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Monday 17 December 2012

Summer December flowers, Western Australia

It is December, and summer is here, although with last week's torrential rain and thunderstorms it didn't feel like it. This pic I took through the windscreen of the car parked at the beach - a fence, grassy sand-dune, ocean and sky! I rather liked the pattern on the window.

But it is summer, so I share with you some summer colour from around my garden -

and some native flowers that I have growing in my garden - the reds, greens and yellows have a Christmassy feel

and our summer crops - the last lemons are clinging to the tree, the grapes are starting to fill out, the tomatoes are ripening, and the apricots whilst still green are starting to colour and will be ready to pick for Christmas - then it will be time again to preserve some and make apricot jam. Have you tried fresh apricot slices in a tossed summer salad - delicious!

Lavender is my favourite garden flower. I have photographed it many many times.
One of my lavender bushes is covered in flowers. The bees are loving it. 
I was standing in the kitchen late one afternoon a week or so ago, looking out the window while I was cooking dinner, and when I saw this magic light, I turned off the stove, and ran outside to photograph it.  Natural late afternoon light, back lit from setting sun.

This is the moon flower - the flowers only flower for one night, so you need to be looking out for when it is going to open. Beautiful isn't it? I lit the flower with a torch to capture this image.
Epiphyllum Oxypetalum or Dutchman’s-Pipe Cactus, is a large floral variety of cactus native from Mexico to Brazil.

  This past year I have been learning Flamenco Spanish dancing at the Sol y Sombra Spanish Dance Company in Bunbury. We have classes once a week in the dance room at the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery. Flamenco is not easy to learn, and I practise a lot! It certainly keeps the mind and body active learning the intricate steps and patterns, hearing the music, and coordinating hands, arms and feet and trying to remember to smile! On Saturday evening we held a performance at the Red Mill Store in Bunbury for family and friends. It was my first performance - nerve racking.

It was a wonderful evening. I especially thank Nicole and the wonderful dancers at Sol y Sombra for their support, encouragement and friendship. And hugs also to my fellow beginner dancer Emila - we made it and we did ok! I am looking forward to when classes start again next year already!

No - none of these ladies in the pic below is me! I took this image from the side lines. Next time I will have to organise a spot for me to take pics during the dances I am not in.! (smile.....)
sometimes a dancer....always a photographer.....!...

To learn more about Sol y Sombra Spanish Dance Company please click on the link here - Sol-y-Sombra-Spanish-Dance-Company-School-of-Dance

Now that the dance performance is over, I now need to start doing my Christmas cooking!

Have a wonderful week. How are your Christmas preparations going? Have you learnt a new skill this past year?

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  1. Beautiful mosaics, and as always your images are to treasure.

  2. Hello, Jill! Your flowers are gorgeous. You must have beautiful gardens, the lavender is my favorite, what a lovely photo. The dancing looks like fun, I wish I did not have two left feet. Gorgeous images and mosaics, have a happy week ahead and a Merry Christmas!

  3. So much to comment upon...your glorious summer flowers and fruit! So lovely...and, yes, even Christmasy.

    And you are a Flamenco dancer! Wow. One year, about seven years ago now, my sister took a year of tap dancing. What a hoot! She was too exhausted to smile, trust me. I was exhausted with laughter. She used the garage floor as her studio...cement...not good...and the knicks and scuffs are still evident. These dancers remembered to smile and I am sure that you do, too!

  4. Oh beautiful colorful summer images!
    Thanks for your visit
    I wish you a Merry Christmas

  5. Thank you, Jill, for your kind comment.
    Your blog is refreshing and your photography is beautiful!
    I look forward to revisiting you, my friend.

  6. My husband was keen for many years to play flamenco guitar and I thought he could do a good job. Sadly, he has not picked up the guitar in quite a while. We used to go into Toronto once a year to hear a famous flamenco guitarist by the name of Paco Garcia who had as part of his evening performance a number of flamenco dancers. It was quite spell binding to watch them. Valerie

  7. I didn't know the Moon flower existed let alone ever seen one in flower... thanks Jill. Merry Christmas

  8. Thank you so very much for your kind comments re...our daughter Brittany. She got to return home last evening following 16 days in 2 hospital's 5 major infections, and 2 surgeries. We are thankful and hopeful now.
    Your photographs always bring me a smile and I so needed one!
    Love the raindrops from windscreen looking out and the lavender stems at bottom and all of the sweet posies in between.

  9. Flowers are beautiful -- and the mosaic is so well done. But I am entranced with the rain photo through your window -- it's quite dreamlike and beautiful. (And the dancing class looks like a ton of fun.)


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