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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Hopetoun & the Fitzgerald River National Park, Western Australia

We recently took a camping trip to Hopetoun located on our south coast, east of Esperance and 50km south of Ravensthorpe where Western Australia meets the Southern Ocean.   

The main attraction for tourists to Hopetoun is the pristine coastline, easily accessible unspoilt beaches, walk trails and drives, beachside camping, and the magnificent Fitzgerald National Park and Eyre Ranges which borders the town. On a clear day the views from the top of East Mount Barren, only minutes from town, appear to go on forever.  Fitzgerald is the largest and most botanically significant national park in Australia, and one of the most flora-rich conservation areas in WA, with a biodiversity of 1800 known species of flowering plants, including 75 varieties which are found nowhere else, and is an internationally recognised Biosphere Hotspot. Currently roads are being upgraded in the area, which will make Fitzgerald even more accessible.

It was the thought of a few days in the sun and the wildflowers that drew us to Hopetoun in October, and the region lived up to its name – the beaches were beautiful and the variety of wildflowers where truly amazing.  The best way to enjoy them is to stop along the roadside and walk a short way into the bush, or walk along one of the trails, or climb East Mount Barren.

This was our first trip to Hopetoun and the Fitzzgerald River National Park, and there were many wildflower species we had never seen before -

Below is the Scarlet Banksia - Banksia coccinea. Seen here along the roadside near Hopetoun. The plant grows to 8 metres. In this picture you can see the flower forming on the RHS to fully open in the middle photo. In the first photo you can see the red parts of the flower folded over in curls, which open out as the flower matures as in the second photo.

This is the Qualup Bell - Primelea physodes. See here at East Mount Barren with raindrops!

And below is the Barren's Regelia - Regelia velutino.
See here with a view from East Mount Barren over the ocean.

This is the Rusty Hakea - Hakea ferruginea. I love the way the flowers form in the cups of the heart shape leaves.

This is the Royal Hakea - Hakea victoria. A most unusual plant which grows up to 4 metres high. Seen here at East Mt Barren . Unfortunately we didn't see one flowering - the flowers form in clusters in the cups of the leaves.

This is the Shining Honeypot - Dryandra obtusa.
It is a prostrate shrub whose flowers come out of the ground. This is listed in my wildflower book as being uncommon, so I was very excited to see it.

And some views from East Mount Barren in the Fitzgerald National Park. On the right is the Southern Ocean, and on the left Culham Inlet - looking towards Hopetoun.

This is looking south west over the National Park and the Southern Ocean. 

 This is the view from East Mount Barren the day we climbed it - it was cloudy, misty rain and we climbed up into the clouds. 

 And at days end a walk on the beach and a beautiful sunset. 

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of Fitzgerald River National Park and the beautiful and unusual wildflowers I have shared with you. I hope to bring you more photos of our trip in the coming days. 

I am linking up with Mosaic Monday at Little Red House. To see the work of Mary and other wonderful contributors - please go to the link - Mosaic Monday

Have a wonderful week.

To read more about Hopetoun and the FItzgerald River National Park you can click on the link here - Hopetoun & FItzgerald River  - where you can read more and see my article printed in "On the Road" magazine, July 2012


  1. What gorgeous blooms...all so exotic...Beautiful photography!!! Have a beautiful week!!!

  2. Stunning photos. Thank you for sharing them. Have a wonderful week:)

  3. Amazing photos...these are by far the most exotic looking blooms that I have ever seen.

  4. Such amazing foliage - so different from anything I've seen before.

  5. They are so different from what we are familiar with here in the states. Lovely photos, great sunset and wonderful mosaics! Thanks and have a good week!

  6. The flowers are all quite amazing - I've never seen anything quite like them, especially the one that blooms right out of the sand. Beautiful!

  7. A great post! Thanks for sharing!

  8. What an absolute treat it was stopping by today. You've shared some exquisite natives and some brilliant views from a very special place. Great photos. I scrolled up and down several times taking it all in. This spot is going on my must-see list!

  9. I so enjoyed my virtual hike around the Fitzgerald River National Park with you today.
    Thanks for visiting my blog thus creating the opportunity for me to discover yours.
    I'm your newest follower.
    Happy MM

  10. So beautiful. I have to figure out how to get myself to this part of the world.

  11. Jill, Wow the flowers are all amazing. I would be thrilled to see the uncommon Honeypot. The coastline is gorgeous. You do live in a beautiful country. The photos are all gorgeous, thanks for sharing.

  12. What beautiful pictures and amazing flowers!!! We don't have anything like that here in Ohio. You take wonderful pictures ~ thank you for sharing your little part of the world with us.

  13. Hi Jill such amazing images here and amazing blooms that I just adore... I did a few posts on my Mother City Magic blog of our wild flower season here and I never tire of looking a flowers. enjoyed this very much!



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