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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Autumn in the Golden Valley Tree Park, Balingup, Western Australia

It is autumn here in Australia. As our native trees are evergreen we don't experience here in Australia the rich fall colours on mass like those who live in the northern hemisphere. There are pockets though where this can be enjoyed.

One place is at the Golden Valley Tree Park located on two former farming properties (c 1890s) only 2 kilometres south of Balingup in Western Australia's south west corner.  Last weekend we visited to see the autumn colours. It was a beautiful windless day and as there was a light cloud cover it was actually a great day for walking and photography. 

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The original 20 plantings of exotic species by Olwyn Cleverland during 1930-1940's has grown to an impressive world collection of over 250 species, represented by over 1000 individual specimens. The Park, which is is heritage listed, is maintained by volunteers and sponsorship.

The park is split into two sections the World Collection spread over 35 hectares and the 25 hectare Australian Collection.
Within the World Collection there are 3 walks - the 10 minute easy Sequoia walk which has disabled access, the Pear Walk (30 minutes) and the Oak Grove walk (45 minutes)
The second two walks are moderate to easy, although over uneven ground and grass. You are free to wander off the paths and walk wherever you like.

You should allow much more time than the suggested times however to really experience the park in all its glory. If like me you have a camera, well, time becomes unimportant. Each tree had it's own glory to be admired and photographed. So our walk became an pleasurable leasurely amble.

There were many trees which I had never seen before. I was very pleased to see a Pomegranate tree as I love Pomegranates but I had never seen a tree before. 

These Josephine Pear trees at the pear tree lookout are over 100 years old, part of the original farm orchard. The views you saw in the first images were from this lookout. There is a seat here, and in other spots around the park, for you to rest-awhile and just enjoy the views.

These are Chinese Pistachios

Sheep roam the park and help to keep the grass under control. They have ingenious gates which don't have latches. The long distance walking track, the Bibbulmun Track, passes through the park on its way from Perth to Albany. You can see the yellow triangle marker on the gate below.

I loved the way the sun came through the leaves of this ash tree

Some children were enjoying running around in the leaves under the Persimmon tree - another tree which I had never seen before.  I wished I was the age of this little girl running in joyous unselfconscious abandon.

There were many families enjoying the park when we visited. And we agreed the park is a wonderful place to spend the day. There are walk paths and picnic areas, places to wander and sit. How about this amazing old mulberry tree? (bottom right). Does it bring back childhood memories of picking mulberries?

From its first plantings over 100 years ago the the Golden Valley Tree Park is now the largest arboretum in Western Australia.  All year around there is something to enjoy.

Golden Valley’s Australian Collection showcases the wide diversity of Australian native trees from tall eucalypts and mallee woodlands to dry season deciduous species and a range of rare West Australian species.
 There are 3 walks around the Australian Collection - the easy 15 minute Gum walk, and the 30 minute Wattle walk and Hillview walk (45 minutes). These last two have no formed paths.   
We have visited the Australian Collection before, but ran out of time this visit, so next time.

 Golden Valley Tree Park is only 2kms from Balingup. Follow the signposts on Old Padbury Road. Open 7 days a week, entry is free, but please make a donation to help the work of the volunteers. Dogs are allowed on a leash. No camping. Several gas powered BBqs, picnic tables, and long drop disabled access toilets. 
Walk paths are marked and the majority of the trees are labeled. 

This is an Irish Strawberry Tree

For more information, maps and merchandise please go to their web site by clicking here  - Golden Valley Tree Park

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  1. What bliss - lovely shots!

  2. What a terrific collection of trees. Some I had never seen before such as the pomegranate. Looking at the photos I would not have guessed they were from Australia.

  3. As I am a tree hugger and volunteer at our arboretum which is only 13 acres, I loved seeing this vast expanse of heritage trees and collections. We are lucky with the autumn colour we get from our deciduous forests but there are some gorgeous fall colours here too.
    The photo of the little girl running through the leaves is precious, kids appreciate trees too without even realizing it.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Jill.

  4. Hello Jill, what a beautiful Autumn post. So many lovely colors and trees. I love the shot of the little girl and the one of the sheep too. Gorgeous photos, have a happy new week!

  5. Magnificent colors and great shots of Autumn ~ Wonderful presentation!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  6. Lovely, warm fall colors.

  7. Its autumn here too and Im in love with the colours although I do miss Summer already
    wonderful photos :)

  8. For me, autumn has the most glorious colors of the seasons. I love everything about autumn --the colors, the weather... everything!

  9. Autumn leaves, autumn leaves - make me remember my childhood living in the city of Bendigo in Victoria where the streets were lined with beautiful big Oak trees whose leaves changed into vibrant colours of orange and red. Gorgeous photos Jill.

  10. Wow, beautiful! Love all the Autumn colours. This could be somewhere in Europe. There isn't much in the way of Autumn happening here but the fragipanis are loosing their leaves.

  11. This totally is a place that I would thoroughly enjoy, what beauty there is here. You captured some of the important pockets of information to share as well as the beauty. The ones with the sheep roaming and the child running, just brought a big smile my way, here so very early in my morning. Thank you for sharing the beauty of those things near you and your world with us. Hugs to you~

  12. very beautiful Jill! With your pictures and words I was able to walk through that park! Loved it!

  13. This park looks so beautiful. I have seen some fall foliage in California's Eastern Sierra and in Sedona, Arizona. It is like another world when you see the trees turn yellow, red and orange. You mentioned the park has exotic species. Do that mean you will not see this type of colors in Australia's native trees?

  14. A simply gorgeous autumnal collection here Jill - thank you for sharing. Yes, I too am particularly drawn to the red leaves of the ash (claret ash?) tree.

  15. This post is Golden for sure. Stunning Autumn collection. What a colorful time of year it is and how beautiful your photos.

  16. Okay, seems not! This is my favourite place in Autumn and how your photos have made me pine for it. I love the colours and textures like a festival of leaves and light. Your photos as always do the scenes immense justice. Love it lots.

  17. Very pretty, Jill. I always forget that Australian seasons are opposite or the Western Hemisphere. Here in Korea we are starting to anticipate the heat and humidity (ugh) that summer brings, plus a month of monsoon. Thanks for linking up this week! #TPThursday

  18. I'm so glad the colonialists missed their homeland trees and brought them over here - our autumn colours are magnificent now! Besides - it's so much fun posting autumn shots when it's spring up north!!


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