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Monday, 5 November 2018

Ferguson Valley Open Gardens - south west Western Australia

Next weekend, Saturday 10 and 11 November, the Ferguson Valley will be hosting the Ferguson Valley Open Garden Trail.  

 It is a perfect time for the trail as we are at the height of spring, the gardens are looking gorgeous and the paddocks are green and lush. The Ferguson Valley is becoming known for its wines and the grape vines are looking fabulous right now.  It really is a lovely time of year to be visiting The Valley.

 I was invited by Kim at Peppermint Lane Lodge, who is on the committee and who I have worked with before (Ferguson Valley Plated) , to go out to the Ferguson Valley to take photos of two of the venues participating in the trail. 

First off the beautiful garden at Kivulini on Wellington Mill Road. Jane showed me around her garden, which has lots of lovely walks, sitting places and quiet spaces, some formal parts and some more blending into the natural environment.

Can you see the tall bush in the centre of this image down at the end of the grass? This is a Warratah. I think this was the first time I had seen this magnificent flower as it is a plant from the eastern side of Australia.  

The first written record of the plant’s Aboriginal name ‘Waratah’ which means ‘red-flowering tree,’ was made in the notebooks of the First Fleet's Lieutenant William Dawes.

 There are also animals hiding in the garden beds
And a walk along the river

I also visited Ferguson Farm Stay on Henty Road.  Rosa's garden and function centre is  a favoured venue for weddings, and her rose gardens are gorgeous - a definite visit for rose lovers.  

There is an amphitheater with magnificent views overlooking the Ferguson Valley to the coastal plain and the Indian Ocean - the perfect venue for summer outdoor performances.  
Ferguson Farm Stay is of course perfect for families and children - with chalets, tennis court, playgrounds and animals.
This emu seems to be saying - "what are you looking at?"

On my way home I came across this beautiful rambling rose by the side of the road near a farm gate.  After the formal gardens I love the wildness of it.

 Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you have enjoyed this look at two of the gardens on the Ferguson Valley Open Garden Trail.  Kim at Peppermint Lane Lodge has invited me to have a stall promoting my products in her garden along with other artists. Thank you Kim.  Kim has lots going on in her extensive grounds for the Ferguson Valley Open Gardens, with artworks, walk trails and special surprises.  I hope you will stop by if you are in the area and say hi!

I value your comments and look forward to hearing from you. I will try to visit your blogs in return. Have a wonderful week. 

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  1. Wow, that is a beautiful garden. Your photos and mosaics are very pretty. Happy Monday to you!

  2. Jill - thank you so much for joining MM this week - I am honored!

    I am glad you were able to photograph a Warratah for the first time - always a joy for a nature journalist. For me, the 'walk along the river' was my favorite - I am into the more natural gardens. By the way, you had me at 'wines'. But, I can see why Ferguson Farm Stay is a favorite for weddings …

    1. yes I like the natural gardens too and the little pathways and hidden sitting spots.

  3. A Wonderful Garden. I enjoyed this Post. Happy MosaicMonday!

  4. Hello Jill, what a gorgeous place. I love the view of the grape vines. The garden is beautiful. I like the cute garden art and beautiful flowers. Cute shot of the Emu. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and the week ahead.

  5. Replies
    1. just when your autumn is moving into winter.

  6. What a beautiful place. I wwant to stay there.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  7. Such pretty settings. Your photography does them great justice. :)

  8. What a pleasure to have been asked to photograph that beautiful garden. The outdoor amphitheatre would be a wonderful place to see a play. I like those animals you discovered - are they made of scrap metal parts? So cute.

    1. Yes, I think some of the animals have been made from scrap metals. Delightful aren't they.

  9. Replies
    1. I've not often got such a good shot at this.

  10. What a beautiful place, and gorgeous photos. Love the Emu :-)

  11. Hello, what nice views of spring!...

  12. Jesh - All Seasons8 November 2018 at 12:58

    Hello Jill,
    Love the way you shared the Open Garden Trail with All Seasons - many thanks!
    Haha, like how they incorporated "animals" on the trail! I see my favorite Wisteria! The amphitheater is beautiful!
    Am smiling because the look this emu gives you:)
    Never too many roses for me! Have a lovely rosy fall week,

  13. Wonderful shots of the garden! And that emu! LOL.

  14. Lovely photos and I'm still thinking about the emu shot.

  15. Love the shot of the emu. So very beautiful. Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful shots. #LovinLifeLinky

  16. Oh wow!!! What a great idea - the garden trail. So gorgeous.


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