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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Spring has come to Western Australia

The month - September - tells us that spring is here, but down in the south west of Western Australia we are still in the midst of our winter cold. It's been a long cold winter this year and we are all looking forward to some warming sun. But the Western Australian wildflower season is in full bloom - reportedly the best in 40 years. The wildflowers know that spring is here, so it must be true. 

They were certainly blooming in mid August when we made our way down through the mid-west on our way home from our north-west trip.  Here is one of Australia's most widespread flowers - the wattle.

I had intended to bring you some of our Western Australian wildflower delights this week, but I am down with a later winter cold, so you will have to wait till next week. 

Till then, I wonder if you know what this unusual flower is? You'll find out next week on my blog.

Till then, take care, enjoy the rest of your week and the weekend ahead.



  1. Here in Oregon we are in our fall!

  2. It's beautiful but I have no idea! It looks like the inside of a passion fruit and I feel like munching it straight away but it's probably poisonous being such a gorgeous read! Hope you're not feeling too under the weather. Get well soon x

  3. Oh I want to switch seasons with you Jill. I am just NOT ready for the colder months. I have totally missed Spring and Summer and now suddenly Autumn has met me at the door. No vacation journey for us for two years now... The colours of Spring are so inviting, giving promise of new hopes, joys and fun times. be blessed and bask in every day of the beauty. Hugs~


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