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Monday, 17 November 2014

Walking down memory lane

This is not what I was originally going to blog about today. But it was my birthday on Saturday and my sister sent me the most amazing gift, hand made by her. She makes beautiful greeting cards - they are works of art. Her gift came in a hand made and decorated box, a piece of art itself. Inside was the most beautiful book, which folded out as it opened, with pages decorated around photos of us as children, and adults with our Mum and Dad.  I will treasure this very special gift.

Can you see the message: "Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters".

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We have lost both our parents in the last two years, and this year was my first birthday without either of my parents. It felt strange to be without them on my birthday. I would normally be inviting them to our home for my birthday dinner. My family came for dinner, and we had a lovely evening, but I really missed my Dad on Saturday. I felt I part of me was missing.  My sister's gift brought a tear to my eye.

I'm the small blond one..... oh how I hated this short cut off hair style. I so wanted long plats like my school friend.  These photos show me from left to right clockwise, me at age 3 in 1958 at a wedding, on summer holiday 1958 with our Mum at Safety Bay south of Perth, at Dunsborough with my sister summer holidays January 1961 the year I started school (our bather's had shirred fronts. Mine was blue, and my sister's was green), and with our Dad in our backyard before going to church, possibly 1960.

Safety Bay summer holidays ??.... with that wind and those jumpers we are wearing it doesn't look too summery!

Safety Bay November 1958

 Along the same theme as memories, last week I attended the book launch of "Reflections". A beautiful book of poems, prose and memories by my friend Jo Robertson with lino cut prints by her daughter Merry Robertson. It is a beautiful collaborative work with Merry's prints illustrating some of Jo's writings from the last 40 years. The book launch brought together a lovely group of people for morning tea at the South West Women's Health & Information Centre. Proceeds from book sales on the day went to the Centre.  I am privileged to know Jo through the South Side Quills, of which I am a member with Jo. As well as being a friend and fellow writer, Jo generously mentors all the writers in the group.

I was thrilled that one of Jo's poems published in the book -"Test Match, on seeing a photograph, Abandoned Cricket Pitch, Mallee Country" - was written by Jo after seeing a photograph I had taken of an abandoned cricket pitch at Dundas south of Norseman. You can see that image and read about Dundas by clicking here - Discover Gold at Dundas 

The image below shows Jo reading from her book, and Merry talking about lino cut art. You can see more of Merry's work by going to her website by clicking here - Merry Robertson  and here - Jump Marketing

Last month our homework for our writing group was to write a short Memoir.  Here is mine - Memoir from the Marj.  The iconic His Majesty's Theatre in Perth, or the Maj as it is affectionately known, is the only remaining working Edwardian theatre in Australia and is home to WA Opera. You can click on the link here to see more - His Majesty's Theatre

MEMOIR FROM THE MAJ                        
A little girl in a frilly dress sits on the edge of her plush red upholstered seat in the middle of the front row of the theatre. She is so excited she can hardly sit still. Over the railing she can see into the orchestra pit where the musicians are tuning their instruments. She points a pink lace gloved finger, “Look Daddy, can you see them?”  “Yes, hush, it will be starting soon.” She is fascinated by the elegant lady with the violin who has just looked up at her and smiled and the man with the big drum.

The lights dim and a quiet descends over the audience. The conductor raises his baton. The heavy curtains roll aside and she is transported into the ragged tumbled foreign world of Oliver, the cocky Artful Dodger, the scheming Fagin and poor Nancy.

She is so close to the stage she feels like she could reach out to them and be lifted onto the revolving stage that miraculously turns and changes from scene to scene. The actors look directly at her and smile. She feels like they are singing just for her.

* * * * *

I must have been five or six or seven. I wish I had found that theatre programme from Oliver Twist when I packed up my parents’ house. I would dearly love to have it.
I have no idea how my Dad was able to purchase middle front row seats for Oliver Twist at His Majesty's Theatre in Perth. It was a magical introduction to the world of live theatre. What child wouldn’t love seeing live theatre up this close? We went to other shows – The King and I, The sound of Music – and I yearned to be up on that stage with those actors and singers. I played and sang along with the records constantly on our radiogram and knew every word of every song.

My love for live musical theatre continues today but nothing will ever equal that first show, sitting in the front row in my frilly dress with the actors smiling straight at me.

Please sir, can I have some more?

As you can see, I still have these LP records.......

I hope you have enjoyed my little indulgent reminiscing. 
Today is a beautiful sunny day outside - shall I meet you for tea on the porch? 
Friends don't need fancy food. 

Do you have a favourite memory from your childhood? Tell us about it in the comments. 
I wonder what my grandies special memories will be. 

Thanks for stopping by. I value your comments and look forward to hearing from you. Have a wonderful week. 

