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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Weekends of art and dance

I have had two lovely weekends of art and dance and another one on the way next weekend.

A couple of weekends ago I was involved with Sol y Sombra Spanish Dance Company & School of Dance (of who I am a member) when they performed flamenco dancing and held portrait poses for a life drawing afternoon at Jacksons Drawing Supplies in Busselton on Sunday as part of the Margaret River Regional Open Studios arts program. 
We were made very welcome - it was a wonderful event - and everyone, dancers, artists and photographers thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.
Many of the artists took photos during the performance so they can draw or paint pictures later.

I am updating Sol-y-Sombra's facebook page, so I took lots of photos, and then joined in for the last two dances.  Here is their Facebook link if you would like to take a look - Sol-y-Sombra on Facebook

This is our beautiful principal dancer and teacher Nicole performing an amazing dance with castanets.  

  To keep reading and see more pics, please click on "read more" .....

Mandy and Nicole performing "gypsy" 

Nicole and Peter with the cape and artist Chris

 The last couple of weeks I have been hard at work selecting, printing, matting up and preparing photographic prints for a display

I was invited to display some of my photographic work on Sunday at beautiful Lyndendale Gallery on a farming property in the lovely green rolling hillsides of Ferguson Valley as part of the Dardanup Art Spectacular Art Trail. 
Despite the dull weather and a couple of drizzly rain showers it was a lovely day chatting to people about my photographic work, and sharing the verandah space with artist Christine Blowfield.

SolarisCare (a support agency for those affected by cancer) sold morning and afternoon teas, and lunches, and there were also musicians bringing beautiful music to our ears through the day. Click here to find out more about Solariscare - Solariscare 

My sincere thanks to Denise Gillies from Lyndendale for the opportunity and the invitation to participate. Artist Denise is an amazing and generous supporter of the arts and artists in our area and her gallery displays and sells work from a diverse group of artists from watercolorists and embroiders to potters and iron masons. 

Lyndendale is a wonderful place to be creative and immersed in the arts in a peaceful rural setting.  
Throughout the year a variety of artisans run workshops at Lyndendale with the support of Denise.
I will be there on 7 June when I run an introductory photography basics workshop.   

The Dardanup Art Spectacular includes an annual exhibition and art awards of work by local and outside artists in the Dardanup Town Hall. Local galleries open their doors over the weekend showcasing art and craft from artists in the region. It is a great weekend for exploring the region, viewing and possibly purchasing local art. 
It was a privilege to be involved. 
Here are some pics from Lyndendale today.  
Lyndendale Gallery on Facebook 

Unfortunately I wasn't able to visit the other galleries on the trail, but I managed to stop by Bonking Frog Wines to see Inge's beautiful iron art work, and to have a wine taste.
Bonking Frog on Facebook  
Why Bonking Frog? 

Vineyard owners Phil and Julie say - Bonking Frog Wines are named after the Western Banjo Frog. He is only one of many frogs that live on the property but his call a loud "BONK" can be heard over all the others. We aim to follow his lead and stand out from the crowd.

Below you can see the beautiful gardens at Bonking Frog, an amazing mosaic water feature, and beautiful iron artwork by Inge. 
Metal Art by Inge on Facebook

Next weekend I will be involved with more creative work - when I assist at a Food Photography workshop at Evedon Park Bush Resort in the Ferguson Valley with the Photography Group of Bunbury - here is a link to their web page - Photography Group of Bunbury

Another new development is that I was invited to join the on-line community at COMMUNAL GLOBAL - please click on the link in my side bar to go to their site and see posts from contributors from around the world including mine!

Here is there link - Communal Global

Thanks for stopping by. I value your comments and look forward to hearing from you. Have a wonderful week.

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  1. The dance costumes are pretty, it would have been nice to watch. Congratulations on showing your photographs.

  2. What rich experiences you've had over the past couple of weeks - and more to come, too. I love to watch Spanish dance - there's a good troupe here in Victoria as well.

  3. The energy of the dancers you captured is lovely. Capturing energy...isn't that an interesting thought with photography?!

    1. capturing energy - yes I love that thought. It is something I try to do when I photograph our flamenco group

  4. So much fun to view these Spanish dancer photos! :)

  5. Denise Gillies19 May 2014 at 20:03

    Thanks Jill for bringing examples of your amazing photography to Lyndendale Gallery.
    Look forward to seeing you when you come to take your photography workshop

  6. Your photos are beautiful Jill, I'm pleased that you had some sales

  7. Christine Blowfield19 May 2014 at 20:04

    Awesome to chat and enjoy the rain!! heheh Denise and Linton always look after us and it is a pleasure to be there at Lyndendale Gallery. Had a great time Jill enjoyed chatting and looking at your stunning photography

  8. What a fun time Jill.
    I love spanish dancing, the beautiful dresses and the castanets!
    The Art trail looked wonderful that was a shame you couldn't see it all.
    Life looks good in your neck of the woods Jill!

  9. I love how you captured Nicole's motion. And congratulations on your photographic display - I've always wanted to do that!

  10. What a wonderful way to spend the weekend.

  11. The photographs convey that sense of the dance. A very interesting post.

  12. Colourful!! Boom, Bobbi and Gary.

  13. You've been busy! Lots of energy, just like the dancers in the first photos. Fun to meet the people who buy your work, and of course, nice to make a sale!

  14. It looks as though you have been and will be one busy lady. Your share of the dancers is wonderful and so colourful. Oh to take some kind of dance class...yet around here, well none for adults, but such god exercise. It must also be so rewarding to sell your art, I know when I do, it gives me great joy. I hope that you are enjoying your week Jill, take care and don't work too hard~

  15. How fun! I always love watching dancers.

  16. Looks like you've been having a fun few weeks. I guess "bonking" doesn't have the same meaning in Australian English as it does in UK English...or perhaps it does!!! It's certainly a very different name for a vineyard in any case!

    1. ah yes - it does! - but has you have read above "bonk" is the sound the Western Banjo Frog makes - as in "bonk!" - I am sure they get lots of comments about it - hence the explanation on their web site.

  17. Love the dancing shots. Especially the one of the low back and red flower and castanets.

  18. I love flamenco --such a colorful, passionate dance!

  19. It sounds like you've been very busy. I love the lines of the flamenco dancers holding their arms aloft. I've always wanted to try flamenco and am so interested that it's something else that you do. How fun it must have been to chat with people about your prints. I'm sure they were very admirable if your work on your blog is any indication. I wish I could attend your basics workshop as I think that would help me get off the Automatic settings on my camera. I'd love to take a Food Photography workshop as well. Too bad I live on a different continent than you.

  20. yes I wish you could come to the class too. Honestly when you get off automatic you will almost never go back to it! ummm...though that is what I use with my little go everywhere point & shoot!

  21. Hi Jill, your photographs of the Flamenco dancers are bautiful. I love how you capture their movements. You bring them to life that I almost hear the clapping and stomping,. I wish I could attend the art show to see your work.


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