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Monday, 10 May 2021

Autumn in Western Australia

 Hi everyone, I hope you and yours are well. It is autumn here in Western Australia and we feel the cool air coming in the mornings and evenings. We don't have the autumn leaf fall that those in the northern hemisphere have, as our trees are evergreen, but there are pockets where we can experience the splendour of autumn leaf colour. 

The Balingup Golden Vally Tree Park is one of those.  I will leave you with some pictures, and a few links where I have blogged about Balingup before, as I am taking a little blogging break this week. 

I've blogged about the Balingup Tree Park before here:


autumn-season-of-change - 2016


Balingup Golden Valley Tree Park is a truly glorious place in autumn to walk and picnic. Please click on the link for more information. 

Take care everyone and stay safe. 

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  1. I didn't realize that the majority of your trees are evergreens. We definitely get a full array of fall colors where we live.

  2. Jill - I must say I am enjoying our spring weather, but I absolutely adore autumn's color palette! Thanks for sharing all these shining hues and textures with everyone at Mosaic Monday. And enjoy your blogging break!

  3. Thanks for sharing the lovely autumn colours, yours are spectacular.

  4. You have chosen your photos well giving us a range of autumnal colours.

  5. Fab photo's Jill! We went to Balinup last weekend but there wasn't a whole heap of colour and the place was
    absolutely packed with people, must have been a couple of hundred..well it was Mothers Day!
    Lovely to meet you at Dardenup and sorry I didn't buy anything ..my wife spent all my pocket money! Oh well
    next time!

    1. great to meet you too Glen. Yes Mother's Day is a popular day at Balingup. We usually try and go during the week.

  6. Great color! We get great fall colors here in Oregon but I hear the New England States have the best colors!

  7. Wow - such fabulous photos of one of the most beautiful autumn spots to visit in WA. I'm reminded by your images that each year the tree park looks and feels a little different. And the tree species change colour at different times. So all through Autumn there is a slighly altered flavour to the park. Fantastic post Jill and linking to your previous posts too. Love it.


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