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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Walking in the Shannon, Western Australia

There was a rustle in the swampy undergrowth as we approached the wooden hut along the walk trail. Was it a lizard or a quokka disappearing along its runnell? Around the observation shelter there was evidence of the quokka colony – pad runnels and flattened places through the swampy undergrowth, although the interpretive panel informed us that being a night forager, we were unlikely to see the squat marsupial quokka during the day.

We recently visited Shannon National Park, 53 kilometres south of Manjimup, and one of seven National Parks within the Walpole Wilderness area of Western Australia’s beautiful south west corner.

There was once a timber mill here, but after timber cutting ceased here in 1983, the forest regenerated and Shannon became a National Park in 1988 covering 53,500 hectares of the Shannon River catchment, and includes a mixture of karri, jarrah, marri, blackbutt and karri-oak forests, wildflowers, sedges, heaths, wetlands and granite outcrops. 

There is a day use area, campground and four bush walks which enable you to enjoy learn about and enjoy the natural history and history. 
The Shannon campground is a peaceful place to camp any time of year, and the forest comes alive with wildflowers during spring.  It really is a beautiful area, and I know I will return again one day. 

There is something really special about being able to walk in quietness in the bush, absorbing the sights and sounds and smells, being within your own self, observing, being at peace, and being thankful for the beautiful world in which we live.

In the words Vincent Serventy, noted Australian naturalist “Surely there can be no greater cathedral than forests such as those of the karri”.

My Campsite Report -  Forest and Flowers about camping in the Shannon National Park, was published in July 2011 edition of On The Road Magazine, Australia.   -    On The Road Magazine

And also walking, touring and camping in the Shannon in Go Camping Magazine - October-November 2011 - Quokka Hunting in Karri Country

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