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Tuesday 3 December 2013

Bilbarin morning

Life has been frantic the last couple of weeks, so this week I am trying to pace life a little better. I am sharing a little piece of creative writing with you that I wrote a few months ago for my writing group, South Side Quills.  

Bilbarin is a tiny wheatbelt siding town, where my mother spent her early years. All that remains is the town hall, but I am continually drawn to Bilbarin and the life and history of my mother and my grandmother. 

Perhaps today I am being drawn more to Bilbarin because my father will be there today when he visits the last resting place of my mother.   Or perhaps it is because it is nearly Christmas and this will be our second Christmas without my mother at our table.

Bilbarin Morning

A wild wind whips across the yard scattering leaves in devilish dance, battering a loose piece of tin on the roof and whistling through a crack in the sapling walls of the hut. 

Tendrils of golden morning light seep thinly through the trailing branches of the peppermint trees.  It bursts through the door as we tumble out onto the verandah in a blur of coats and scarves. Icy water baubles clinging in wait for us on the eaves release themselves as we bound down the steps. The ground crunches nosily under our boots like a military tattoo.  The gate clatters behind us. 

Daisy stamps impatiently in her stall. Her hot breath swirls around her like a smoky wreath. She thrusts her head into the stream of grain spilling into the feed bin.

Dry wheat stalks whip against our legs as we run across the stubble paddock.  Through the stringy gimlet trees, jumping the gurgling water in the gully, pushing our way through the scrub.  A kangaroo bounds away into the mist. 

Red gum flowers are bursting from their cups and we stop to pick a spray for Miss.

The clanging bell calls out to us across the dusty school yard. The welcoming warmth of the fire in the stove as we slide into our desks and pull out our books.   

Miss smiles at us, absorbing the perfume of the bush as she arranges the flowers in a jar on the window sill. 


and a couple of images from Bilbarin. A beautiful old gum tree near where my mother once lived, and the old railway siding.
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Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this little story. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a wonderful week.

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  1. I loved reading your story - so much heart & care put into it, I could tell. It seems like a wonderful place to be, and I sure would love to see it someday. Wonderful writing & photos. Enjoyed this post very much. Blessings to you. Have a great week!


  2. What a great morning! The red flowers are lovely.

  3. Beautiful images from nature.

  4. Your writing is a beautiful as you and your images always are Jill...quite a lovely creative thread you have~

  5. Great captures of Bilbarin, Jill! Thanks for sharing your world:)

  6. Hi Jill,

    So glad you stopped by Poppy View, as I haven't had a chance to make my rounds today, having worked on a post all afternoon, after photographing the first rain of December! Your writing is imaginative and colourful, making it a joy to visualize as I read, appealing to all the senses, and thus, tangible and real. Thank you for sharing and look forward to another piece soon.

    Have a wonderful week!

    PS: What a beautifully inspiring place, Bilbarin must be!

  7. A beautiful piece of narrative that had me right there with you. What an evocative place Bilbarin must be for you.

  8. How lovely your words are, you have drawn deep and pulled out the beauties. The red flowers captured me, I just could stare at them and try to wrap my head around their strange shape.

  9. Your flicker photos are AMAZING Jill~

  10. I loved your writing - it made me feel as if I was right there with you! And the eucalypt flowers are awesome too - I'm catching up on my blog reading after a gap ... so look out for more comments below!

  11. Belas fotografias e linda história....Espectacular.....

  12. Your words are beautiful, thanks for sharing. xxx

  13. Excellent, it's a beautiful landscape Jill, thanks for sharing it today!

  14. The gum flowers are beautiful. We have different gum trees in N.Q. to what you have in the west. There are gum trees in Turkey and Cambodia as well :)

  15. Gorgeous, Jill. Love your writing and admire your decision to connect with the place where your mom and grandmother spent their early days. Thanks for sharing.

  16. What amazing pictures of a beautiful place. What wonderful memories for you of your mom and grandmom.

  17. That's fabulous writing. I went back and read it twice to make sure I fully absorbed it. I do think I have a better image of the area now in my mind, even if you had not included photos.


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