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Monday, 1 June 2015

Aussie loos with views

Today 1 June is Western Australia Day when we celebrate, with a public holiday, the establishment of a colony by the British in Western Australia in 1829.

 On June 1, 1829, Western Australia's coast was first sighted from the merchant ship Barque Parmelia. This led to the establishment of the Swan River Colony, the first permanent British colony in Western Australia. Western Australia Day (formerly Foundation Day) is officially celebrated on June 1, but the public holiday is observed on the first Monday in June.

You can learn more about Western Australia Day here - Western Australia Day

We love getting away to go camping, but sadly this long weekend it wasn't to be. 
So for something different today I thought I would follow the lead of my blogging friend - Redz Australia with some camp site reminiscing with my own -  Aussie Loos with Views (Please click on the link to read about Redz book, Aussie Loos with Views, and Redz adventures and Australian travels).  Thanks Red for the inspiration. I am tracking down loos for you Red.  I am sure people wonder what the heck I am doing. 

We've experienced a few loos in our time travelling around Australia. Lets face it, you always need a loo. But if you are out bush camping or bush walking, there will probably not be public loo, so you might have to dig a hole, so make sure you bring your own toilet paper and a shovel. But the bonus is you can choose your own view like those in the pics below.
That's our shower tent on the bottom RHcorner. We have used it as a toilet tent too when the overnight bush camping spot has been a bit too populated.  

The loo below at the Hamersley Gorge carpark in Karijini National Park in Western Australia's Pilbara certainly had a great view.

Whereas the one at the Weano Gorge day area, also in Karijini, was more of your no-nonsense - forget the view -  type of loo. Another thing to note when travelling and camping in some of Australia's more remote locations, is that loos often are the "long-drop" type. Yep, a toilet seat on a pedestal, but with just a hole going into the ground underneath. Not always the best on a hot day.... Make sure you close the lid after thanks! Eco toilets are a bit better on the smell side.

This loo at the Kennedy Ranges camp ground also in Western Australia's Pilbara had a "window" above the door. What do you think of this sunrise view?

For the next loo we are heading across Australia via the Nullarbor for this one at the Baxter 24 overnight stop. Ok, I don't condone graffiti, but I actually liked what the artist had done on the side of the loo. On the way back 6 weeks later it had been painted over.
 You can read more about our trip across the Nullarbor and our bush camping spots by clicking here - Crossing Australia - Eyre Highway and Nullarbor
 As you can see from the road scene there are not many trees to squat behind on the Nullarbor. 

In South Australia we travelled north of Coober Pedy to Arckaringa Station. I blogged about it here - Arckaringa & the Painted Desert.
The amenities in this corrugated iron shed at Arckaringa might have been considered basic - but they were clean and the water was hot for a shower. Bliss. 

At Brachina Gorge in the Flinders Ranges National Park in South Australia the loos were very new, and you might even have emus wander by your camp.

This loo at Sceale Bay on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia was unexpected. You have a view while you sit! No the people outside can't see in. I had to go back to the car to get my camera when I discovered the view.

Can you tell which is the Men's and which is the Women's at this public look at Elliston also on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia?  Sorry no this is not the view from the loo, but it is not far away. There is some spectacular coastline along this part of the south coast, especially on a wild and windy day.

And how about this view of the paddle wheel from inside the women's loo on the Captain Proud paddle boat on the Murray River in South Australia. Neat ay? You will have to book a cruise to get this view, so here is a link - Captain Proud cruises

Back in Western Australia views from the loos on the long distance walking track, the Bibbulmun Track from Perth to Albany, are always guaranteed.

And it would be difficult to get much better than this view at Munjina Gorge on the Great Northern Highway, Western Australia. Though I must tell you this was a "dig it yourself" type loo :)

So how about you? Do you stuggle with digging a hole in the bush to do your business? I must say sometimes in the Aussie outback the ground can be a bit hard for digging sometimes.  If you have never had the experience you might find this video from Backpacking TV instructional!!!  How to Poop in the woods

Guards' long drop, Aigues Morte, France
 Still, I think we have come a long way from the days of the castles and walled cities. At least our Aussie long drops have doors.
 What do you think?
Yep, down the wall outside the castle. ugh.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I value your comments and look forward to hearing from you. I will try to visit your blogs in return. Have a wonderful week.

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  1. Hello Jill, I enjoyed your post on the loos with the views. Some are very pretty views too. I like the mural and the graffitti. The view of the coastline is gorgeous. Wonderful images! Enjoy your Monday and the week ahead!

  2. Oh such a fun post! I've been taking photos of Women's' bathrooms and some of the signs related to that activity and hope to put a post together one of these days. None of my loos had views, though! As always, beautiful photos!

  3. No holes for me...I need a good loo with a view and wow did you find some amazing ones....I would not be good in the bush! Fabulous photos and I love that you have so many....

