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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Autumn days of May in Western Australia

 May was a hectic month, especially the last few weeks. Some aspects have been purely creative pursuits, and this last week has been elderly parent concerns.

Those of you who stop by my blog regularly might know that I have been doing a 365 project this year - one photo a day for a year. Sometimes this is easy for me, sometimes I take time over taking images, other times not so easy and I just snap a pic on my way home from work, just to get a pic. 

 I thought for today's post I will show you the autumn days of May - and looking at all the yellow and orange it certainly does look like autumn - although we don't get the autumn leaf fall that is common in the northern hemisphere. In Australia our trees are "evergreen", that is, green all year.   If we see any autumn leaf colour we know it is an introduced tree.

Lets start with Flamenco! and our beautiful teacher Nicole from Sol y Sombra Spanish Dance Company when the company danced for an art group in Busselton - Sol-y-Sombra on Facebook  I love the movement and swirl in this image

The on-line web based collage program - Picmonkey - crops the images a bit, but you will get the idea I hope.

 To keep reading and see more pics, please click on "read more" .....
Below you can see May 1-16th - sunset beach, sunset trees on my way home from work, a park in Armadale, Spanish flamenco dancing at Jackson Art Supplies in Busselton, persimmons, Leschenault Estuary grasses, jelly topped cheesecake at Muffin Break cafe, windswept basalt rocks in Bunbury, sunset over the Bunbury Port, Farmers Market (I must admit the only pic I took on this day!), lunch at Moody Cow in the Ferguson Valley for Mother's Day, matting photos for an art display, coloured pens, rain on my windscreen, waterfront lights, and a new pair of boots for work.

 My favourite image from a Food Photography workshop which I assisted at, held at Evedon Park Bush Resort in the Ferguson Valley.

 and below you can see May 17-31st - it's time for winter sports - junior hockey game, Lyndendale Gallery where I had a photographic display as part of the Ferguson Valley Art Trail, lavender, raindrops on leaves, lunch on the waterfront with my girl-friends, a historic Bunbury house (it's for sale!), Evedon Park Bush Resort in the Ferguson Valley for a photographic event, carrots at the Farmer's Market, photographing food at Evedon Park, oranges on the tree in my garden, my work place, paddocks and trees on my way to work, garden store in South Perth, shadows on lookout steps, and morning skys on the highway to Perth.

I had 2 trips to Perth in 3 days this last week. Here is another look at that morning sky - the LHS is the original, on the RHS I have processed in "Lightroom". I wonder which one you prefer?

 Sunday was the start of June and the official start of winter in Australia. I wonder what June will bring? Next weekend I will be running a "Beginner's photography course" at beautiful Lyndendale Gallery. My first ever photography class! I am looking forward to it with a mixture of excitement and trembling in my boots. 

This afternoon we went to historic King Cottage in Bunbury as they were having an open day. I haven't been there for years. 

I was astounded to see this book in one of the displays. I distinctly remember looking at this book at my Aunt's when I was a child. It held a weird fascination - full of fearsome tales and drawings about what would happen to children if they were naughty - or as on this front cover - what happens when you won't cut your hair or fingernails! Remembering the contents of the book I wonder about the title - Merry Rhymes and Funny Pictures! 
So I looked it up on the net - 

From Wikipedia -

Struwwelpeter in a 1917 edition.
Der Struwwelpeter (1845) (or Shockheaded Peter) is a German children's book by Heinrich Hoffmann. It comprises ten illustrated and rhymed stories, mostly about children. Each has a clear moral that demonstrates the disastrous consequences of misbehavior in an exaggerated way. The title of the first story provides the title of the whole book.
You can even see the whole book by clicking here - Struwwelpeter

I rather liked the idea of this tall circlular kitchen cabinet (see below), circa 1920 made by Metters, to hold spices, flour, sugar, rice etc etc Although I don't know how a round storage cupboard would fit into a modern kitchen. Perhaps drawers in a shallow cupboard flat against the wall might work better.

My month finished on a high - I won a "gold" award last Thursday evening at the Photography Group of Bunbury for this pic on the right of cumquats ready for marmalade making

 I hope you have enjoyed my little look back over my month of May. I hope you had a good May, and an even better June. I know in the northern hemisphere you have gone into summer holidays, whereas down here - down-under - it is winter. Time for hot soup, oranges and lemons on our trees, crisp cold mornings and a fire to warm our home. No snow where I live.

Thanks for stopping by. I value your comments and look forward to hearing from you. Have a wonderful week.

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  1. Oh what a lovely look at your start of autumn. Love the mosaics and congrats on that Gold Award you won - I can see why from the photo!

  2. wonderful scenes and food photography from the other side there Jill

  3. Jill, your food photos are awesome...Congrats on the award.. Looks like your May was busy but wonderful too. Gorgeous images! I hope the family are all well and you have a Happy month of June..

  4. A hearty congratulations on your Gold Award, well deserved. Happy June xxx

  5. Seems like a huge project, and you are doing so well. I love what you did with lightroom. One day I might try it too. Congrats on your award.

    Visiting from Travel Photos Monday

  6. It's always so strange for me to think June is wintertime in the opposite side of the equator and is typically our summer....i love all the orange colored theme for this post - so vibrant Jill.

  7. I do love your photos...harvest season is my favorite...whether above or below the equator. Beautiful! Congrats on the award!

  8. I love your shot of the persimmons, they are one of my favorite fruits! All the best in completing your 365... don't get discouraged, seems you're doing great! I completed one last year (and thought about quitting so.many.times.), but I know a lot of folks who run behind (like I did, sometimes a week at a time ;) then catch up, it's ok. It's your project at the end of the day so have fun. Congratulations and all the best with running your first photography class, so wonderful :)

  9. Lovely autumn photos. The food looks yummy! Congrats on your award!

  10. Delicious kumquats and a wonderful collage of photos! Congrats.

  11. Another great post!! Boom, Bobbi and Gary.

  12. Beautiful photos. I'm intrigued by the circular cupboard and trying to picture how it would fit into a kitchen.

  13. thank you dear friends and readers for stopping by to say hi. I really appreciate it. I am so snowed under this week, my apologies in advance if I don't get back to you all. Happy travels.

  14. Autumn looks pretty darned nice in your part of the world! Your food photography is fantastic and I'm sure you'll sail through your first photography teaching experience with flying colours.
    And I can relate to your elderly parents concern as it's happening to me as well.

  15. Hi jill, I found it interesting to learn that native Ausralian trees are evergreen and those that turned colors are introduced trees. I learn something new today. I like your autumn color collage. I love auturm colors and each of your image sooths me.

  16. Well that award was well deserved. Re the two photos to compare, I like both for different reasons. I like the softness of the sky and colours but the 2nd is beautifully dramatic in its orangeness. Love all your autumness.

  17. I like the jelly topped slice and the art supplies shots, and that wonderful kitchen cabinet. :) I like collages, a little bit of everything. A one stop shop so to speak. :)

  18. Gorgeous series of images . So unique.


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