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Monday 18 March 2013

Can clouds enhance your landscapes?

“So fine was the morning except for a streak of wind here and there that the sea and sky looked all one fabric, as if sails were stuck high up in the sky, or the clouds had dropped down into the sea.”
Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse 

Do you look up at the sky and see the clouds? Do you use them to enhance your landscape images?
This months project for my Photography group is clouds. Clouds can add drama or enhance a scene. And we all know how glorious a sunrise or sunset can be when there are clouds - especially over the sea.

What glorious colours the sky can be - these images in my collage below were taken between lunch time one day, and 5pm the next afternoon. It was an interesting project and the results were quite amazing to see the changes over the two days. 
In the top LH corner lunch time the sky was blue with a few clouds, then that evening there was beautiful pink colours in the late afternoon sky, threatening clouds next morning (middle R), rain at lunch time so all cloud (the lighthouse pic), and the next afternoon driving home, a glorious sunset.
What an ever changing colourful pallet the sky has! And the clouds certainly allow the colours to come through.
These images are all totally straight out of camera.

Blood red sunrise on Anzac Day last April.  When we saw this on our way home from the Anzac Day dawn service last 25 April, I felt like it signified the flowing blood of those who have lost their lives fighting to keep our country and families free.

Sunset at Coral Bay. We had gone to the cliff top to have sunset drinks. The sky was completely clouded so we thought is was going to be a none event. But the evening was beautiful and the view superb - and then this -

Below we see sunset at Denham, Shark Bay, with the colours of the clouds reflecting on the water, sunset at Hopetoun on our south coast, and sunset down the street from my house.  The first one, at Denham, we had rented a beach front cottage and I was standing at the kitchen bench cooking tea, when I saw this sunset, so I dropped everything, and ran down to the beach with my camera, leaving my husband to finishing cooking tea. (he is used to me doing this by now)

Late afternoon at my sister and brother-in-law's farm at Bruce Rock in our central wheatbelt. This is their front paddock. You can see the view from the house looking east. I never tire at looking at this view when we visit. Isn't the tree magnificent! It is a salmon gum.

 I love taking photos of clouds out of airplane windows when we fly. This image I call my Himalaya sunrise - you can see the mountain peaks thrusting up through the clouds. Taken on a flight back from the UK somewhere over Asia.

This one taken at Bluff Knoll in the Stirling Ranges in our south west with the clouds obscuring the view reminds me of Wuthering Heights.

And at days end - I saw this sunset starting to happen when I left work late one afternoon last year. Instead of driving home I went to the beach, took off my shoes, walked down onto the beach and took some shots. The moment was certainly a gift.

Do you look up and take photos of clouds? Do you notice how they change over the day? 
Do you see how the rising or setting sun reflects off the clouds making them glow glorious colours that change every minute? Do you use clouds to enhance your landscape images?

I know I have other cloud photos in my collection. I still can't decide which cloud photo to use for my Photography Group submission next week. What would be your choice?

Have a wonderful week, and thank you for stopping by.

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  1. We live in a forest, so in order to see the clouds we must look straight up - there are no large, panoramic views. I love to go the beach to see the clouds and the big, open sky. Your cloud and sky shots are gorgeous!

  2. The sky is never a blank canvas because it has an ever changing scape ..... sometimes soft sometimes stormy but always beautiful. Now which pic should you choose for your photography group .... The sunset over sea with masted boat or your sunset with golden sands capture ....... both are extra special.

    "Adelaide and Beyond"
    "All Things French"

  3. Jill, gorgeous captures of the sky and the clouds. Skywatching is one of my favorite and simple pleasures. Gorgeous sky shots, thanks for sharing. Have a happy week!

  4. Exquisite photography of nature's beauty and very professional ~ Enjoy ^_^

  5. Your photos are spectacular and I DO think the clouds add so much to nature photos. I'm always looking up...we have so many unusual formations here in Florida. We get clouds from the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico...it changes all the time. Happy Monday!

  6. Superb captures, glorious skies and colors, Jill! Skywatching is indeed one of my favorite pleasures as well! Have a great week! Enjoy!

  7. These sky shots are very beautiful.

  8. Beautiful captures...I love the different colors of the sky.

  9. Beautiful colours!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  10. Absolutely beautiful images, the firy sky is amazing


  11. Such a beautiful gift this post was to me just as I opened it and saw the images with clouds and sky, each one magical, each one so very different than the other and yet all the same in quality of warmth to the heart. This was a gift for you shared with us and it just touched my spirit and lifted it forward to brighten my day...thank you Jill~

    1. I am so glad you found joy in my images Mary. Take care and have a wonderful weekend ahead.

  12. thank you dear readers. I am so glad you dropped by today and that you enjoyed these glorious skys.

  13. They are all so different and each one induces a different reaction. The blood red sky on Anzac day is absolutely gorgeous and heartbreaking too, while the one over your sister's farm on the Wheatbelt makes me feel calm and full of hope - it's such a big sky too and I love the perspective you've chosen.

  14. I vote for the photo from your brother-in'law's farm - gorgeous. Not that they all aren't but that one speaks to me.
    Here in Alberta we have big skies and I do pay attention to clouds - especially when I drive to the mountains. What a fun photography project to focus on.

  15. HI Jill,
    "The moment was certainly a gift." I agree, every sunset moment you were given a chance to capture is a gift. Your sunset shots are breathtaking. And admire anyone who would drop everything to capture it.

  16. I love photos with clouds in them - they seem more interesting than bright blue skies somehow - I love how they can change and create a mood. I love sunsets and especially sunsets over water - my favourite pic is the one at Shark Bay with the boat in the picture.

  17. They're all great shots Jill but I particularly love the one taken at Bruce Rock. The light on the clouds is stunning. Your course sounds interesting..one I should probably take!

  18. My Mum (87) and I were just looking at a beautiful sky in Townsville the other day. It is what we call a mackeral sky. It was an all over effect and quite beautiful. Clouds are always high on my agenda. Your Bruce rock photo of tree and sky is fantastic.

  19. Gorgeous clouds and colours!
    I love taking cloud photos too, especially from a plane.

  20. Your thoughts and shots are beautiful this week. I love the observation, "that moment was certainly a gift". We must have similar cloud thoughts as I also concentrated on photos this week in which clouds played a major focus.

  21. That last photo withe the sky reflecting on the wet beach is my favorite. I love photographing clouds, especially at sunrise and sunset.

  22. Beautiful pictures. I always love to look at the sky and cloud patterns. Right now our sky is gloomy and overcast. Your pictures reminded me that it won't last forever. Love the picture taken at your brother-in-law's farm.

  23. Beautiful photos. Yes, clouds really can enhance a photograph, especially when they look unusual. It's funny that sometimes a cloud pattern or color looks so different that if someone painted a picture that way, we'd say that it didn't look realistic.


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