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Monday, 17 September 2018

Wildflower hunting - and taking time out

Hi everyone, as I mentioned last week I took a short break from social media, blogging and internet for a couple of weeks, but I am now back home and back to my computer.  My post a couple of weeks ago would have given you a hint - Gather Around the Campfire - that I went camping.

We travelled up through the Western Australian midwest to some of the old gold mining regions and towns, across some country new to us, and other places we have visited before and enjoy returning to. We travelled on outback roads, watched amazing sunsets, visited old towns with interesting history and fascinating stories, camped under the stars, climbed huge granite outcrops and at the end of the day baked damper and toasted marshmallows over the campfire. 

The added bonus and the reason we chose early September is because spring has sprung in Western Australia and September is the perfect time to travel, particularly to our mid-west region, to see the wildflowers. Before we left reports had been coming in about the amazing wildflower season Western Australia was having, so I was keen to get out on the road to see some of them.   

And we were ankle deep in everlasting wildflowers, by late afternoon on our first day. The carpets of everlastings sprawling through the seemingly dry bushland is amazing to see. 

Boasting up to 12,000 known species, the Western Australian wildflower season spreads over several months starting from July in the far north till November in the south and I feel blessed to be able to travel over parts of our state during wildflower season to photograph some of them. Over the next couple of weeks I will bring you more images and stories from our trip. 

But more than this, one of the things I enjoyed most about our trip was getting away from our everyday life in suburbia, and away from phones, internet, social media and, dare I whisper, blogging.  The peace and calm I feel walking through the bush with my camera is wonderful and food for the soul. 

The new spring season for me is a good time to slow down and celebrate the beauty around us and to feel grateful.  

 I took several opportunities when the sky was clear, to get up early and go walking with my camera. A lot is written about "mindfulness" these days, and I guess this is what I was doing - being immersed in the environment, looking at the light and seeing where and how it fell, observing the shapes and colours. Feeling the breeze on my cheeks and the feel of the gravel under my boots. Hearing the early morning bird song. Being alone to wander at will and absorb all the gifts around me.

 You might even see a kangaroo or two. Sadly I can't claim credit for this photo. It was taken by my husband.

  One last thing - bocce is a great game to take bush camping! ....  or is it boules? Either way, this set only cost us $10 and gave us lots of fun in camp in the late afternoon and will be a must on our camping list from now on.

It is difficult to return to life after this, but return we must. But I have my photos to look back on, and many stories to share with you over the next few weeks. I hope you will join me.

Until then, I hope you have enjoyed this little introduction.  How do you celebrate the change in seasons? Perhaps you'd like to tell us in your comments. Thank you so much for stopping by. I value your comments and look forward to hearing from you. I will try to visit your blogs in return. Have a wonderful week.  

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  1. A happy Mosaic Monday

    much love...

  2. I did not know there were so many varieties of wildflowers there! So lovely! We will be entering our fall season here soon and the colors will be as brilliant as those of spring florals!

  3. The kangaroos are amazing....well done to your hubby! It's so nice to get out in nature. That's what I miss most with the work we are doing on this trip. I'm too tired to go to the park! Hugs!

  4. Isn't Spring the prettiest time of year - I love everything about it, especially the wildflowers which you capture so well. Even the tiniest blooms give such a splash of colour, and then there are those amazing carpets - just beautiful. Glad you had a great trip :)

  5. Jesh - All Seasons18 September 2018 at 14:06

    Hope normal life is not too dreary, after such a great vacation and being in nature:) In many ways your life style is very much like many Americans, camping when the seasons changes and enjoying nature! Only we don't have kangeroos here!
    These wildflowers look so beautiful. Les boules played in France is done with heavy metallic balls. Many thanks for sharing your camping trip with All Seasons:)
    Have a great rest of the week, Jesh/Junieper

  6. What a fabulous camping trip. The scenery is gorgeous as is that photo of the kangaroos.

  7. Ankle deep in everlasting wildflowers is an image that will stay with all day as will your description of how you were able to experience mindfulness away from suburban life whilst immersed in the bush. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip soon.

  8. What a wonderful trip, those spring flowers are stunning and makes me quite nostalgic for Australia! Time away and feeling grounded in our great world is always time well spent!
    Wren x

  9. I love all the wild flowers and love the photo with the kangas in the back. Good job on the bread. Looks wonderful!

  10. Nice and beautiful photo series!

  11. I'd say your hunt for wildflowers was successful ... and for the wildlife, too! Fun post.

  12. Your camping trip sounds like a lot of fun, Jill. I love wildflowers and while ours are coming to the end of their season yours are beginning and it's nice to see the variety that you saw in your photos.

  13. Beautiful wildflowers and the photo of the two roos is incredible. We recently had a little time out 4WDing and camping north of Noosa on the Sunshine Coast at a place called Teewah Beach and Double Island Point. It was a well-earned rest after moving house.

  14. A happy WednesdayAroundTheWorld - it’s a good Post, I enjoyed it so much!
    Wish you a perfect day

  15. You have such an adventurous life. I've never traveled much at all, but so glad you share your photos. Thanks.

  16. Oh I would like to see a kangaroo!

  17. Wildflowers, so much beauty. I would be knee deep in them and hoping seeds fell into my cuffs...;)
    To see Kangaroos in their own environment, rather than the zoo, how amazing that must be. We had Kangaroos for years at our zoo and now we have Wallaby, which are really wonderful as well, but still, at the zoo. Another wonderful share from your end of the world...Sending Hugs from KY/USA


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