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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Wet weather street photography

It is spring in Australia, my favourite time of year especially when I can get out with my camera and go bush walking so I can take photos of wildflowers. But the sunny days are interspersed with rainy days, and the farmers certainly need the rain to finish off their summer grain crops. 

 When it is raining, don't think you have to hibernate inside. Think of it as a great opportunity to practice street photography. If the rain is just a drizzle, a city or town can be a great place to explore with your camera, especially if you can walk under over-hanging verandas. I find my small Canon G11, whilst it doesn't have all the latest features, is a great camera for street photography as it is unobtrusive, and I enjoy not having to carry around my heavy DSLR camera. But please remember to use a water proof camera bag and wipe down your camera with a cloth. 

Street photography is a whole genre of its own which is an absorbing topic, and which I need to spend more time exploring.  But before you begin you should find out the regulations pertaining to street photography where you live. From my research, in Australia, USA and UK, the street is a public place where you can take photos of people. But, I am not an expert, so please take the time to find out for yourself the laws in your area or where you are going to travel. 

I love candid black and white street photography of people. But in truth I am really not all that comfortable about taking photos of people I don't know in the street. I find it a little obtrusive into their privacy. I'm not sure if I would be happy with someone taking photos of me in the street! I know it is something I need to work on. If someone questions you because they have seen you take their photo. Smile, be polite, tell them that you didn't mean to make them feel uncomfortable, show them the photo, and offer to delete it. 

As long as the image is not posed, it is considered street photography. 
Some of the great things about street photography is that you don't need an expensive camera, lighting set ups or beautiful models.

I took this one in Sydney in February. I wasn't sure what was unfolding in the street below our hotel balcony.

 But of course, street photography doesn't have to include people. Buildings, windows, doorways, or the pavement itself present the opportunity for great abstract shapes, or small close ups. This is a great way to explore street photography, particularly when you are starting out, or if you are uncomfortable with taking candid photos of people you don't know in the street. 

Street photography is a lot about spontaneity and "seeing" an image - an instinctive feeling by the photographer of what is going to make a image. But, as with all things, it does take practice. 

  If you have street art in your town, these can also be a great source for close up photography.  Please scroll down to the links below where I've blogged about our local street art previously. 

And pockets of greenery

Don't forget to look where you are walking and don't overlook the little things.

 Reflections in windows, on surfaces, or in puddles are another great source for images

 If you are fortunate, as we are in our city, stop into a cafe at end of your walk or to escape the rain. Don't pass it up - they are another great place to find subjects.

Street photography is also a great way to capture culture when we travel. But I'll have to leave that for another post. This one was taken in a market in Mauritius in May. 

  There are lots of resources of the web about street photography - here are four which may be of interest -

10 things Henri Cartier Bresson can teach you about street photography 
Vivian Maier - Gallery - 1926-2009 
Masters of Street Photography 
Artsy.net - street photography 
Digital Photography School - Ultimate Guide to street photography - includes information on the more technical side of street photography and a list of eminent street photographers.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Do you enjoy street photography? Have you any tips for the newbie street photographer? Perhaps you would like to tell us about it in your comments. I value your comments and look forward to hearing from you. I will try to visit your blogs in return. Have a wonderful week. 

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  1. You're really a master at catching the details and moods of street life.

  2. I love the way you manage to capture the offbeat moments, the vision in between the main event, the back story to the story. More photographic tips posts please :)

  3. A few years ago there was an exhibit of Bresson's work at a museum in San Francisco. 300 of his most memorable work. It was astonishing. Great blog--great ideas.

    1. I would have loved to have seen that exhibition.

  4. So many unique images, Jill! Love the birds eye view of the veggie stand, and what is unfolding (it looks like a confrontation:)) The first one says rain - loud and clear. I'm also one who is not at home with street photography, but you have given some great ideas in your post!
    Am glad you're taking it easy (probably not often, haha) taking shots in your garden:)

  5. Great photos. I need to take my camera out and about more often!

  6. Lovely photos! I live in Oregon and when it rains you can be able to get some unique shots!

  7. You have captured some great images. Love all the texture and diversity! Have an amazing week!

  8. Street photography! Never thought of it as a genre before but you've opened up my eyes and I'll be looking for subjects to capture whenever we go into town from now on. A new facet of Normandy Life awaits, thank you so much for this inspiring post.
    Happy MM.

