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Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 - a year in pictures

Here we are at the end of 2012. What a year it has been.
It is so hard to pick my favourite images from a whole year of photography. But looking back my photography does tell the story of my year.

I thought I had better start with a food pic as I have continued this year to learn and practice food photography. I love using natural light. Food photography is such an absorbing craft, and not as easy as it would appear! I hope that one day I will get a start as a food photographer.
I like these two images because the iced tea looks so cool and refreshing (you can see the condensation on the side of the glass) and I managed to get myself in the pic - oh to be just sitting and relaxing with a book and a cold drink! Happy languid summer days!

I thank most sincerely my Flickr friends for their ongoing support and encouragement - especially for my food photography. Without you I wouldn't have found the way forward. Food photography has become a passion. If you would like to see some more of my food photography, please click on the link here - My food photography on Flickr

Last Christmas my husband gave me an underwater housing for my small camera. Our trip to Coral Bay in May was the first chance I had really had to play around with it. I am not an experienced snorkeler, but what fun I had snorkeling over the Ningaloo Reef with my camera.
Here is a little mosaic for my second "showcase". I like the effect of the swimmer in the LH pic with the lines of different colour going through the image and the view both above and under the ocean. The bottom right photo of my son was published in an article I wrote for Go Camping magazine about Western Australian beaches.

This year I have spent a lot of my photography time playing with light, chasing light, seeing light, and adjusting camera settings to try to capture the light. I find myself looking at light, how it plays across the elements of the scene, and I want to capture it in my camera.
Whether it be dealing with changing light on my patio for a food shot, photographing a flower, getting up early to capture morning light, a moment between two people, or having my camera ready when I see a magnificent sunset on my way home from work - I have tried to see and "capture the light".

We also did some travel - and I have had quite a good year being published in Go Camping Australia magazine and On The Road magazine.  Doing travel writing certainly gets you out and looking for new places to travel to, and improves your photography and writing!

I have had a wonderful year being a member of South Side Quills in Bunbury and have learnt so much from them. I thank them for their friendship and support and the knowledge they give freely. Next year we are going to be working on publishing an anthology.

Below you can see some travel pics - from top left to right -
Busselton Jetty, wheatbelt roads, walking in Yalgorup National Park, walking along the Timberline Trail at Nannup, Perth skyline from Kings Park, harvest at Bruce Rock, a gum tree where we scattered some of my Mum's ashes at her childhood home Bilbarin, the Bibbulmun Track hut at Grimwade, and tulips at the Nannup Flower Festival.

We took a camping trip through the north eastern wheatbelt for the first time and climbed some of the granite outcrops - Billiburning, Beringbooding, Elachbutting, Baladjie, Weowani, Karalee, Kokerbin - and to Dryandra.

We also travelled to our National Capital, Canberra, for the first time. We visited many of the national sites like the National War Memorial, Parliament House (both old and new), the National Art Gallery,  National Library and National Archives. It was wonderful to see our National collections. We also reconnected with some of my husband's cousins that he hadn't seen for years.  At the National War Memorial we placed poppy's next to the names of family members who didn't return from the first and second World Wars. My great uncle who died at Gallipoli and my husbands uncle who died in Burma. The National War Memorial and Museum is an amazing place to visit if you are ever in Canberra.

We took a day trip out to the Snowy Mountains and dipped our hands in the Snowy River (Banjo Patterson's Man from Snowy River fame). We will have to go back in winter when there is snow.

 2012 was also a year of learning about Textures with Kim's Beyond Layers e-course. Kim has certainly opened up a new world of creative possibilities to me. Thanks Kim. Please click on the link to learn more about Kim's fabulous courses - Kim Klassen Cafe

and the joys of discovering the effects of Rad Lab

 We had a flight over Bunbury bought for us by our son - 

And also attended the very happy occasion of a family wedding - our youngest nephew and his beautiful bride . . . 

My mother passed away ... In many ways it was a blessed release. She is now resting peacefully and will forever remain in our hearts.

