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Monday, 29 July 2019

How Far Does the Hand Reach - "The Peace cloth" - world wide eco printing collaboration

I have been experimenting with eco-dyeing for a couple of years and I have blogged about it a couple of times before here - Eco-dyeing - the magical absorbing art

but it has been my absolute privilege to recently be involved in a global eco-dyeing project - How Far Does the Hand Reach - "The Peace Cloth" - which has been exhibited in  Norwich, England recentlhy as part of a bigger exhibition, Botanical Signatures, by Maria Clarke-Wilson. 

103 eco-dyers from 28 countries around the world contributed silk squares eco-dyed with their local plants, and these were sewn together by Maria according to their location in the world into this huge piece you can see in the pictures below. 


Here is my square printed with Marri tree leaves from a little bush block near my home, with some marri bark ink extra colouring, and outline stitching with silk thread. 

Mine is second from the left in the second row in this picture, along with other pieces from Australia. 

What an amazing project to be involved with. Thank you Maria for bringing us together. I would have loved to have been able to visit the exhibition. 
You can see more at My Botanical Being on Facebook. 

We were invited to contribute two pieces, one on silk and one on cotton, that Maria mailed to us. We could also contribute a third piece, which I did by printing local leaves on paper folded into a concertina shape. 

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  1. What a unique collaboration. - Margy

  2. How gorgeous! What an amazing project and so unique. The outline stitching done in silk that you show is beautiful! WOW!

  3. What a cool exhibit concept, to get world-wide artists to use their local plants in dying fabric squares. And how fun for you to be included!

  4. Jill - an incredible project. I can see why you would consider it a privilege to participate. It is inspiring to know what can be accomplished when someone sets their mind to something and invites others to join in. What will she do with the piece now? (And forgive me if it explains that on the FB page - I have not visited it yet.) Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday, my talented friend!

    1. She's hoping that it will be hosted to be exhibited in other parts of the world.

  5. Congratulations, Jill, for being part of a beautiful and exciting exhibition. Awesome!

  6. Fabulous Jill! What an amazing project to be part of. I love your work and I'm so glad that you are being recognised and your talent is spreading far and wide.

  7. Beautiful! Now I'm curious about this process. I'll read your previous posts to find out more.

  8. Jill, What a great project to be part of! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Sylvia D.


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