  9. You are an expert at street photography. I'm afraid I limit mine to the buildings. I am just not happy about photographing people without their permission.

  10. I LOVE street photography! The friend that I go on photo walks with has moved to Switzerland and I really miss our photo walks. HK is such a great place for street photography. If you should visit here, let me know; I'd love to go on a photo walk with you.

    1. I photo walk with a local would be perfect. You never know... My hubbie was just saying the other day that he hasn't been to Hong Kong....

  11. What great fun photography you share here today. I love them all. Great idea on the rain outing for photos. Have never done that. I live outside of town, but need to go do that. Also, I'm jealous as you're heading into Spring and we're in Fall and soon to have the nasty weather...but still there are photo ops in the winter...so that is heartening. :)

    Thanks for visiting me and linking.

    Peabea@Peabea Scribbles

  12. I LOVE street photography specially black and white they speak for them-self. This are great!
    I get nervous when taking picture of stranger so I just stick to flowers, wall, art, city vibes. Spring & Fall are my main season best time to go camera walking.

    1. I love spring and fall too for walking with my camera. I guess we just have to be brave and take small steps towards street photography.

  13. Good photos - the trees look like they're coming out of the wall; took me awhile to figure it out! #eyetricks

  14. Do not be shy. Just go. Do not forget to smile.

  15. Jill, Always enjoy your photos and sharing. I love my G11 and have used it a lot. I have not graduated to DLSR yet. Love the puddles, texture on the street, and the bit of green. How to you keep the lens close to the plastic bag so it does not intefere with the picture taking. Thanks for the tip and sharing your photos. Have a great week. Sylvia D.

    1. You have a G11 too! Such a great little camera that really does take great shots. As for the plastic bag to protect the camera... I think there are specific ones you can buy, but I just put a plastic bag around the camera, and keep the lens end open, but with some of the bag forming a little cover over the edge to protect the lens. Happy snapping!

  16. Oh Jill, some of those street photos are gorgeous - and the greenery pics. I just don't feel as I'm at all visual so can't look at views and see the possibilities that you see. So creative! #teamlovinlife

  17. So much to see! Was that a fight in the street below? Might need your photo for police evidence if it was :)
    Love your perspective ... the lens in which you view the world.

  18. A great reminder that there is a beauty to even the dreariest of rainy days. I am with you on the comfort level of taking photos of people I don't know. So many cultures (Mexico and Greece for example) have such strong beliefs about the soul - that I am very cautious of taking photos even if I am in the public unless I take them from the back and the person is unidentifiable. (And I also think about how I'd feel if some tourist/local was out with a camera and taking photos of me). Great post!

  19. That's alot of damp wet streets. It's a rainy fall day hear, so I'm sipping hot cinnamon tea.

  20. Happy Mosaic Monday. Enjoyed all your photos. The black&white studies are quite interesting

    much love...

  21. WOW- your images are so unique!

    Thanks for all the lovely photos. It's so awesome to live life vicariously through another's lenses.

  22. Loved your post (and links) on street photography and your delightful images. Thank you! Happy Monday!

  23. Amazing captures, Jill! What an interesting shot of that stairwell, with that gorgeous patina! I especially like architectural images, for colour, texture, shape and any flowers or vines that may be covering a building or beautiful home. I have a weakness for the imperfect; maybe it comes from living on an island that is host to structures 5000 years old!

    Thanks for more wonderful inspiration and tips!

    Have a lovely week,

  24. Great suggestions - I do tend to focus more on nature, so this post has been quite inspirational for me. Thank you, and have a great week.

  25. Wonderful street photography in this post, Jill. Architecture, especially when overlaid with modern graffiti, can be striking (depending upon the graffiti). And people are infinitely interesting. It's good to strike out with the intent of photographing something new. Belated Mosaic Monday reading is what I'm doing this evening.


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