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Monday, 7 November 2011

sharing a special post - Every Time I Fall Back

I just wanted to share with you this very beautiful post from Markus - one of my on-line blog contacts - Tea Cup In the Garden - click on the link to go to "Every Time I Fall Back" -   Teacup in the Garden

You will probably need to click on the translate button to read Markus' beautiful poem. Then take a little time to scroll through his posts about the beautiful country home they are restoring.

Every Time I Fall Back by Markus

Laughing, I walk through rustling leaves and know that this too will pass away someday laugh. But not now.

I sit on a bench and know that someday I'll sit there anymore. But not now.

I breathe the scent of lavender and verbl├╝htem know that I will someday no longer smell. But not now.

Amazed, I look at the colors of the world and know that someday everything will be black and white. But not now.

With an open heart, I love a friend and know that our path will separate at some point. But not now.

With all the strength I cling to life and know that I will release it sometime. But not now.

So I go the routes that are before me and stay in the places of my heart a little longer. Eventually everything will be remembered. But not now. Now it is reality. Take Care, Mark

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