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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Spring is the time for tulips

Every year at Araluen Botanic Park - a beautiful garden set in 50 acres of shaded valley at Roleystone, south of Perth -  they have massed plantings of tulips. We visited today and the gardens were ablaze with beautiful blooms in orange, red, white, yellow, pink........a glorious pallet of colour.

Araluen was first established as a youth camp in 1929 by JJ Simons, who brought back plants from his overseas and interstate trips,  Creeks running through the valley create a cool moist climate, making it an ideal site for Simon's dream garden. Simons called this valley "Araluen", an Eastern States aboriginal word meaning "singing waters", "running waters" or "place of lilies".

Araluen is today a delightful garden where you will find streams and waterfalls, trees, gardens and pathways, places to sit, and places to picnic. 

This year for the first time, I planted some tulip bulbs in my garden. I was advised to store the bulbs in the fridge to get them really cold before I planted them. (It is probably a "you live in a warm climate thing) They were really beautiful, and I will have to plant more next year!


And a little Haiku poetry I wrote in the middle of the night...........

dew drops on petals
glisten in the morning light
and tulips open 

This beautiful bloom was snapped in the wind, so I used it to take some reflection shots.

A few years ago we visited Tasmania in October. Wynyard is the tulip growing area of Tasmania, and in October they have the Tulip Festival. I have never before seen colour as amazing as this.

Thankyou for looking everyone. I hope you have enjoyed this wander through the tulips. I treasure your comments, so I look forward to hearing from you. 

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  1. Stunning photos, love the mosaics. I have never heard about putting the bulbs in the fridge before planting, I will try and remember that tip.

  2. Stunning photos. Love the reflections. My winter gets cold enough that I do not need to put my bulbs in the fridge. Take care:)

  3. The tulips are stunning! Love the mosaics as well as the field plantings.

  4. I just love the fields of tulips and your mosaics are just beautiful.

  5. Your photos are gorgeous and you reminded me to buy some new bulbs to plant. Just stunning!

  6. So Lovely Jill to see the spring bulbs. Wonderful photography. V

  7. I`m in love with tulips. Thanks for sharing this great mosaic!
    Have a nice week,

  8. Beautiful tulips! I like them, but so do our (wild) deer, and not may actually survive! I do enjoy pictures of them, though!

  9. Wow Jill those images are amazing... So perfect and dreamy...


  10. Oh, my! I've always to visit a Tulip festival. This makes me want to even more. All your photos are gorgeous!

  11. Tulips are so welcome, with all their colours and shapes in spring. I particularly like pink tulips and the raggedy yellow one you show. Each year I plant a few new bulbs, and it's nearly time to do that now.

  12. Hello Jill! I really loved strolling through all your beautiful tulip photos and mosaics. It's such a great reminder to know that Spring is happening in your part of the world! Enjoy!!

  13. Oh my goodness, how gorgeous! While we are having rains and mist and our garden year is winding down, yours is just beginning. Lovely! thanks for sharing at MM. :)


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