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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Beaches like these

Western Australia must surely have some of the most beautiful beaches and sunsets. When the winter hits the south, thousands of people travel north to bask in the warm winter sun of the north west dry season. And with beaches like these can you blame them. 

If you are lucky to be able to go off road you can visit beaches where you can walk and not see another person. How amazing is that?  The beach you see below is 80 Mile Beach south of Broome. (this is a popular tourist destination and has a great caravan park, so you might have to drive down the beach to find your own special spot on the sand). 
Those are shells you can see in the foreground. 

The other beaches are north of Broome on the Dampier Peninsular. 

How's this for a campsite with a view? 

Just me and a beach. The others went fishing. I even went nicky swimming on the other side of the rocks from the fishermen as there was no-one about and we had the beach totally to ourselves. What freedom!

Barefoot absolutely mandatory. 

And the sun setting over the Indian Ocean after another spectacular north west winter day. 

Sorry this is such a short blog today, but I hope you enjoyed the pics. Thank you so much for taking time to stopping by. I value your comments and look forward to hearing from you. I will try to visit your blogs in return. Have a wonderful week. 

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  1. Great shots! I do not mind visits to the coasts but would never live there. Mainly like for photography. I am more of a woods lover.

  2. Thanks Jill. You have brought back wonderful memories of 80 Mile Beach. Absolutely stunning uninhabited beaches!

  3. Wow! Amazing beaches and certainly an amazing campsite view.

  4. Wonderful reminders of just how lovely WA and her beautiful beaches are. Missing 'home' although we are having the most Amazing time. Your shots are as usual sublime and should be in a bestselling coffee table book x

  5. The beach is my happy place. It's so therapeutic!

  6. These are some lovely examples of great Australian beaches - we are so lucky. Thanks for the views.


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