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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Food photography in my garden

I have had a day off work today, and so have been playing around with some food photography. Here are some of the results all taken in natural light - the only additional light being from a silver reflector to throw some additional light into the picture.

I have been trying to learn as much as I can about food photography and have been inspired by the work of several food photographers and their web sites.

Here are Cardamon pods in an old food scoop given to me by my mother-in-law

Eggs in an old serviette embroidered by me when I was a young girl - note the cross stitch!

I like the morning glow on the eggs.

Snow peas in two old enamel mugs - the green one at the front is an old mug that my mother always used to put gravy in and kept hot on the wood stove while the roast was being sliced. Or to keep a left-over in the fridge.

Star anise - these sure did smell devine when I was photographing them!

Thanks for looking everyone. If you would like to comment I would love to hear from you and would really appreciate your feedback. Thank you.


  1. oh they are all beautiful. I love the cup with the peas and this last Star..Wow.
    Nice Jill

  2. These shots are wonderful. Looks like you don't need to do much more studying! Nancy H

  3. I very much like the snow peas/enamel mugs shot. And the story that goes with it.

    The star anise make a wonderful subject, too. I can almost smell them from here. :)


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