A year wouldn't be complete without wildflowers ..... I was thrilled to be asked to guest post about wildflower photography on Jo Castro's fabulous travel and lifestyle site - ZigaZag - you can go to the link here - How to take great flower photos

And I started taking lessons in Spanish Flamenco dancing with the Sol-y-Sombra-Spanish-Dance-Company-School-of-Dance  I love the music, vibrancy, energy and colour and no, none of these ladies are me!

 And a reminder to cherish every moment - as it is a gift.

I always carry my small camera with me these days - you never know when a magic image will present itself. As I left work late one afternoon I saw the beginnings of the most magnificent sunset. So instead of going straight home I drove to the beach, took off my shoes, and walked on the beach to take some photos. It was indeed a true gift.

 Our year finished with the birth of my sister's first grand child - a son for my eldest nephew and his beautiful wife. He was born on 27 December.
After the loss of my mother, this darling little boy is indeed a treasured gift from heaven. We welcome him to our family and wish them much love and happiness in the coming years. (I thank my nephew for allowing me to post his baby's photo here)

What a year it has been! Sadness, joy and new discoveries. I wonder what 2013 will bring. 
Did you have a good year? Have you plans for 2013?

Thank you dear friends and readers for stopping by. I hope you have enjoyed this little dip into my past year. I look forward to hearing from you and value your comments. You are what keeps my blog alive. Thank you. Have a wonderful 2013.  

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  1. Oh I remember many of these... It is always odd to see all the ups and downs of a year. Life...it can be messy. You sure packed a lot into your year and now I'm off to follow a link. Happy New Year!

  2. What a fabulous year! I love your underwater photos best! I love the ocean! Happy New year...I know you'll have one!

  3. Sadness and joy march side by side throughout the year, don't they? What a darling little boy.
    I love the Snowy River photo - I've always thought that movie had stunning scenery.

    Happy New Year! I hope 2013 holds many joys for you.

  4. After reading how you are living your life to the fullest, I wonder if there can be anything left on your bucket list. You have most definitely captured the light.

  5. Amazing post Jill. Thank you for sharing your eventful year. Blessings in 2013. hugs, Jen.

  6. A year of happiness, sadness and joy, what a year Jill. The thread of your brilliant photography has brought it to us all with lightness, beauty and some pathos too. I've loved watching you grow as a writer and photographer this year and can't wait to see what you bring us in 2013. Thank you for guest posting on ZigaZag this year, and I really look forward to working with you again next year too.

  7. Hi Jill! I have had a good long look at your photos, I just love them! I also love the variety too, but I can see you are so good at photographing food! Makes my tummy rumble!!! Keep up the great work! I try and love taking photos, maybe one day I will be "good"! Happy New Year to you

  8. Jill, what a lovely look back at 2012. So many ups and downs, good memories I am sure too! Thanks for sharing your year. I wish you all the best in 2013, Happy New Years!

  9. Thanks for sharing these beautiful images
    Happy New Year

  10. What a be auto ful post, so lovely to share hoe favorites.
    Happy new year

  11. Happy New Year Jill, and keep showing us your wonderful photos in 2013.

  12. I couldn't choose a favorite - each mosaic summary is beautiful! Such a lovely way to recapture your year.

    Thank you for your visit and comment on my mosaic. Happy New Year, and may you enjoy many more blessings.


  13. I wouldn't be able to pick just 12 photos either - that's why I'm a mosaic-devotee!!! I look forward to seeing where your actual and photographic journeys take you in 2013!!

    Happy New Year!

  14. What a wonderful trip through the year with you! Looks like you had a busy and fun-filled 2012. I hope 2013 will be just as exciting! Love that sunset picture!

  15. Happy New Year Jill and what a beautiful year you have enjoyed and shared with those of us fortunate enough to have reached your part of this little world;') The images are fabulous from the cold iced tea, the posies, the travels scenes as well as taking in the light in all ways available. I wish you well, I wish you good health, and tons of fabulous image shares for this new season we have been gifted with~


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