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Monday, 28 November 2011

May you have a light to guide you........

Do you sometimes feel like you are swirling into the void - that your life is not your own - that you are been pulled and pushed by an invisible thread - that the needs of others have taken over your life - that you are swirling into the void and you cannot see the light?

Take time out and embrace life. Be good to yourself. Life is too short and every moment is precious - both the good and the bad, both the happy moments and the sad, they all make up the wonderful mosaic of life. 

It is just difficult to see it sometimes when you are swirling into the void. 

For those in America, I wish you a happy "Thanksgiving" in the company of those you love.
For those of you that have the "faith" I wish you a peaceful and joyous Advent Sunday. 

And for all, where-ever you may be, may you have a light to brighten even the darkest hours and show you the way forward.

No I am not in Paris - I wish! - This image was taken in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris in July 2005, only days after purchasing my first digital camera. So many images since then, but some still remain favourites. 

Hand held, cathedral candle lighting, slight sharpening only. 

I am joining up with Mary and the other amazing contributors at Mosaic Monday - click on the link -Mosaic Monday at Little Red House

Sorry, not strickly a mosaic, but my time is limited this week as I am caring for my aged mother while my father is in hospital, but the sentiments are really part of what I am feeling right now.

Have a wonderful week - I look forward to hearing from you


  1. It is sometimes really hard to remember that we are important when the stresses of life take us over some hurdles. Lovely photos Jill. V

  2. Lovely texta nd photos, Jill! Happy Mosaic Monday!

  3. Love Your images Jill. The first one is very imaginative. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  4. We all need a light to show us the way forward. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful images here, Jill. I hope your father is faring better soon. xoxo

  5. What a beautiful photo of all those candles. :) I liked your sentiments as well in this post.

  6. What a wonderful post and great photos!
    Have a nice week,

  7. I hope your Father is doing better, and your Mother is coping well ... and you're looking after yourself! Loved the shots today, but I especially loved the candelight photo.

  8. Jill, your photos are gorgeous and the advent wreaths are lovely. What a great post. Have a great week!

  9. Jill, that is beautifully written and oh so true. Thank you for a wonderful post and reminder to make the best of all. Happy Advent.


  10. Very beautiful! I hope your week goes well! ♥

  11. A very lovely post, filled with warmth~

  12. I hope things improve for your family (my mother passed away last spring).
    Lovely photos.

  13. The Mosaic of life lovely words and photos. Not sure if you will have missed me around here recently but we were busy with the olive harvest! I also wanted to let you know that I have started a separate photography blog to give me an opportunity to share more of my photos. I do hope you will have a chance to call by sometimes, I will be adding you to my blog roll there. :)
    I hope your parents are making progress, will be thinking of you.