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Sunday, 6 February 2011

For the love of roses

 Photographing roses is one of my favourite past-times...this is one of the iceberg variety from my garden. It has quite a small flower. I love the way the light comes through the petals in this photo.

The rose is the enduring symbol of love and friendship. It is also like the circle of life. It starts as a tiny bud that gradually unfolds, grows, changes, evolves, and then blooms to display its full potential and radiance. Just like our lives - as we grow and are nurtured, we gently unfold and reach the potential of our full bloom. Each step is precious and beautiful. As we look at the rose we can see on the outside the petals that have already evolved but in the centre is the richness of life that is still to come to us if we open up our hearts and minds. When I photograph the rose I seek to capture its perfection and the inner beauty and promise of what is to come. 

I have been experimenting with some collages of this beautiful rose through Picasa. I don't always get the boxes the size I want them, as the program does it for you, but it is interesting to move the pictures around to achieve the final result. I hope you enjoy them. Thankyou for visiting. 

This post is part of Mosaic Monday. Please visit the work of Mary and other contributors, on Mosaic Monday at Little Red House - click here to visit - 


  1. Very classic & soothing ......Kudos on a fine mosaic!

  2. Absolutely exquisite! I'm speechless!!! Thank you! Cathy

  3. Oh Jill, this is so beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing your talents at MM. :)

  4. Very nice, 'Iceberg' is a beautiful looking and fragrant rose. You captured the elegance of this vision in white.

  5. An elegant mosaic with a truly lovely subject...timely, too!

  6. What an absolutely beautiful collage. I LOVE it. That flower is gorgeous. just stunning. So very pretty! I love it! : )

  7. Stunning mosaic, the rose is simply gorgeous!

  8. I believe I could smell that rose - don't tell me it doesn't have a wonderful perfume.
    One of the best things about finally having a deer fence is that we can grow and enjoy roses.

  9. Wow, the rose is beautiful as are your photos. Gorgeous mosaic.

  10. wonderful post and i love your roses pictures. thanks for dropping by...

  11. This is just simply elegant, pure and great looking rose..Love your mosaic!

  12. Jill,

    Flowers are my favorites to photograph and I especially love roses. Your pictures are just stunning.


  13. Jill, this is an amazing photography job!!! Love this gorgeous rose...
    Have a wonderful week!!!

  14. Dear Jil,

    you have such wonderful photos on your blog, I am your new fellower, looking forward for the new ones. I share your love for the roses, it is so exciting to catch them with the camera, they can last a little bit longer.

    Thank you also for visiting my blog!



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