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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

It's time to be out on the Bibbulmun Track again

It is autumn and so it is time to be out on the Bibbulmun Track again.

On Monday we walked 6.5kms from the Grimwade-Kirup Road along the Bibbulmun Track into the Grimwade hut, had lunch and then walked back out again. It was wonderful to be out bush walking again. This section of the track is through jarrah forest, with pockets of banksia, grass trees and a scattering of pines. Unfortunately too early for wildflowers - these will have to wait till spring.

We probably should have left home earlier because we were walking in the middle part of the day, and it was rather hot for April. So always be sure to have sunscreen, covering, a hat and carry plenty of water. We each drank our litre, and were glad for the extra litre of water we left in the car for our return. Good hiking boots and walking poles are also recommended.

Here is a picture of the Grimwade hut positioned high on a ridge over-looking the bush. Such a beautiful setting. It was lovely to just sit and absorb the peace and listen to the bird song.

The Bibbulmun Track is Western Australia’s longest walking track, stretching 964 kilometres from Kalamunda in the Darling Ranges near Perth to Albany on the south coast, traversing some of the South West’s most beautiful forests and wilderness over varying terrain through shady valleys to mountain tops with 360 degree vistas and spectacular coastal scenery.  It has become a Western Australian icon since it was opened in 1979 after Geoff Schafer presented the idea for the Track to the WA Minister for Forests in 1972. Further upgrades and extensions followed in 1988 and 1993-98.

Here is a section walking down a hill along the track to the Grimwade hut.....

Even though the Track is almost entirely through wilderness areas, it can be walked in relative safety.  It is easy to follow the triangular directional markers which are placed approximately 200 metres apart on trees or posts.  The markers feature a black stylised “Waugal” (rainbow serpent) on a reflective yellow background.  They give you a sense of security knowing you are “on track”. Walkers are advised to check their bearings and perhaps double back to the last Waugal if they don’t see one for 500 metres (approximately 8 minutes of walking).

Here is what a Waugal looks like....  

The Track is maintained to a high standard by track volunteers, and passes through nine towns.  Vehicle assess points, make it suitable for a short stroll, day walk, or overnight hike, so more people can experience our natural environment, not just those wanting a more adventurous trek. Three sided timber overnight huts are conveniently placed about 16 to 20 kilometres apart, a comfortable day’s walk.  The huts sleep approx 8 to 10 people and have a water tank and drop toilet - although the amount of water in the tank really depends on what time of year you are there and how much rain there has been.

And this is the inside of a hut - simple accommodation - open at the front - but very comfortable. I suggest bringing a very warm sleeping bag and thermals if you intend hiking during winter - it can get freezing cold in these huts at night!

There is plenty of opportunities for people to do short day walks or over night walks on the Bibbulmun Track.
These are outlined in the Bibbulmun Track guides and maps and on their web site. Click on the link here -  Bibbulmun Track

Who wouldn't want to wake up to a view like this.............

If you would like to read more - please click on the links below  to go to some of my previous posts about the Bibbulmun Track.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Perhaps it has given you a taste, and you might take a walk on the Bibbulmun Track one day soon.


  1. The name of the track alone makes me want to take the trail, lovely enticing shots.

  2. That would be a fantastic hike. Great trails and hike to be had.

  3. These images show such a beautiful place to walk, gather in one's thoughts. Very lovely!


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