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Monday, 16 January 2017

How to make a simple paper flower

  It is January and while the Northern Hemisphere is in the depths of winter, the Southern Hemisphere (where I live} is in the depths of summer. In both cases the best place to stay warm or cool and out of the elements is indoors. And whilst I would like to just sit down with a book, I need to keep busy. So I have a project for you that you might like to try - how to make simple paper flowers.

Back in December I shared with you how to make a paper wreath out of old book pages - if you missed it you can check it out by clicking here - How to make a paper wreath

 At the same time I made paper flowers - some were made out of old book pages and some from craft paper.  So easy! Would you like to give it a go? 
If you don't like the idea of cutting up old books think of it as up-cycling and giving them a new lease on life. 

 Please click here for instructions on how to make paper flowers...

Here we go - how to make paper flowers.
What you need is - 
  • square craft paper or old book pages (old Reader's Digest books are ideal - something with a nice quality paper - not too thin)
  • something to firm down your folds
  • a stick for the middle - long satay sticks are ideal for the smaller book page flowers or a thin dowell. 
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • scissors or cutter if you are cutting down paper to squares
Step 1 - If you are using craft paper please select a paper that is not too thick - 15cm x 15cm and about 100gsm is idea. Some paper printed paper stacks will give you three copies of each design print - which is perfect to give a contrast to your flower. You will need six sheets.
If you are using old book pages, tear or cut out the pages and then cut pages into squares.

Step 2 & 3 - fold your square on a diagonal into a triangle, and then fold each outside corner up to the top corner. This little white tool you see below is great for making folds. It is called a "paper creaser" or "bone folder". You might be able to find one in a craft supply store near you. 

Step 4 - fold down the 2 top corners down to the bottom sloped edge on each side

 Step 5 - this step is a little tricky to explain in pictures! 
Open up this "pocket" you have created on the side, and push it out with your finger and flatten it so that it now looks like the bottom right pic below. 

Step 6 - now fold over the tops of the triangles on the 2 sides

Step 7 - Fold the sides over and up into a triangle to cover the white folded down area. Make 6 of these in total for each flower.

Step 8 - Curl the two outside edges around into a "cone" shape. Seal edges together with a hot glue gun. Wrap a piece of contrasting paper (or if you are using book pages, use a piece of book paper) around the end a stick to make the centre of your flower. Secure with glue. Glue the flower cones all the way around.

 Step 9 - After you have glued the cones all the way round and you should end up with a flower that looks like this. See how I have used contrasting but complimentary papers that go together well - three of each pattern. You can wrap some green paper around the bottom to cover up the bit where the cones come together at the bottom of the flower, and add a bow.

Done! A great gift for giving. Or to decorate your home. Or just because!
I gave one each to my Spanish Flamenco girls at Christmas, and they really loved them.

I hope you have enjoyed this little blog post on how to make paper flowers and that you will give them a go. Paper crafts don't have to be expensive, especially if you are up-cycling old papers.
There are lots of patterns on the internet for making other types. I found this blog post from Tip Junkie which shows you how to make 38 varieties!  Making paper flowers

Do you do any paper craft? Perhaps you would like to tell us about it in your comments. 

  Thank you so much for stopping by. I value your comments and look forward to hearing from you. I will try to visit your blogs in return. Have a wonderful week.

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