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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Camping in the beauty that are Western Australia's National Parks

I am sharing with you my latest article in print - "Park Yourself" - published in Australia's "On The Road" magazine, February 2012 - about camping in the beauty that are Western Australia's National Parks.  My special thanks to Paul Harrison for his images and details about camping in the Francois Peron National Park at Shark Bay, and to Jennifer Harrison for her images and information about camping in Karlamilyi National Park (formerly Rudall River) in the northern Pilbara, and Cape Le Grand and Cape Arid National Parks east of Esperance.

Here is the opening image - the road into Carawine Gorge in the Pilbara east of Marble Bar.

 The article starts -

The stars of the Milky Way shine down on us like a million sparkling diamonds on a cloth of black velvet. The Aboriginal people have many dream-time stories about the stars and how they came to be there, but I am just enjoying the peace I find sitting here in my camp chair gazing up at the universe above.

We are camped in the Karijini National Park in the heart of Western Australia’s Pilbara region, just one of around 164 National Parks and Reserves that spread across the far corners of Western Australia. The WA Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) manages more than 27 million hectares of national parks, marine and conservation parks, State forests, nature and recreation reserves containing some of the States' most stunning natural treasures and an extensive network of camp sites and walk trails.  Their location ensures you can experience coral reefs and pristine beaches, towering forests and tumbling rivers, mountain ranges and savannah, sand dunes and deserts, rugged gorges and wilderness areas and a chance to escape from the stresses of modern urban living.

Western Australia is one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world and the south-west is the only recognised terrestrial biodiversity hotspot in Australia. Shark Bay, Ningaloo and Purnululu have World Heritage status.

Whist not all Parks allow camping, or camping is restricted to designated sites, many maintain walk trails with interpretive signage that helps you learn about the environment. Some Parks charge a daily visitor entry fee, or camping fee, so the most economical way is to purchase an annual or four week holiday pass.  All park fees go to park maintenance and facilities or the provision of new safety equipment. Some parks have camp-hosts during busy periods.

 Here is the original image that was used in the opening spread -

 another image from the article - camping in the Warren National Park in Pemberton
 Ningaloo Reef, Exmouth, Cape Range National Park
 In the article I talk about National Parks from the Kimberley, through the centre, and down the coast 
all the way to the Eucla National Park on the edge of the Great Australian Bight.
To read this full article, please buy "On the Road" magazine -February 2012 edition.
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  1. Congratulations on your publication Jill.

  2. Jill, congrats on your publishing your national parks article.

  3. A worth-to-share camping experience. National parks in Australia are the perfect spots to enjoy a serene and adventurous holiday.

  4. Love the images of your camping trip. I would love to going camping on National Parks in Australia as well!

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