Concentrating at cricket practice
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  1. Ahh, Jill this is so lovely. And yes, I would love to have tea and toast with you on the porch ;) You really captured a young girl's excitement at going to the theatre at The Maj - I have yet to go, but I've wandered into it's theatrical Edwardian entrance and dreamed of days gone by. How very special to have such a lovely birthday gift from your sister, and I'm sorry you missed your Dad this year - firsts are always so hard. I'm equally sorry that I missed saying happy birthday to you on Facebook or email. No excuse, but sadly FB didn't send a notification, which I am very sad to say is the way I'm prompted for birthdays (except immediate family) these days. Please accept my very belated, but very huggy kissy BIrthday Wishes and lots of everything of the best for the year ahead for you. xxxxx

    1. thank you so much Jo. So hard to keep up with birthdays these days. xx When I wrote this post I realized that I don't have any images of the Maj - I must rectify that next time we are in Perth. Such a beautiful place. You really must book to see a show there sometime.

  2. Oh I so enjoyed your memories as they sparked my own....a lovely memoir too. My best childhood memory I wrote about on my blog a couple of years ago and it was chosen as a memoir winner...it was the night I say Santa....and it really happened!

  3. Happy Birthday! And what a talented twosome you and your sister are. . what a lovely gift she compiled for you. Books are such special treasures and as much as I love writing and blogging and social media. . there is nothing that can match the feel of a real book in my hand! A beautiful post - wish I lived close enough to join you for tea today!

    1. I agree, give me a book to hold in m y hands and smell the pages any day. When they are hand made with love like this, they are extra special.

  4. A belated happy birthday Jill. It was nice to reminisce with you; going to the theatre at an early age leads to a life long appreciation, doesn't it?
    I make my own cards too and can see your sister has quite a talent for creativity with hers.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  5. What a lovely gift from your sister! I enjoyed the photos and also your memories of your first theater experience. It made me think of my first movie, in an old theater with a wooden floor, creaky seats, and red velvet curtains. I think the movie was Sleeping Beauty and it was so magical to me. We didn't have TV, only books, and I had never seen anything like this.

  6. Happy belated birthday Jill. That was a very thoughtful birthday gift from your sister. I love getting out my old photos and having a walk down memory lane. These days I tend to create photobooks and have made one for each of my children so they can too reminisce.

    1. I love looking through old photos too. We have a couple of tins full to sort through now.
      I am always intending to make some photo books, and get some of these images off my computer. Would be a great idea for Christmas gifts.

  7. Oh, precious family photos!
    Thank you for sharing them and I enjoyed having a walk down your memory lane. My fondest childhood memory was of me going to market on Sundays with my grandma and grandpa. We would get up very early in the morning to catch the farmers while they're still setting up their stalls/shops. I always got freebies from them for being "behaved" while the oldies shop :)
    Belated happy birthday.

  8. What cute photos of you!

  9. Lovely memories Jill. And a beautiful gift. Happy belated birthday. I would love to have " more" of your reminiscences . Thanks for sharing!

  10. I am so blessed to still have my parents around. I have wonderful memories of childhood. I lost my dear husband 2 years ago. I treasure those memories but there is still a hole in my heart.

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your husband. You must really miss him. Treasure those memories.

  11. You still have the same smile Jill xx

  12. Hello Jill, It's great to meet you too! I enjoy reading your blog and especially looking through your photos so I feel like I kind of know you a little bit already. Bonny

  13. It's amazing what a big part photos play in preserving our memories. I've got memories of a lot of photos being taken by Dad on a whim, with Mum always complaining later he didn't tidy up our hair!! There's a patch of time in the 70's when there aren't many photos - not sure why - and it's always that little bit harder to remember the detail of what happened! Happy birthday!!

  14. These were taken with Dad's Box Brownie, which I used when I first started taking photos, and which I still have. I know in the days of film not so many photos were taken probably - mostly holiday pics or birthday or wedding pics. I do love looking through old photos.

  15. First of all... Happy Birthday!
    I'm working of my personal "memory book" ... With pictures of my grandparents, parents, uncles and aunts to show to my daughters when they will be adults. And I would really love to add a couple of videos as well... To hear voices... It's something I really miss of my grandparents..

  16. Favourite memory.... baking with my Grandmother


  17. What sweet memories!

  18. A lovely post Jill with treasured memories of your dear Mum & Dad. Special memories I have from childhood days were picnics and wildflower picking in the rolling hills near home. Mum would pack freshly baked pasty-slice and a jar of her home-made tomato sauce which we ate sitting on a log spread with an old wool tartan rug. I still have that rug today and often smile remembering happy days with my dear parents..

  19. What an absolutely perfect birthday gift that brought you back so many beautiful memories. The book is just lovely and done with caring heart and hands. I know you will cherish this and I hope that even with your losses, you delighted in your special day. I have not too many fond memories of my childhood, but probably the time spent with my mother, and also my years of riding horses at Indian Hills Riding Academy were great ones~ Hugs

  20. I love the memories you shared! This time of year, I think of my Dad. He would leave us during November and go hunting for weeks at a time. As a child, it seems like he was gone for months, and I was miserable at times missing him. I use to walk home from school and would see his blue pick-up in the drive and start to run, I was beyond happy to see him again! Perhaps that is what heaven will be like, it is just a short awhile, and we will all be running to embrace each other once again.
    I love the summer photo's! It is cold, rainy and the wind is blowing the house on the hill and shaking it somewhat. Snow falls heavy in the mountains.


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