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Monday 13 February 2012

Wedding day

It was my youngest nephew's wedding last Friday. His new bride was a vision in a "30s film star" style wedding gown with a pink ruffle going over one shoulder and white rose bouquet. Stunning. 

When I have permission from the happy couple of show you some photos that actually show their faces, I hope to bring you some more images from what was a beautiful day. But I will have to wait for them to return from their honeymoon.

I have usually done my mosaics through Picasa - but this "story-board" template comes from Kim's "Beyond Layers" e-class. "Beyond Layers" promises to be 52 weeks of inspiration and learning. Thanks Kim - check her classes out here -Kim Klassen Cafe

 This is the church where they were married - St Mary's Anglican Church in Busselton. Built in 1844-45 - it is the oldest stone church in Western Australian. Many of the area's earliest pioneers are buried in the small church yard.

It would have been nice to have blue sky in this image, but it was a cloudy day - and clouds are wonderful for photographing people. It really evens out the light.

And an image from the wedding reception - the bride and groom in a slow dance. This was a very dimly lit image so I've rescued it by adjusting levels etc in Photoshop Elements and then converting to black and white. Yes, it is grainy, but I rather like the effect - and the 1930's look.

I am linking to Mosaic Monday at Little Red House. Click on the link to see the wonderful work of Mary and other photographers. Mosaic Monday

And wishing you all a beautiful Valentine's Day.

Sadly we lost an amazing singer yesterday - Whitney Houston -  her beautiful voice sadly silenced too soon. I have added a tribute to my play list.  If you would like music when you scroll through my blog, please go to the Playlist icon on the RHS, and click on the "play" arrow. (I haven't worked out how to have it play automatically yet!).


  1. Weddings are so special. Looks like your nephew and new niece had a lovely wedding. I love looking at wedding pictures!

  2. Amazing! Beautiful pictures.
    I'm your newest follower.
    Ladybug Creek

  3. Lovely! Just right for a Valentine wedding! ::Jill

  4. That's cute!
    Have a wonderful week,

  5. Those pictures were perfectly shot. Good job!

  6. Jill, what a beautiful wedding dress. Your photos and mosaic are gorgeous. Congrats to the newlyweds! Thanks for sharing! Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. Beautiful wedding photos Jill. What a happy day. V

  8. Beautiful photos. Wonderful Mosaic.

  9. A lovely storyboard, oh and please I would prefer not to have music that plays automatically, only because I am often listening to music already. :(

  10. These are so beautiful and the church looks charming, all set for a wonderful wedding day...Happy Valentine's Day~

  11. The enticing snippets you have shared in your mosaic are so beautiful. Looks to have been an absolutely gorgeous wedding.

  12. Absolutely amazing photos Jill. I devoured them with my eyes and just wanted to reach out and touch. Seems like it was a beautiful wedding - can't wait for more of your original themed pics.