  4. Such an intriguing post subject Jill and I definitely learned that I am not the bush type. We had a 2 seater outhouse at my grandparent's cottage growing up and it was a run and hold your breath kind of ordeal for me.
    I suppose if you've been used to making do while camping, it's all in a day's experience. Give me a trailer (glamping) with a port a potty inside that flushes any day. :-)
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

    1. Yes, a porta potty would be a lot more comfortable me thinks than digging a hole - especially the older I get!

  5. I must admit I'd never have thought of collecting photos of loos for a blog post, but it's rather fun to see what you've found and shared here!
    Thanks for posting, and I'd love to have you link up at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2015/06/nesting.html

  6. Loos with a View!! haha, what a fun post! You certainly did find some lovely views, especially that coastline shot! Wow!

  7. These are so much more interesting than those ugly portable plastic ones that are available here!

  8. What glorious views!

  9. Ha ha I love it! Who would ever have thought of building loos in such spectacular places in Australia? I recall using a loo at a camp ground located near Merrimbula on the south coast of NSW which had a very pretty view over a creek. My husband said I could use the loo and keep the door open to enjoy the view. The one time I did use it there was a fisherman on the creek and I don't know who got more of a shock - me or him!

    1. ha ha, Kathy, yes I have been tempted to do that when we have had a campsite to ourselves too and a view. There is nothing like a view to contemplate while sitting. Happy travels Kathy and have a great week.

  10. What a fun topic for a post. There are some great views from these loos. I have to confess that I much prefer running water and indoor plumbing, but I love camping, too, so it's a compromise.

  11. Now, yours was a very enjoyable post to read. It brought me back to my camping and backpacking days when no loos were to be found. I prefer the outdoors to the portapotties that we have in the U.S. The best bathrooms are in the big state and national parks, but I don't recall ever being in one that showed views like yours.
    Take 25 to Hollister

  12. Awesome, Jill! They're ALL worthy of being in my book - or maybe in 'Aussie Loos - Number Twos'??!! Like you, I SO appreciate being able to choose my own view, but one of my favourite loos was at the Sun Cinema in Broome (world's oldest operating picture gardens) right next to the big screen where there was a different 'view' every session! And while researching my book, I came across another loo on the Tassie Overland track that really IS just a hole in the ground - albeit a permanent one!! It's great to see someone else with their 'dunny goggles' on - look forward to visiting the ones I missed :D

    1. ha ha - I am glad you liked them Red. I'll have my eyes peeled for loos for you from now on! I wonder what people think we are doing when we take photos of loos? Especially when we take the camera "into" the loo. LOL

    2. Haha, at least a point-and-shoot like mine is easy to hide! And I tend to keep the camera out of the way when others are watching - although that's easier in the Outback!!!

  13. I feel like I went there!!! beautiful pictures and great post! really enjoyed it!

  14. Great captures and what an interesting post. Thanks for sharing with Agent Mystery Case this week.

  15. Ha when I first saw the title, I thought maybe loo down under means something different, yet alas, a loo is a loo, is a loo. Wow you do have some great views from the ones you shared too. I really do not remember in all of our travels to state and national parks, getting there, or returning home anything other than walls, never a window, or at least if there was a window, you could not see out, as they are always closed. A very interesting entry. Hugs to you Jill~

  16. What a fun post! We saw some interesting loos when we were in Australia in March!!

  17. Love your loos with views but I certainly don't think I'd be keen on the view looking up if someone was actually using that loo in France. My youngest sister was always afraid she would fall in a long drop and so refused to use them. Having to create your own loo is often a bit of a pain but the camping experience is fun so I deal with it. I hope to visit some of those loos with views one day.

    1. you certainly wouldn't want to fall into a long drop!

  18. I spent a lovely fifteen minutes reading this post Jill and chuckling in places, but mostly being amazed that we are so lucky in this country to be able to go to the loo and so often have a view!! The castle long drop made me laugh - how far we've come!! Your pics are superb and must have taken a while to collate and find ;)

    1. curiously Jo, since meeting "Redz" in blogland I am often on the lookout for "loos with views" now. Have you seen her book? So fabulously Australian :0

  19. Hi Jill,

    What an interesting post on Aussie loos with views! You have presented many choices, that's for sure, and personally, after having reviewed all the loos, I'd take the adorable stone built one, reminding me of the word, 'out house'. The French castle model may be convenient - for some, and scary for others!

    Happy weekend!


  20. Oh Jill, what a delightful post! I love all these loos with an incredible views. It's great to answer the call of nature amidst the beauty of nature:)

  21. I'm not sure the last comment took. I love your photo of the hills, it is just heaven.

  22. Hi Jill. Great post and lovely views! Thanks for linking up last week! #TPThursday

  23. I am so glad that there are public loos and, you're right, some of them are in the most scenic of places. Love your shots.

  24. Hm... difficult to choose. I think I'll have to say your local walk loo - as well as the sunset and sunrise ones.


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