the during this past week that I would end my Covid photo-a-day project on 31 March, 381 days from when I began last year. It has been an interesting way to document this Covid year. But I think I need to end this project and maybe start a different new project, whatever that may be. 

Therefore, here is last edition of my Covid photo-a-day project - March 2021.

Monday 1 March 2021 - We went down to Sculptures by the Bay in Dunsborough. I was particularly drawn to pieces with an environmental message. This is piece by Merle Davis has been made with plastic fishing and household rubbish washed up on our beaches.

Tuesday 2 March 2021 - plus bonus shot - the beautiful pink variety of Marri - "rosea" - Eucalyptus calophylla

Wednesday 3 March 2021 - it's been raining!

Thursday 4 March 2021 - raindrops on roses

Thursday 4 March 2021 - bonus shot - we had a lot of rain from a tropical low sweeping our state. This pic is out on my back patio garden. 

Friday 5 March 2021- on the road from Bunbury to Denmark - we lost track of how many roadworks we went through. This particular one south of Manjimup will improve the safety of the road through the forest.

Friday 5 March 2021 - bonus - a quick weekend trip to Denmark to visit my elderly aunt. This is a Swamp Bottlebrush - Beaufortia sparsa - around Walpole

Saturday 6 March 2021 - beautiful Greens Pool on the south coast near Denmark, They have upgraded the parking and access to the beach, making it easier for people to enjoy.

Sunday 7 March - Sunday - I love the soaring Karri forests in the far south around Denmark.

Monday 8 March 2021 - plus bonus shot - gorgeous red capped gum - Eucalyptus erythrocorys, - Illyarrie

Tuesday 9 March 2021 - dry karri leaves and buds picked up from the forest floor in Denmark

Wednesday 10 March 2021 - our teacher at Spanish dance class tonight

Thursday 11 March 2021 - B&W of yellow roses in my garden this morning

Friday 12 March 2021 - the bees were enjoying the chive flowers in our back garden today

Saturday 13 March 2021 - a sign of the times - are you keeping Covid safe?  In Australia we sign in at venues with a phone app or paper sign-in, and if someone becomes infected they can be traced, and anyone who has gone to that venue can be contacted. 

Saturday 13 March 2021 -  bonus shot - the gorgeous red capped gum - Eucalyptus erythrocorys, - Illyarrie - flowering brilliantly in the Farmers Market

Sunday 14 March 2021 - entertainment at the Eaton Primary School Fair. 

Sunday 14 March 2021 - bonus shot - another look at that gorgeous red capped gum

Monday - 15 March 2021 - starting on a new eco-print project on paper with karri leaves.

Tuesday - 16 March 2021 - new tote bags featuring my photography, getting ready for the Tree Street Art Safari.

Wednesday - 17 March 2021 - green in my garden for St Patrick's Day.

Thursday - 18 March 2021 - sunset in my street

Friday - 19 March 2021 - first pick of this year's quinces from my garden. Delicious. 

Friday - 19 March 2021 - the beautiful home of my generous hosts in Banksia Street for the Tree Street Art Safari

Saturday - 20 March 2021 - getting set up for the Art Safari - so hot - but lots of people came through my venue and I had a fabulous day talking to people and making sales. Thank you so much to my wonderful hosts and everyone who visited. Thank you! 

Sunday - 21 March 2021 - the roses in my garden are feeling the heat.

Monday - 22 March 2021 - beautiful golden Cassia - flowering in a garden along Millers Creek walk.

Tuesday - 23 March 2021 - gumnuts for National Eucalypt Day.

Bonus shot - Tuesday 23 March 2021 - marri flowers for National Eucalypt Day

Wednesday - 24 March 2021 - eco printing karri leaves on silk

Bonus shot - 24 March 2021 - are the sea eagles nesting again along the Collie River?

Thursday - 25 March 2021 - steps in black and white at the Koombana Bay lookout

Thursday - 25 March 2021 - bonus shot - views of Koombana Bay from the lookout tower opposite the Dolphin Centre.

Friday - 26 March 2021 - gorgeous red flowering gum at our local primary school

Saturday - 27 March 2021 - washing day

Sunday - 28 March 2021 - dolphin in Koombana Bay, taken with the under-water feature of my point and shoot. It came right up to our boat as soon as we dropped anchor.

Bonus shot - Sunday 28 March 2021 - mother dolphin and calf, Koombana Bay. What an unexpectedly magical morning. 

Monday - 29 March 2021 - laying out the leaves ready to eco-print on paper

Tuesday - 30 March 2021 - pin cushion Hakea

Wednesday - 31 March 2021 - Spanish Sevillanas dance party for end of term and end of March.

And that's a wrap! - The End - Thursday - 1 April 2021 - that's all folks! The end of my Covid photo a day project started on 16 March 2020. A year is done...an then some.....

Thank you everyone for joining me along this journey this past year. I hope you have enjoyed my Covid photo-a-day project.  I truly appreciate your support and encouragement of my project. I plan to put my photos into a photo book. It will be interesting to look back on. 

For those who celebrate, I wish you a safe, happy and blessed Easter.  And to all, take care, stay safe, and cherish the ones that mean the most to you.  These flowers below are everlastings, photo taken last spring in our wheatbelt. 

Thank you so much for stopping by. I value your comments and look forward to hearing from you. I will try to visit your blogs in return. Stay safe and have a wonderful week. 

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  1. Yes I enjoyed reading.

    Happy Easter.

  2. Jill - as you said, who could have imagined that the pandemic would last so long? But there are silver linings, such as your photo project. We are blessed by your photography, and I am especially grateful that you shared it with everyone at Mosaic Monday! Sometimes it is a good idea to close a project and move on to the next - it is how we learn and grow!!! Happy Easter to you.

  3. Splendid project, beautiful pics! Happy Easter!

  4. It's hard to believe how long it's been has it? When you say 381 days you've done this project...it puts perspective on it. I love all of your photos, the dolphins especially! :)

  5. What a year we've all had and you've made it more beautiful with your photos. The tote bags are so pretty...I wouldn't know which one to buy but I know I would buy one if I was there. We had our second shot a few days ago so we are feeling optimistic. I've worried so much for over a year now. And I will continue to pray for everyone! Hugs!

  6. You have so many beautiful nature photos! I love the raindrops on roses... and not just because it reminds me of my favorite movie either.

  7. Gorgeous!!!
    Happy Easter. I am at #11 on the linky today


  8. Very cool, Jill!
    Thank you for joining us at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2021/04/after-rain.html

  9. Wow, Jill, what a post. I agree with you that it's time to stop this project, it is still hyped up by the news(much of it is exaggerated). Glad you showed also for All Seasons the environmental piece - very interesting and colorful! Unfortunately, cannot see many of your bigger captures, so I'll come back for that later. Have an inspiring week for new projects:):) Jesh

  10. It has been an amazing project and a book charting this strange year will be one to treasure. You have done so well to bring the variety of subjects to the posts. Thank you.

  11. The perfect ending to a flower extravaganza! I love old typewriters.

  12. You managed to do what so many have been unable to do: find the beauty in every day! Congrats on your project. May you remain safe and healthy as we move into year two of this strange new world. xxx Jackie


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