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Monday, 10 February 2014

Summer fruit sorbet

Have you ever made sorbet? I hadn't until the other day. 

I saw the food magazine - "Taste Summertime" -  on the shelves in the newsagent a couple of weeks agao and was attracted to the summery image of sorbet on the cover - yes covers do sell, because I bought the magazine, and made the recipe! 

Making the sorbet was a little fiddly as it was made in four parts over 2 days, but I think the result was worth it. The ingredients are super simple, you just need to be a little organized. Easy but fiddly but yummy! 
They served theirs in little white dishes with ice-cream sticks - think "summer beach days". I decided to serve mine in cocktail glasses for an elegant dessert.

 Please click on "read more" to keep reading and seeing more pics!

  Here's how to make it -

1 - Make sugar syrup by combining 1 cup caster sugar with 1 cup water. Heat in a saucepan for 3 minutes or until sugar is dissolved, then simmer for 1 minute. You need 400ml sugar syrup. Place in the fridge to chill for 3 hours.
(I did this part on Monday before I went to work)

2 - Select your fruit. Use whatever you like or what is in season. (I did this part on Monday night after work)
I used passionfruit (a small tin) mixed with the flesh of 1 nectarine (as I couldn't find any fresh passionfruit at the market that day). Take out the seeds (reserve seeds) and process the fruit in a food processor for a couple of minutes then push through a fine sieve.  You will need 2 cups liquid to 1 cup of the sugar syrup.
I used frozen berries for the berry sorbet. Same deal, process, then push through a sieve. 
I made half passionfruit mixture, and half berry fruit mixture.

3 - Mix the fruit juice and sugar syrup together. Pour the mixture into a shallow metal tray lined with baking paper. (I used a loaf tin as I was only doing half the mixture). Freeze until firm.

4 - I did the next part the next morning.
Working quickly break up the mixture with a metal spoon - or I found it easier to just pick up the block and break it up with my hands. Use a food processor to process the mixture until smooth. Spoon into a metal tray lined with baking paper. Freeze for 3 hours or until firm.

5 - When ready to serve scoop the sorbet out with an icecream scoop into serving dishes and enjoy. Drizzle passionfruit over the passion fruit sorbet. 

6 - Eat, enjoy and accept the compliments of your guests! 

Last week I discovered this little spot on my patio where the summer sunlight was shining through and being diffused by a couple of sheets of perspex sheeting inserted into the patio roof. In the middle of the day when the sun was overhead, and with the sunlight shining on the plants in the background it made a perfect place to photograph a summer drink I call "Orange Sunrise". 

This is a non-alcoholic version of Tequila Sunrise - just lemonade, orange juice and a slerp of Grenadine. (well mostly non-alcoholic - you could use red cordial maybe instead of Grenadine). Mix the lemonade and orange juice together, then slide the Grenadine down the inside of the glass. Add ice. I served the drink in jars with a straw - it seems to be all the rage now for some reason!

The little wire carrier is actually a candle carrier I picked up for a few dollars in a home-wares store the other day.  I thought it was perfect for this project.

And what says summer more than sunflowers

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  1. Oh Jill your food photography continues to amaze and delight. The sorbet looks delicious as is testament to those empty cocktail glasses - which, by the way you manage to make photogenic even when empty. Mind would look just messy, I'm sure! I don't think I'd have the planning skills or patience to make the sorbet, but I do think I'd love the result! Another fabulous post that offers a great recipe and some tantalising pics.

  2. Oh my gosh, how utterly beautiful and delicious that looks! I do swoon over that little carrier too.

  3. Looks Delicious!
    Have a nice day..

  4. Having been tempted by the photos maybe this summer I will make some. :)

  5. Creative 'foodie' shots ~ make great food magazine photos ~ thanks, ^_^

  6. The homemade sorbet would be great on a hot summer day. And the carrier is so cute and a great idea! Jill, you photos always amaze me. everything looks delicious! Have a happy week ahead!

  7. The sorbet is so pretty - it would serve well as a make-ahead summer dessert - very elegant!

  8. I have been making new recipes and treats for the past 2 years now that I had previously thought I could never accomplish. And I have had some amazing success. So, I will file this one away to give it a try! I so thought of you with my food pictures I took last night, Jill. They won't be published for a while but they were the best ever to date. Lighting, lighting, lighting. Yes, I really do read and listen carefully to all of your tips! Thank you so much :)

  9. What cheery and gorgeous summer shots!

  10. I love to eat sorbet, but have never tried to make some. I could get through the freezing part, but don't have a food processor, blender or mixer (other than my hand). Guess I'll just have to buy some. - Margy

  11. Oh yum! I would love to start my day with this AND I love passion fruit (probably too much). I also love the wire carrier...
    Thanks for sharing Jill.

  12. So Jill, I've bookmarked this post. I'm crazy for sorbet, even crazier for passion fruit. First chance I get, I'll be making this!
    I can taste it already - fresh, refreshing and delicious. And the tequila sunrise? Perfect!
    Thanks for joining the linkup this week and sharing your stunning photos. Thanks for the recipe as well.
    Enjoy the rest of your week.

  13. I'm loving all the pictures! Passion fruit sorbet sounds (and looks) yummy. Hmm, I wonder if I can try a passion fruit/banana combo on my Yonanas machine. It makes "ice cream" with just frozen fruits.

    I love the idea of serving drinks in a jar and straw. My kids would get a kick out of it (and so would I!).

  14. All looks delectable and brilliant photography! The Tequila Sunrises in the jars are very appealing!

  15. I guess I don't qualify for the "organized" part of making my own sorbet, but it looks absolutely delicious. I really like the photos of the Orange Sunrise -- now that I think I could make.

  16. Love these photos, very summery. I think I will need to make some sorbet and that drink sound great, perfect for hot summer evenings.


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