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Friday, 22 July 2011

The ocean's edge - Yallingup & Smith's Beach, Western Australia

Last weekend we plucked a few days from our too busy lives and stayed at a lovely beach side place at Smith's Beach at Yallingup in Western Australia's spectacular Cape to Cape region that stretches between Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin.  It is an area we have explored many times over the years, but there is always something new and interesting to do and places to go. And is just perfect for relaxing. A prime area for surfers and holiday makers in summer, it is also a great destination any time of year, as there are bush and coastal walks, wineries, gourmet food outlets, galleries and restaurants. Or just lay on your balcony looking out over the ocean, and spend time walking along the beach.

Here are some views. 

Early one very cold morning as the sun was coming up we went walking along the beach. There was a mist rising up from a stream running into the ocean, and the mist gently spread out over the ocean, caressing the waves.

As the mist curled over the crashing waves and it looked to me like a mob of wild white horses plunging across the water with their white manes flying in the wind.

They inspired me to write my first attempt at Haiku poetry which I have just been introduced to by my writer's group, South Side Quills.

Mist over crashing waves
flying manes of wild horses
in the morning light
                                                     Jill Harrison 25-7-2011

At the end of the beach you can see where we stayed at the  Canal Rocks Beach Front Apartments.  It really is a lovely spot, with a balcony and view over the ocean.

 From Smiths Beach we did part of the Cape to Cape walk around to Canal Rocks and then beyond to Wyadup and back. It was a wonderful 3-4 hour walk (depending on how many times you stop) with spectacular views over the rocky cliffs.  There were only a few wildflowers out but during spring it would be a mass of colour. This is looking towards Canal Rocks.

At Canal Rocks you can see the power of the ocean as it crashes against the rocks.  Spectacular on a winter's day.

 Further on we came to a seat where we just sat and looked. On the seat was plaque commemorating the life of Alison Taylor (1980-1999). And we were reminded of her words which we had read at another lookout along our walk - 

"The ocean's edge is a place to contemplate life's journey with it's changing patterns of winds, waves and tides. 
Please care for these special places."

And a beautiful sunset at day's end with the promise of another beautiful tomorrow. And the knowledge that life is a wonderful gift to be treasured.

I hope you have enjoyed these images. I look forward to hearing from you.  Have a wonderful weekend. 

To see more of the Capes region, you might like to go to my September 2010 post - click here - Walking at Cape Naturaliste 


  1. These are very beautiful seascapes - skillfully and artfully made. The first one especially, with the drifting mist and sweet sky...Wow!

  2. Just beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. So happy to have found you. Sending a big hug from Texas...

  3. Thankyou for sharing these absolutely beautiful photographs.

  4. OMG..Im in love with these. Stunning. Just so beautiful. I love the ocean , the beach , the sand . All of it.


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