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Monday, 23 April 2012

Processing with textures

This year I have been doing a e-course with Kim Klassen called "Beyond Layers", and have been learning lots about processing and textures.  

Here's a few from the last few weeks

 Day 23 - Pastel Processing.
Chrysanthemums  overlayed with Kim's "Now" texture added, and soft framing.

Day 23 - we were introduced to  "RadLab". - it is a processing package with lots of easy cool effects you just click on to get the effect you want. You can get a free trial - click on the link to have a look - Rad Lab

I have always wondered how people got these vintage sun washed tones - and here it is - easy as easy - in RadLab! They have all sorts of effects you can get at the click of a button!
Below you can see the before and after.

For day 27 of Kim's Beyond Layers e-course the challenge was to process one image three different ways.

I was given these delicious pears by my friend who owns a small property. And I photographed them this morning on my back patio - natural morning light - on a set of old boards. The plate is courtesy of my mother-in-laws china cabinet. 

The first image is with levels & saturation adjusted, the second is converted to black and white, and the third is overlayed with 2 of Kim's textures - "Thursday" and "Oh my".

I always think when you try new sorts of processing that is nice to show the original and the processed -
so here we have autumn mornings brought to you by Radlabs "cinnamon toast" processing - do you like the morning light glow?

Day 25.
This image taken last weekend on my sister's familie's wheatbelt farm in Bruce Rock - overlayed with Kim's texture - "I am" and one of her "Affirmation" brush texts.
This is a favourite walk when we are out at the farm.
Can you see the birds flying off over the hill?

You can check out Kim's blog, log in to receive free textures, and check out her courses by clicking on the link here - Kim's Cafe

I am linking up with Mosaic Monday - to see the work of Mary and other amazing contributors from all over the world, please click on the link here - Mosaic Monday

Take care and have a wonderful week.  I always look forward to your comments. 


  1. Stunning photos and I do like to see before and after shots.

  2. Those were all beautiful - and I liked the before and after views. The sun-washed, vintage effect is lovely and I could think of all sorts of photos to which I'd like to apply this.

  3. Oh Jill I can see you are getting a lot of those course. The textures are wonderful and I do love the rad lab overlays too. Your photos just help the processing along though as they are gorgeous to start with. V

  4. The pears are beautiful works of art. Awesome work.

  5. Fun to see your beautiful images and the different textures and overlays you use.

  6. I love what you've done with your photos. There are a couple that I prefer in the original state though, but that's just my personal preference. I'm always so impressed by a wonderful original photo because that's the hardest part. :)

  7. I ADORE everything that you create with your lovely photographs, just wonderful~

  8. Gardening in a Sandbox2 May 2012 at 23:01

    Hi Jill: Quick Edge Burn is an action by the Pioneer Woman Dee Drummond. There are two sets to use in Photoshop and they are free. www.thepioneerwoman.com. Valerie


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